The Genealogy of the Sheldon and Watson Families
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Ohio. USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Floretta  1852Ohio. USA P-108076641 SheldonTurner 
2 Andrews, Rebecca  1825Ohio. USA P-108076336 SheldonTurner 
3 Blair, Bertal  1850Ohio. USA P-108076654 SheldonTurner 
4 Blair, James  1822Ohio. USA P-108076332 SheldonTurner 
5 Galloway, Eleanor  Abt 1830Ohio. USA P-108076345 SheldonTurner 
6 Gregg, David Archibald  3 Jun 1836Ohio. USA P-108076546 SheldonTurner 
7 Gregg, Mary J.  19 Feb 1840Ohio. USA P-108077065 SheldonTurner 
8 Johnson, Harriett E  1833Ohio. USA P-108076627 SheldonTurner 
9 McFarland, Robert L.  1854Ohio. USA P-108076619 SheldonTurner 
10 McFarland, Ruben  1827Ohio. USA P-108076458 SheldonTurner 
11 McFarland, Ulysses Kinsey  18 Jan 1831Ohio. USA P-108076467 SheldonTurner 
12 Raney, Samuel  1835Ohio. USA P-108076544 SheldonTurner 
13 Sheldon, Elizabeth  1840Ohio. USA P-108076474 SheldonTurner 
14 Sheldon, Hester Jane  1827Ohio. USA P-108076833 SheldonTurner 
15 Sheldon, Martha R.  11 Feb 1832Ohio. USA P-108076831 SheldonTurner 
16 Sheldon, Mary (Polly) N.  1818Ohio. USA P-108076836 SheldonTurner 
17 Sheldon, Melissa Ann  1 Aug 1855Ohio. USA P-108077216 SheldonTurner 
18 Sheldon, Phoebe Ann  1824Ohio. USA P-108076835 SheldonTurner 
19 Sheldon, Sarah  1830Ohio. USA P-108076832 SheldonTurner 
20 Sheldon, Sarah Jane  1839Ohio. USA P-108076475 SheldonTurner 
21 Sheldon, William Putnam  3 Jul 1856Ohio. USA P-108076560 SheldonTurner 
22 Smith, Albert  1864Ohio. USA P-108076639 SheldonTurner 
23 Smith, Ida ?  1867Ohio. USA P-108076638 SheldonTurner 
24 Turner, Eleanor Gertrude  7 Nov 1877Ohio. USA P-108077063 SheldonTurner 
25 Turner, Mary Isabelle  22 Mar 1881Ohio. USA P-108077062 SheldonTurner 
26 Turner, William  1818Ohio. USA P-108076595 SheldonTurner 
27 Wilson, Daniel  2 Jun 1820Ohio. USA P-108076952 SheldonTurner 
28 Wilson, Elvira  8 Oct 1814Ohio. USA P-108076954 SheldonTurner 
29 Wilson, John  21 Sep 1818Ohio. USA P-108076953 SheldonTurner 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Porter, Eliza  Bef 1836Ohio. USA P-108076476 SheldonTurner 
2 Turner, Thomas  15 Dec 1903Ohio. USA P-108077019 SheldonTurner 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Benjamin / McLane  10 May 1825Ohio. USA F281 SheldonTurner 
2 Gregg / McCollum  26 Aug 1868Ohio. USA F261 SheldonTurner 
3 Spencer / Guthrie  3 Apr 1834Ohio. USA F83 SheldonTurner