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Bureau of Land Management Database

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  • Title Bureau of Land Management Database 
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    • Ohio Land Patents Database The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) inherited
      the functions of the General Land Office when it was established by
      Congress in 1946. The Ohio Land Patents Database, derived from General Land
      Office information, contains deeds (primarily patents) issued by the United
      States in the region now known as the State of Ohio between 1790 and 1907.
      While BLM has been referred to as "the Nations record keeper", it is the
      National Archives that actually keeps the files. The BLM, maintains
      diagrammatic plats known as Master Title Plats, which depict lands which
      are owned by the United States and lands which are patented.

      However, these plats do not have any information about who the lands were
      patented to. That information which has only been available after tedious
      research, it is available now in this database. The Ohio Land Patents
      Database contains the following information for each land transaction:
      date, location (township, range, section, meridian), name of person the
      land was patented to, county, and the patent document identification number
      (patent number). Using this information you can view a scanned image of
      the actual land record on-line at the BLM Eastern States General Land
      Office web site: