The Genealogy of the Sheldon and Watson Families
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atwater, Aurelia Jane  16 Oct 1857Iowa P-108076618 SheldonTurner 
2 Atwater, Douglass S  28 Jan 1867Iowa P-108076664 SheldonTurner 
3 Atwater, Eveline Henrietta  29 Apr 1859Iowa P-108076617 SheldonTurner 
4 Blair, Ellen  1870Iowa P-108076650 SheldonTurner 
5 Blair, Henrietta  1866Iowa P-108076651 SheldonTurner 
6 Blair, James C.  1860Iowa P-108076653 SheldonTurner 
7 Dalrymple, Charles S  1865Iowa P-108076397 SheldonTurner 
8 Dalrymple, Lewis B  1857Iowa P-108076401 SheldonTurner 
9 Dalrymple, Marion  1863Iowa P-108076398 SheldonTurner 
10 Dalrymple, Smithe  1869Iowa P-108076396 SheldonTurner 
11 Harris, Luella  Abt 1904Iowa P-30369153 SheldonTurner 
12 Johnson, Archibald  1846Iowa P-108076697 SheldonTurner 
13 Johnson, Elvira  1871Iowa P-108076640 SheldonTurner 
14 Johnson, Lucinda  1851Iowa P-108076732 SheldonTurner 
15 Johnson, William  1849Iowa P-108076696 SheldonTurner 
16 McFarland, Carrie S.  1872Iowa P-108076630 SheldonTurner 
17 McFarland, Earl L.  1876Iowa P-108076629 SheldonTurner 
18 McFarland, Elmer E.  1870Iowa P-108076631 SheldonTurner 
19 McFarland, Herbert L.  1873Iowa P-108076644 SheldonTurner 
20 McFarland, Nettie S.  1868Iowa P-108076632 SheldonTurner 
21 Nation, Sarah  Iowa P-108077053 SheldonTurner 
22 Sheldon, Don  1889Iowa P-108076468 SheldonTurner 
23 Sheldon, E. H.  1873Iowa P-108076659 SheldonTurner 
24 Sheldon, Frank  2 Mar 1871Iowa P-108076656 SheldonTurner 
25 Sheldon, Harold Wilcox  18 Sep 1897Iowa P-108076311 SheldonTurner 
26 Sheldon, Huldah R.  1859Iowa P-108076465 SheldonTurner 
27 Sheldon, Isabelle E  1856Iowa P-108076463 SheldonTurner 
28 Sheldon, Lula  13 Mar 1892Iowa P-108076794 SheldonTurner 
29 Sheldon, Richard Harold  19 Aug 1920Iowa P-108076309 SheldonTurner 
30 Sheldon, Thomas Glen  10 Nov 1895Iowa P-108076308 SheldonTurner 
31 Sheldon, Viola  1866Iowa P-108076658 SheldonTurner 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin, Herrick  Iowa P-108076493 SheldonTurner 
2 Sheldon, Don  1910Iowa P-108076468 SheldonTurner 
3 Sheldon, Lula  21 Jan 1976Iowa P-108076794 SheldonTurner