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201 Carl & Edna Sheldon Marker 
Sheldon, Carl Ray (P-99901022)
202 Carl Ray Sheldon 
Sheldon, Carl Ray (P-99901022)
203 Carl Ray Sheldon 
Sheldon, Carl Ray (P-99901022)
204 Carl Sheldon 
Sheldon, Carl Ray (P-99901022)
205 Cassandra Tarvin, also known as Cassie, was born 1781 in Fleming Co., Kentucky, the seventh child of Rev. George Tarvin and Sarah Cracraft. (Sarah Cracraft was the daughter of Joseph Cracraft and Ann Stanton.) She married 15 May 1802 Thomas Parish in Fleming Co., Kentucky. They had eight children. She died before 1840, probably in Campbell Co., Kentucky. Tarvin, Cassandra (P-108076379)
206 Catherine Hinkle (H624) born in 1767 at Germantown, Pennsylvania; date of death unknown; married John Fox, a son of Philip and Amelia Fox (Fuchs). Philip fox, a German Lutheran of Germantown, Pennsylvania removed with his family to Rowan County, North Carolina probably with the Hinkles as he entered land adjoining that of Anthony Hinkle, III, on the waters of Brushy Fork of the Abbotts Creek, 240 acres under date of May 18, 1789. (Book 11, page 797). He also received a further grant at the same time of 400 acres at the rate of 10 pounds per 100 acres on waters of Muddy Creek (Book 11, page 803). (Will follows on page 903 in Hinkle book)
Hinkle book page 904
Catherine Hinkle and John Fox were the parents of ten children whose names and dates are in the family bible in posseeion of Miss Nettie Eaton and were copied by Miss Flossie Martin, a school teacher and able assistgant to the Hinkle Family Historian. In the listing of descendants of this family by generations it is noteworthy in it completeness of dates and places of birth
(Research):See attached sources. 
Hinkle, Catherine (P-108077004)
207 Chapin Gideon Charrlemont 2d Leut, Capt Matthew Bars co Source (S1017492656)
208 Charlotte Turner (Armstrong) says that Angie Belle never attended school but that her brothers and sisters taught her. Hers was a large family and education was not considered as necessary in those days.
(Medical):Name : Angie B... Shaw
Titles :
Death date : 09 Oct 1937
Death place : Yellow Springs Village, Greene, Ohio
Birth date : 24 Aug 1854
Estimated birth year :
Birth place : Ohio
Age at death : 83 years 1 month 15 days
Gender : Female
Marital status : Widowed
Race or color : American
Street address :
Occupation : Housewife
Residence :
Burial date : 11 Oct 1937
Burial place : Clifton, O.
Cemetery name :
Spouse name : Horace Shaw
Father name : Andrew Haumica
Father titles :
Father birth place : Penna.
Mother name : Matilde Carter
Mother titles :
Mother birth place : Ohio
GSU film number : 2023537
Digital GS number :
Image number : 2932
Certificate number : fn 62552
Collection : Ohio Deaths 1908-1953 
Hamma, Angie Belle (P-108076967)
209 check Heritage quest revolutiary warrant packet of 20 images
(Research):Dar Abstracts of Rve WAr Pensions Files ppage 1650.
S32319 PA line sol was b 31 mar 1757 at Germantown (Philadelphia) PA, he enlisted in Lancater Co Pa he appl 12 Nov 1838 Lawrence Co In and in 1844 had moved to Sullivan Co Ind. 
Hinkle, Nathan (P-108077005)
210 check surname whether its harbison or harrison Harbison, John (P-108077029)
211 Check this parents and sibling Lepley, Solomon (P-108076460)
212 Children

1. Has No Children Matthew Henry CORRY b: 24 Jul 1848 in Miami,Greene,Ohio,USA
2. Has Children James Andrew CORRY b: 31 May 1850 in Miami,Greene,Ohio,USA
3. Has Children Mary Belle CORRY b: 20 Apr 1853 in Miami,Greene,Ohio,USA
4. Has Children William Howard CORRY b: 25 Feb 1856 in Miami,Greene,Ohio,USA
5. Has Children Robert Finley CORRY b: 25 Jul 1858 in Miami,Greene,Ohio,USA
6. Has Children Charles B CORRY b: 16 Sep 1860 in Xenia,Greene,Ohio,USA
7. Has Children Rachael Josephine CORRY b: 20 Aug 1864 in Xenia,Greene,Ohio,USA
8. Has No Children Elmer B CORRY b: 12 Dec 1865 in Xenia,Greene,Ohio,USA 
Brown, Nancy Ann (P-108076342)
213 Civil War Roster of Greene County, Ohio Soldiers Database

This database contains the records found in George F. Robinson's book, After Thirty Years: A Complete Roster by Townships of Greene County Ohio Soldiers in the Late Civil War. The book is divided by townships, and it contains a listing of the soldiers, including name, rank, company, regiment, and service. In his own words, Robinson compiled this list of names:

"…not to give a history of Greene County's soldiers, but as near as possible to give a complete roster, by townships, of all who took part, from the beginning to the ending of the war, - who they were, where they were, what they were."

He wrote this book in 1895 because he was disturbed that in the thirty years after the war, no one from Greene County had initiated some kind of memorial to the soldiers who fought.

Robinson further stated, "I do not pretend to say that I have all that Greene County sent out…", but that he was able to gather roughly 3600 names of those sent by Greene County to serve.

Robinson, George F. After Thirty Years: A Complete Roster by Townships of Greene County Ohio Soldiers in the Late Civil War. W.B. Chew: Xenia, Ohio, 1895.
Rank: P
Company: B
Regiment: 154
Service: Infantry
Township: Cedarville 
Gregg, David Archibald (P-108076546)
214 Civil War Service
Rank: P
Company: F
Regiment: 186
Service: Infantry
Township: Miami
(Medical):tabes dorsalis (locomotor ataxia)
a form of neurosyphilis occurring 5-20 years after the original sexually transmitted infection. The infecting organisms progressively destroy the sensory nerves. Severe stabbing pains in the legs and trunk, an unsteady gait, and loss of bladder control are common. Some patients have blurred vision caused by damage to the optic nerves. Penicillin is used to arrest the progression of this illness
The disease is sometimes called progressive locomotor ataxia. The varied clinical features represent the extent of involvement of the brain, cranial nerves and spinal cord. The initial symptoms consist of diplopia due to paralysis of the 3rd, 4th, or 6th cranial nerves, irregular pupils, paresthesia and hyperesthesia. Pupillary abnormalities are present in 90% of patients. The characteristic pupillary abnormality, which is seen 50 percent of the time, is the Argyll-Robertson pupil in which there is loss of direct and consensual light reflexes, but the accommodation light reflex is preserved. Ptosis and poor facial tone can develop as a result of cranial neuritis and produces the tabetic facies. Patients may also complain of lightning pains mainly in the extremities although no part of the body is spared. Visceral crisis is sometimes seen and patients may complain of abdominal, rectal, and laryngeal pain. Because of involvement of the dorsal root ganglia and posterior columns there is loss of vibratory and position sense in the legs. Analgesia may be seen over the breasts, medial sides of the forearms, lateral aspects of the legs, and perianal regions (Hitzig lines). As the condition progresses, difficulties in coordination and balance develop. These are worse in the dark but are also present when the patient has good visual input. The syndrome is also characterized by the loss of reflexes in the legs, sphincter dysfunction, and sexual dysfunction. The loss of sensation which occurs in the legs may lead to Charcot joints 
Turner, James Adam (P-108077066)
215 ClarHinkle 
Dalrymple, Clarissa A. (P-108077126)
216 Clinton & Esther Sheldon Family 
Sheldon, Clinton Wade (P126711217)
217 Clinton & Esther Sheldon Family Photo 
Sheldon, Clinton Wade (P126711217)
218 Colonel Fawke was Colonel of House of Charles I also gentlemen of the bedchamber of Charles I (gent?) Fawke, Roger (P-108077172)
219 Copy of Obituary in hand Repository (R1017492695)
BIOGRAPHICAL, Published by F.A. Battey & Co, Chicago, 1883, pg

JAMES HUGHES was born in Greene County, Penn., February 11, 1839,
and is one of seven children born to John C. and Lucinda (Smith)
Hughes, and named as follows Phoebe, John, Rowland, Thomas,
Stephen, James and Nancy (deceased). The father was born in
Washington County, Penn., was a tanner by trade, and died in this
township in January, 1872. James Hughes was but eight years of
age when he ,came to this township with his father; he was
married February 8, 1866, to Elizabeth Benjamin, who has borne
him nine children- Oscar, Joseph, Silas, Frank, Jephthah, Mary,
Thomas, Estella and Pearl. The first three are dead. In
January, 1865, Mr. Hughes enlisted in the Thirty-fifth Indiana
Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out and returned home in
October. In the fall of 1874, he was elected Township Trustee
and filled the office nearly four years; he was among the
earliest settlers of the township, and underwent all the severe
experiences of pioneer life; his home is on a fine farm of 142
acres, located seven miles northeast of Monticello.

White County Indiana Cemetery inscriptions 977.293 list stone and death date as 1910 along with wife Elizabeth.
(Research):A Standard History of White County Indiana page 620-622 pub 1915 
Hughes, James (P-108076804)
221 Craycroft Families 
Craycraft, Joseph (P-89282506)
222 Dallas & Elsie & Children 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
223 Dallas & Elsie Sheldon 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
224 Dallas & Elsie Sheldon 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
225 Dallas & Elsie's 45th Wedding Anniversary Celebration 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
226 Dallas James Sheldon (1886-1957) 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
227 Dallas Sheldon WWI Draft Registration 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
228 Dallas Sheldon Closeup 
Sheldon, Dallas James (P-99901037)
229 David owned and farmed land next to James Adam and later W. Burt Turner.
Frank also farmed this land after David his Father 
Turner, David B (P-108077017)
230 David Sr. (ca 1749-1810) and his brother Solomon (1763-1799) III sold their belongings and moved to Frederick County Virginia in 1788 20. Frederick in 1788 consisted of 9 current counties of northern Virginia and West Virginia. Frederick is at the mouth of the Shenandoah Valley.

David traveled with his 3 children; Mary (1781-1861) age 7, Sarah (1774-1831) age 14 and David Jr.. (1784-1867) age 4. Solomon and Lydia already had 2 children after 3 years of marriage, John (1785-1867) age 3 and Isaac (1787-1867) age 1.

While in Virginia, David's child Sarah married Joseph Catterlin Jr.. in 1793 at age 19 21.

Solomon and Lydia had 4 additional children; Hester (1790-1871), Rhoda (1793- ), Harriet (1794-1883) and Gideon (1796-1896). (Hester recorded her birth as in Virginia, but her younger Gideon has a LDS record stating his birth as in Hamilton Co. NJ).

The three families left Virginia for Hamilton County Ohio about 1795 or 1796; David Brecount and his two children, Sarah and Joseph Catterlin, and Solomon and Lydia Brecount and their 6 children.

(Many other families left Frederick for Ohio, with many ending in Champaign and neighboring counties. There were also many other New Jersey names to appear in these counties. I am guessing that the route to Ohio from New Jersey through Virginia may had to something with the land set aside in Ohio for Revolutionary War veterans, especially the large section north of Cincinnati (Fort Washington) set aside for Virginia's soldiers. I would like to hear others opinions or facts for the migration from NJ to Va. to Ohio.)

"The Brecounts and the DeCamps", a history written by Hazel Huston Price, records the trip to Ohio: "The move west was about 1795. Hester was still small enough to be carried by her father on horseback across the mountains to Pittsburgh - the mother was busy enough with younger children, as the record shows. The migrating family group including not only Solomon, Lydia, and probably five or six children, but Solomon's younger brother David, his wife, and a Brecount sister. According to Solomon and Lydia's oldest son John (whose recollections were passed along in 1907 by his grandson, the Hon. Henry Harrison Brecount of St.. Paris, Ohio), the family hired or purchased a flatboat at Pittsburgh and thereon made the rough trip down the Ohio River to Cincinnati."

"These flatboats were really huge rafts of logs or rough-sawed timbers on which a simple shelter had been built. ---Later there would be guide books available to help travelers pole their way down past the rocks, shoals, snags and hazards of the Ohio, but not in the 1790's. It was a difficult journey, but hundreds of families were making it."

There are some flaws in this recollection. If Solomon traveled with his "younger brother David and his wife", then David Jr.. was married when he was 13-14. I believe that Henry Harrison had David Jr.. and David Sr. mixed up, as mentioned in the first paragraph above of the 3rd generation. This would also account for the confusion that Solomon and Mary Brecount were sisters, as mentioned in the Lucy Baldwin genealogy, .

On Woodbridge Twp, Middlesex Co Tax Assessments for 1778, 79, 84, 85, 86, 87, (FTM Disk #310). (As Bercount, Brecount, Brecounts, Bricounts, Brecout)
Individual: Brecout, David
County/State: Middlesex Co., NJ
Location: Woodbridge Twp
Page #: 002
Year: 1787
Census type code: Tax List
The following additional information is provided about the record source: AUGUST ASSESSMENT
Fact 1: May 23, 1751, Baptism Epis. Church, Elizabeth NJ
Fact 2: May 23, 1753, Baptism Epis. Church, Elizabeth NJ
The families arrived in Hamilton County Ohio in 1796. Hamilton Co is just north of Cincinnati, then called Fort Washington, and was the gateway into Ohio. The families stayed in Hamilton County for some time, and then began to settle in the neighboring counties to the north.

David Sr.'s second daughter Mary, married Asa Hinkel in Hamilton Co on June 27, 1797.

Solomon and Lydia had two more children, Daniel (1798-1815) and Solomon (IV) (1800-abt 1860). Solomon III died in 1799 in Hamilton Co, before the birth of his last child Solomon IV. Solomon is buried in West Caster, Butler Co. Ohio.

David Sr. appears on the voting rolls in Hamilton county in 1798. Joseph Catterlin and David Brecount Sr. appear on the Hamilton County Tax rolls in 1809. David died in Hamilton County in 1810.

Lydia remarried Tom Auter, and moved with her husband, and apparently her last three children, to Vicksburg Ms. 
Brecount, David (P-108076781)
231 Deacon Samuel Chapin Bio 
Chapin, Samuel Dee (P-108076876)
232 Deacon Samuel Dee Chapin - The Puritan by Augustus Saint-Gaudens 
Chapin, Samuel Dee (P-108076876)
T.A. Shipley Dies at Home After Stroke Wednesday

T.A. Shipley, well-know Delta county resident for the past 21 years, died at him home on Vine Street Wednesday afternoon. Death quickly followed a stroke suffered by Mr. Shipley about noon Wednesday. Th sticken man has been left invalided by a previous stroke some time ago.
Mr. Shipley, who was 78 years old in November, came to Delta county in 1916 and had farmed here ever since until he became ill. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Mary Shipley, and eight children, George Shipley of Alma Torba, KY.; Mrs. J.C. Black of Whitesburg, Ky.; Mrs. Louise Dougan, Chattanooga, Tenn,; Mrs. T.A. T(s/b P)ritchett, of Chattanooga; Ray Shipley, Charles Shipley, J. T. Shipley and Mrs. D. Marsh all of California mesa.
Arrangements for burial services which are being made by the Delta Memorial Chapel, are not definate and will be announced later. The day has been tentatively set, however, for Sunday. 
Shipley, Thomas Ashbury (I611)
234 Deborah Flora was born about 1770 the daughter of Thomas Flora, Jr. The Flora family was part of the same migration from Maryland through the upper Potomac River and into Kentucky that included the Tarvins.
She died 19 July 1849 and is buried in the old Mt. Gilead Cemetery.

According to cemetery records, her tombstone reads:" DEB wife of THOMAS." The tombstone inscription was legible in 1988 but the stone was leaning against a building in the comer of the cemetery. A recent inspection in 1996 has located her stone under brush and weeds near the cemetery fence, but the top portion of the stone that had her name inscribed has been broken off. 
Lils(Flora), Deborah (P-108077142)
235 Descended from Alfred the Great. Charlemagne ... and William the congerror? Fawke, John (P-108077170)
236 DeWitt C. Atwater 
Atwater, Dewitt C (P-108076331)
237 died at the age of 30 Turner, Frances (P-108077024)
238 Dr. Gad Hitchcock 
Hitchcock, Gad (P-12456288)
239 Draft Registration birthdate different
Name shown as Theckly 
Marsh, Theckley Egbert (I1171)
240 east half and the east half of the west half of Section twenty-eight in Township twenty-two north of Range thirteen west of the Sixth principal Meridian, Nebraska, containing four hundred eighty acres
Patent # 323266

Copies in possession of Dianna Sheldon 
Brim, Highland Elmore (I998)
241 Edmund died in 1854 why did Parthena move to Shelbyville with small children or did Sleeths reside in Campbell County then move to Shelbyville and Zens came and got her?

FTW has Marriage Certificate of 1st marriage and marraige record of 2nd marriage (Tarvin Book) 
Tarvin, Parthene (Parthena) H. (P-108077198)
242 Edna Sheldon 
243 Edna Sheldon Phillip's Obit 
244 Edna Sheldon Phillips 
245 Eleanor Tarvin was born 13 Apr 1795 in Mason Co., Kentucky, the third child of Thomas Tarvin and Deborah Flora.
She married 1816 John Truesdell in Alexandria, Campbell Co., Kentucky. They had six children.

She died 23 Dec 1871 in Campbell Co., Kentucky, and is buried in the Mt. Gilead Methodist Cemetery, Campbell Co., Kentucky. 
Tarvin, Eleanora (P-108076377)
246 Eliza McDonald Hammontree 
McDonald, Eliza Jane (P-99901061)
247 Elizabeth died about 1670 in Northampton Co., VA. She was living May 5, 1670.

She married John Michael (Sr. "The Elder"). John was the son of Unknown Michael. John died before January 28, 1678 in Northampton Co., VA. John was a merchant from Graft, Holland, who settled in Northampton Co., VA. He was appointed Justice of Northampton County. The court suspended his commission on March 23, 1663-4 until it could be proved he was not an alien, and after his naturalization was proved, he took the oaths on April 29, 1664. After Elizabeth's death, he married Ann, the widow of Captain William Jones, and Mary, the widow of John Culpeper. (Purse & Person, p. 611)

He made a deed of gift on August 27, 1672 to his sons Adam, John and Simon. (Purse & Person, p. 612) In his will, John named "my dear and pious brother John Michael all my Dutch books, one deaths head gold ring, and to his eldest son my godson Joachim one heifer." (James H. Marshall, Wills & Administrations of Northampton Co., VA, p. 106) 
Thoroughgood, Elizabeth (P-108076543)
248 English Origins of New England Families, Second Series Vol. III 
Sheldon, Isaac (P-76011167)
249 Entry in Church Journal "On September 27th my little son, John Melchoir, has been changed from mortality to immortality and given a Christian burial on the 29th of the same mont. May he rest in peace, and god will awake him to immortality after that. he had spent his life of 10 years, 7 month, 2 weeks and 3 days." Henckel, Johann Melchoir (P-108076530)
250 Establishing the married name of a girl is of great importance to follow her life. Nancy's appearance with her brother, Robert, in the 1880 census of Green Township,Clark County, Ohio, showed that her married name was Phillips. Nancy, then, was traced through records of her marriage in Warren County, Ohio. Her listing with one daughter and family near Clifton, Ohio in the 1850 Census of Greene County, in records of her stay at the Widows' Home of Dayton, Ohio and finally in the records of Woodland Cenetery, Dayton, Ohio which showed she was buried in the same lot as her other daughter. Shaw, Nancy (P-108076899)

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