This partial listing of cemetery records maintained by the Mesa County Genealogical
Society is being up-dated as time permits.  Should you find a surname of interest
you may further your research by contacting the Loyd Files Research Library at the
Museum of Western Colorado (phone 970-242-0971, extension 209
or the Mesa County Public Library (phone 970-243-4783, website: 
as they maintain a web listing of obituaries.  The City of Grand 
Junction is in charge of the major cemeteries and can be reached at 970-244-1550.  
Many thanks to the members of the MCGS and the DAR who have contributed their efforts 
to this project.  It should be noted that some records may conflict with others and that a
best effort has been made towards accuracy.  If in doubt: check the originals yourself.
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Last date this data base was revised: 8 Jan 2006
The coding in the following table for cemeteries is:
        Appleton Cemetery (see Crown Point Cemetery)
CA   Calvary Cemetery - Grand Junction
        Calvary Cemetery, Fruita (see Old Catholic Cemetery)
CC    Cedar Crest - Collbran
CL    Clover Cemetery - Collbran
        County Cemetery - Grand Junction (part of Orchard Mesa Cemetery)
CP   Crown Point Cemetery - Appleton in Mesa County
DB   DeBequw Cemetery - DeBeque
EC   Eagalite Cemetery - Plateau City
EL    Elmwood Cemetery - Fruita
        Fairview Cemetery (see Mesa Cemetery)
        Fairview No. 1 - Grand Junction (abandoned - no trace remains)
        Fruita Cemetery (see Elmwood, Sacred Heart & Pentecostal Cemeteries)
GC   Gateway Cemetery - Gateway
GP   Glade Park Cemetery - Glade Park
        Grand Junction Cemetery (see Calvary, County, Fairview, Hope, I.O.O.F.,
                        Masonic, Municipal, Orchard Mesa, Potters Field & Veterans Cemeteries
        Grand Junction Memorial Gardens (see Memorial Gardens)
        Hope Cemetery - Grand Junction (abandonded - no trace remains)
I       I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Grand Junction
        I.O.O.F. Cemetery - Palisade (see Palisade Cemetery
        Little Park Cemetery (abandoned)
        Lobart Cemetery (see Crown Point Cemetery)
        Milner Cemetery (see Clover Cemetery)
M     Masonic Cemetery - Grand Junction
MA   Massey Cemetery (abandoned - on a ranch in Gateway)
MG   Memorial Gardens - Grand Junction (aka Grand Junction Memorial Gardens)
ME   Mesa Cemetery - Mesa (aka Fairview Cemetery)
MO   Molina Cemetery - Molina
OC   Old Catholic Cemetery - Fruita (aka Sacred Heart or Calvary Cemetery)
OM   Orchard Mesa Ce,etery - Grand Junction
PA    Palisade Cemetery - Palisade
PE    Pentacostal Cemetery - Fruita (abandoned)
PF    Potters Field - Grand Junction (abandoned)
R      Random burials - Mesa County
        Sacred Heart Cemetery - Fruita (see Old Catholic Cemetery - aka Calvary Cemetery)
V     Veterans Cemetery - Grand Junction (Orchard Mesa)
VM   Veterans Memorial Cemetery - Grand Junction (D Road)
W    Whitewater Cemetery - Whitewater
BE   Burield elsewhere (lived and/or died in Mesa County
ODS =  an obituary appeared in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel newspaper
OCO = an obituary appeared in the Collbran Oracle newspaper
OFT =  an obituary appeared in the Fruita Times newspaper
OFP = an obituary appeared in the Grand Junction Free Press
OHL = there is an oral history at the Loyd Files Research Library
OHM = there is an oral history at the Mesa County Public Library
ABBEY Harriet Elizabeth 1 Mar 1839 16-Apr-1926 OM Same stone as Corinne Abbey Hamlin
ABBEY R. P. OM Vet - Sgt., Co. M. 54th Pa Inf.
ABBOTT Harry A 4-Jun-1882 14-Jan-1965 DB
ABBOTT Lucetta 3-Feb-1926 M
ABEL Donald Eugene Adkinson 18-Apr-1928 17-Sep-1965 VO Vet - Colo Pvt 3701 Base Unit AAF WW II
ABERNATHY Paul Reed 0-0-1906 0-0-1971 OM
ABEYTA Candido J. 5 Apr 1899 29-Jan-1973 CA
ABEYTA Edward Jose 0-0-1879 0-0-1959 CA
ABEYTA Jose Manuel 0-0-1873 0-0-1957 CA
ABEYTA Maria Gomicinda 0-0-1876 0-0-1948 CA
ABEYTA Sheryl Lynn 14-Aug-1975 OM Infant daughter of John & Doddie Abeyta
ABRAMO Anthony 8 Jul 1896 12-Aug-1948 CA
ABRAMO Guy 6-Jun-1930 10-Feb-1931 CA Double stone: Lincoln Abramo
ABRAMO Lincoln 15-Feb-1928 24-Apr-1928 CA Double stone: Guy Abramo
ABRAMS William T. M Vet - 1st Sgt Co. G 7th US Infantry
ACCORD Glen 0-0-1900 MG Buried: 9-Jun-1962
ACHZUGIER Baby EL Buried 10 May 1929
ACKERMAN Emma 0-0-1912 0-0-1952 OM
ACKERMAN J. H. 0-0-1853 0-0-1905 OM
ACKERMAN Josephine 0-0-1871 0-0-1958 OM Same stone as Emma Ackerman (?)
ACKERMAN Tomas 0-0-1866 0-0-1947 OM Same stone as Josephine Ackerman
ACORD Mina V 0-0-1906 MG Buried: 4-Dec-1967
ACORN Deborah E. 0-0-1870 0-0-1960 OM Same stone as John Ernest Acorn
ACORN John Ernest 0-0-1869 0-0-1942 OM Same stone as Deborah E. Acorn
ACTON Taylor 9-Jun-1981 9-Jun-1981 MG
ACUFF Bert C. 0-0-1903 0-0-1975 OM Same stone as Eunice Acuff
ACUFF Eunice 0-0-1903 OM Same stone as Bert C. Acuff
ACUNA Raymond 31-Aug-1941 23-Aug-1974 MG
ADAIR Della MO 3 yr 1 mo 17 d
ADAIR James W. 0-0-1889 MG Buried: 3-Mar-1957
ADAMON Elizabeth 0-0-1894 0-0-1963 PA
ADAMS A C 0-0-1893 MG Buried: 30-Mar-1957
ADAMS Abbie Irene 0-0-1897 0-0-1918 OM
ADAMS Albert 8-Jun-1894 25-Jan-1978 MG Vet
ADAMS Birtie Leo 0-0-1915 0-0-1933 OM Same stone as Ethmer Leo Adams
ADAMS Charles E 0-0-1905 MG Buried: 10-Feb-1981
ADAMS Charlie Joe 8-Dec-1933 2-Jul-1984 VO Vet - US Army
ADAMS Donald Gene OM
ADAMS Elma N 25-Sep-1900 MG Buried: 21-Jun-1966
ADAMS Elsie F MG Buried: 18-Sep-1962
ADAMS Ethmer Leo 0-0-1934 0-0-1934 OM Same stone as Birtie Leo Adams
ADAMS Evelyn M 9-Nov-1983 MG
ADAMS Hannah 0-0-1874 0-0-1908 ME
ADAMS Horace P 30-Nov-1981 MG
ADAMS Joe 0-0-1898 0-0-1962 PA
ADAMS Josephine Ellen 20-Apr-1893 MG Buried: 7-Jan-1972
ADAMS Julia A. 29-Apr-1869 ME Died: age 71 yrs, 8 mos, 2 days
ADAMS Linnie M 0-0-1904 0-0-1978 PA
ADAMS Lottie M 0-0-1899 14-Feb-1981 MG
ADAMS Mary Harrison 0-0-1878 0-0-1947 OM
ADAMS Robert "Bobby" 0-0-1942 0-0-1960 OM
ADAMS Robin Ray 0-0-1954 0-0-1975 VO Vet - Pfc US Army Vietnam
ADAMS Roy A 25-Aug-1889 MG Buried: 17-Feb-1968
ADAMS Thomas 0-0-1892 0-0-1960 MG Buried:4-May-1960
ADAMS Tressie E 1-Sep-1904 4-Aug-1979 MG
ADAMS Virginia D 6-Feb-1911 0-0-1966 MG Buried: 4-May-1966
ADAMS Lerley Leona 0-0-1895 12-Feb-1910 M Eastern Star
ADAMS Roy Clyde 0-0-1889 12-Feb-1910 M "Arco, Idaho - Mason"
ADAMS T. (Baby Girl) EL Buried 13 Jan 1919
ADAMS Mary Amy EL Buried 16 Aug 1975
ADAMS Virginia EL Buried 10 Dec 1984
ADAMS Myrtle Turner EL Disinterment from California - Reburied 25 Jun 1975
ADAMS Mildred EL Disinterment from California - Reburied 25 Jun 1975
ADAMS Robert Lee EL Disinterment from California - Reburied 25 Jun 1975
ADAMS Lyle Frank EL Buried 21 July 1958
ADAMS Luella EL Buried 5 Dec 1926
ADAMS Andrew (Stillborn) EL Buried 11 Feb 1960
ADAMS Anna Sarah EL Buried 4 Oct 1955
ADAMS Baby Charles EL Buried 5 Oct 1932
ADAMS Francis P. Jr. EL Buried 1908
ADAMS Julia EL Buried 15 Mar 1930
ADAMS Beverly Ann 25-Sep-1937 3-Sep-1980 EL Double stone: Robert Dean Adams - Married 16 Mar 1956
ADAMS Ernest Lee 0-0-1910 0-0-1969 EL Buried 15 Mar 1969
ADAMS Ella Ruth 0-0-1918 0-0-1969 EL Buried 24 Oct  1969
ADAMS Mabelle T. 0-0-1881 0-0-1960 EL Double stone: Dr. Bert L. Adams M.D. Married 9 Oct 1901
ADAMS Orion Chester 0-0-1899 0-0-1967 EL Buried 11 Oct 1967
ADAMS Robert Dean 2-Nov-1934 EL Double stone Beverly Adams - Married 12 Mar 1956
ADAMS Bert L. MD 0-0-1879 0-0-1961 EL Double stone: Mabelle T. Adams - Married 9 Oct 1901 - Buried 23 Sep 1961
ADAMS Tghomas M. "Buddy" 0-0-1929 0-0-1932 EL Buried 8 Oct 1932
ADAMSON Beulah B. 0-0-1914 OM Same stone as Richard I. Adamson
ADAMSON Cecilia R. 15-Jul-1913 5-Apr-1942 CA Double stone: Roy H. Adamson
ADAMSON Richard G. 3-Nov-1933 19-Feb-1971 OM Vet - Colo. A 3c US Air Force, Korea
ADAMSON Richard I. 0-0-1907 0-0-1974 OM Same stone as Beulah B. Adamson
ADAMSON Roy H. 13-Mar-1912 5-Apr-1942 CA Sdouble stone: Cecilia R. Adamson
ADDAMS Wallace T. EL Buried 28 Dec 1929
ADDISON Mary Alice 0-0-1889 0-0-1936 CA
ADDLEMAN Edwin 0-0-1868 0-0-1938 OM Same stone as Verdie & Ernest Addlemann
ADDLEMAN Ernest 0-0-1903 0-0-1921 OM Same stane as Edwin & Verdie Addleman
ADDLEMAN Marion E. 0-0-1917 0-0-1943 OM
ADDLEMAN Verdie 0-0-1878 0-0-1932 OM Same stone as Edwin & Ernest Addleman
ADELMAN Virginia Lee 0-0-1929 0-0-1954 MG Buried: 29-May-1954
ADELMAN Walter E 0-0-1895 6-Apr-1980 MG
ADIE Mary Ruth 0-0-1902 0-0-1982 VO Callahan-Edfast - Same plot with William B. Whitt
ADIE Robert 27 May 1894 17-Jul-1965 VO Vet - Pfc Co L 106 Infantry
ADKINS Fern M 20-Feb-1892 23-Dec-1972 MG
ADKINS Oliver S 29-Apr-1893 MG Buried: 8-Jul-1972
ADLFINGER Verlie M 0-0-1903 17-Nov-1981 MG
ADRON Jonathan R. 0-0-1840 0-0-1933 OM Same stone as Josephine D. Adron
ADRON Josephine 0-0-1844 0-0-1928 OM Same stone as Jonathan R. Adron
ADSHADE Edmond L 24-Mar-1896 25-Feb-1909 I
ADSHADE Elias 4-May-1856 25-Apr-1911 I
AGEE Lee Anderson 10-Oct-1895 10-Apr-1959 PA Vet - Tex S 2 US Navy WWI
AGEE Lucy Rogers 0-0-1893 0-0-1980 PA
AGER Harry Orville 0-0-1892 0-0-1976 VO Vet - US Army - WW I
AGER Myrtle Belle 6-Apr-1901 20-Apr-1977 VO
AGUILERA Augustina 0-0-1889 0-0-1974 CA
AGUILERA Felix 0-0-1882 0-0-1932 CA
AGUILERA Monico 0-0-1904 0-0-1978 CA
AGUILERA Monico 0-0-1940 0-0-1946 CA
AGUIRRE Ben C. 0-0-1891 0-0-1970 CA
AGUIRRE Josefa C. 28 Jan 1847 11-Oct-1939 CA
AGUIRRE Maria de La Luz 0-0-1902 0-0-1936 CA
AGUIRRE Ventura 0-0-1894 0-0-1930 CA
AHRENS L Alma 0-0-1921 7-Jan-1983 MG
AHRENS Betty June EL Buried 21 Nov 1934
AHRENS Francis 0-Nov 1906 EL Died age 12 yrs, 24 days - Buried 4 Nov 1906 - Daughter of Henry & Tempa I Adams
AHRENS Henry 0-0-1870 0-0-1934 EL Buried 6 Feb 1934
AIKEN Gertrude A 20-Nov-1900 25-Jul-1977 MG
AIKEN Myrtle Mary 18-Dec-1888 0-0-1973 MG Buried: 5-Mar-1973
AIKEN Samuel Price 0-0-1884 0-0-1967 MG Buried: 29-Jan-1967
AIKEN Spurgon E. 0-0-1910 0-0-1958 OM
AINSWORTH Cindy A. 0-0-1868 0-0-1953 OM Same stone as George J. Ainsworth
AINSWORTH George J. 0-0-1858 0-0-1936 OM Same stone as Cindy A. Ainsworth
AINSWORTH Raymond C. 23 Mar 1897 19-Oct-1949 VO Vet - Colo. Pfc Hospital Train 67 WW I
AINSWORTH Leonard EL Buried 13 Nov 1909
AISBATT Abbie Irene OM
AKEMAN Cassie B. 0-0-1871 0-0-1922 EL Double stone: George M. Akeman
AKEMAN George M. 0-0-1969 0-0-1948 EL Buried 16 Oct 1948 - Double stone: Cassie B. Akeman
AKEMAN Loren B. 0-0-1895 0-0-1922 EL Buried: 4 May 1922
AKENS Charles Raymond 12 Mar 1898 3-Sep-1970 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt 139 Infantry WW I
AKENS Frank M. 0-0-1895 0-0-1951 OM Same stone as M. Katharyn Akens
AKENS M. Katharyn 0-0-1904 0-0-1948 OM Same stone as Frank M. Akens
AKENS Oscar R 25-Sep-1905 0-0-1970 MG Buried: 15-Sep-1970
AKERS Romaine Wright 0-0-1866 0-0-1945 EL Buried 4 Feb 1945
AKERS Addie 0-0-1870 0-0-1940 PA Double Stone: Alonzo AKERS
AKERS Alonzo 0-0-1870 PA Double Stone: Addie AKERS
AKERS Frank J 14-Aug-1897 1-Nov-1954 PA
AKERS Irl Murry 27-Jul-1890 11-Mar-1959 PA Double Stone: Mary E AKERS; Vet - Colo Pvt Co F 23 Inf 2 Div WWI
AKERS John E 17-Dec-1907 26-Apr-1949 PA
AKERS Mary E 15-Jan-1900 PA Double Stone: Irl Murry AKERS
AKERS Mignonne Belle 0-0-1919 0-0-1934 PA
AKERS Ollie Mable 16-Jul-1889 11-Jan-1971 PA
AKERS Onie 0-0-1894 0-0-1955 OM
AKERS Charles Orlin 0-0-1906 0-0-1929 EL Buried 15 Aug 1928 - (Check death dates? )
AKERS Christopher Carson 0-0-1859 0-0-1937 El Buried 20 Jan 1937
AKIN Harold Samuel 0-0-1908 0-0-1930 EL Buried 21 Sep 1930 - "Stone erected by students of Colo College"
ALANIS Francisco 2 Jan 1885 29-Aug-1969 CA
ALBERT A. OM Same stone as H. Albert
ALBERT H. OM Same stone as A. Albert
ALBEYTA E. J. 0-0-1885 0-0-1936 CA
ALBIN Chester OM
ALBIN Chester Absolum 22 Jan 1893 2-May-1937 VO Vet - Pvt. S. Carolina 13 Regt. USMA WW I
ALBRIGHT Clifford EL Buried 30 Oct 1923
ALBRIGHT P. W. EL Buried 20 Feb 1920
ALCHU Merceline 2-Jun-1894 11-Dec-1974 MG
ALDERMAN E Lloyd 18-Jan-1895 0-0-1966 MG Buried: 28-Apr-196
ALDO Charles 0-0-1889 0-0-1973 PA Double Stone: Hilja ALDO
ALDO Hilja 0-0-1892 0-0-1981 PA Double Stone: Charles ALDO
ALDRICH Bell M 0-0-1877 0-0-1910 DB
ALEMAN Francisco 29 Sep 1888 3-May-1961 CA Vet - Pvt Co M, 109 Inf Utah 28 Div. WW I
ALEXANDER Baby Girl 1-May-1963 1-May-1963 MG
ALEXANDER Bane Kenzer 0-0-1899 0-0-1960 MG Buried: 20-Aug-1960
ALEXANDER Donald W 4-Dec-1895 PA Double Stone: Hulda J ALEXANDER
ALEXANDER Elizabeth 1-Jun-1899 0-0-1972 MG Buried: 24-May-1972
ALEXANDER Hubert 4 Aug 1888 11-Nov-1971 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt Co M 7 Infantry WW I
ALEXANDER Hulda J 18-Jan-1899 20-May-1979 PA Double Stone:Donald W ALEXANDER
ALEXANDER James H 23-Jun-1890 0-0-1890 MG Buried: 14-Dec-1965; index card gives death year as 1890
ALFES Berta (Bertha) Belle 0-0-1887 0-0-1962 EL Buried 7 Feb 1962
ALFORD 0-0-1875 0-0-1961 OM
ALFORD William A. 0-0-1873 0-0-1950 OM
ALGER William 30-Sep-1890 0-0-1968 MG Buried: 5-Jun-1968
ALIRE Juanito A. 0-0-1933 0-0-1971 CA
ALIX Alice "Blackie" 30-Jan-1926 CA Double stone: Paul Alix - Married 16 Aug 1952
ALIX Paul 27-Apr-1917 22-Jul-1977 CA Double stone: Alice "Blackie" Alix - Married 16 Aug 1952
ALKIER Fanny T. 0-0-1878 0-0-1950 M Eastern Star
ALKIRE Felix 0-0-1864 0-0-1915 M
ALLEE Angelika Yvonne 14-Apr-1975 21-Jul-1977 OM
ALLEE Vernon Blake 0-0-1940 0-0-1977 PA
ALLEN A. S. 0-0-1889 0-0-1974 OM
ALLEN Agustus C. OM Same stone as Evelyn C. Allen.  Father buried in Cripple Creek, CO
ALLEN Alice  13-Oct-1901 23-Oct-1944 OM
ALLEN Annette Ellen 26 Jan 1895 3-Dec-1962 VO
ALLEN Arnold R 0-0-1913 2-Jan-1980 MG
ALLEN Chalen A. 0-0-1887 0-0-1942 OM Same stone as Daniel B. Allen
ALLEN Charles T. 0-0-1855 0-0-1900 OM
ALLEN Daniel B. 0-0-1873 0-0-1941 OM Same stone as Chalen A. Allen
ALLEN Dora Monny 0-0-1955 MG Buried:23-Aug-1955
ALLEN Edna L 0-0-1910 5-Apr-1981 MG
ALLEN Emma Ann 25-Mar-1902 21-Jul-1978 MG
ALLEN Ethel E 27-Jan-1884 0-0-1966 MG Buried: 28-Jun-1966
ALLEN Evelyn C. 0-0-1874 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as Agustus C. Allen
ALLEN George Howard 22-Dec-1881 9-Jan-1954 PA
ALLEN Gerald C 12-Jul-1899 19-Jun-1973 MG
ALLEN Glenn L. 23 Mar 1891 6-Jul-1968 OM
ALLEN Henry H  9-Apr-1881 0-0-1972 MG Buried: 22-Feb-1972
ALLEN Hilda Olive 27-Apr-1891 10-Apr-1961 PA
ALLEN James E 28-Mar-1892 20-Sep-1973 MG
ALLEN Jesse W. 0-0-1915 0-0-1944 OM
ALLEN John Ivan 0-0-1908 0-0-1975 PA
ALLEN Joseph 0-0-1880 0-0-1961 PA Double Stone: Mary Ann ALLEN
ALLEN Lillian   12-Mar-1891 9-Sep-1973 MG
ALLEN Martin 0-0-1829 0-0-1898 OM
ALLEN Mary Ann 0-0-1884 0-0-1950 PA Double Stone: Joseph ALLEN
ALLEN Mayme Hellen 31-Jan-1906 17-May-1960 VO
ALLEN Mina E 0-0-1887 10-Jul-1980 MG
ALLEN Phillip VO Vet - Co D 7 W Va, Inf.
ALLEN R Jay 0-0-1956 MG Buried: 12-Nov-1956
ALLEN Ralph Edward 0-0-1950 0-0-1963 MG Buried: 31-Dec-1963
ALLEN Remus H 15-Aug-1902 9-Sep-1972 DB
ALLEN Ross OM Infant son of M.E. & L.A. Allen
ALLEN Samuel J 12-Mar-1886 25-Jun-1973 MG
ALLEN Victor L. 0-0-1912 0-0-1977 OM
ALLEN Walter Chester 9-Aug-1895 26-Feb-1983 PA Vet - US Army WWI
ALLEN Walter Francis 29 Dec 1894 16-Feb-1971 VO Vet - Iowa Pvt. Col 39 Infantry WW I
Allen William John 6-Jul-1904 25-Nov-1955 VO Vet - Colo. Yl USNR WW II
ALLENBERN Donna Jean 0-0-1930 0-0-1930 DB
ALLENDER Bessie Samples 0-0-1890 0-0-1974 OM
ALLENTHARP Baby 1-May-1919 OM Son of Wildene & Florence M. Allentharp
ALLEX Carmie C. 0-0-1908 0-0-1960 CA
ALLISON Eugene 0-0-1850 0-0-1906 OM
ALLISON Margaret 0-0-1922 0-0-1976 CA
ALLISON Richard Neil 4-Dec-1932 22-Oct-1969 CC
ALLISON Amanda 0-0-1892 0-0-1941 I 4 names on stone: Vesta R Train, Daniel T Allison, & Eugene M Allison
ALLISON Eugene M 0-0-1885 0-0-1951 I 4 names on stone: Amanda Allison, Vesta R Train, Daniel T Allison
ALLISON Daniel T 0-0-1853 0-0-1917 I 4 names on stone: Amanda Allison, Vesta R Train, Eugene M Allison
ALLISON Edgar M. 0-0-1868 0-0-1927 M
ALLISON Gertrude J. 0-0-1877 0-0-1921 M
ALLISON James Henderson 0-0-1895 0-0-1929 M
ALLISON John J. 7 May 1851 2-Dec-1923 M
ALLISON Lee E. 0-0-1879 0-0-1940 M
ALLISON Mary H. 0-0-1889 0-0-1978 M
ALLISON Nathaniel T. 9 Dec 1817 6 Sep 1890 M
ALLISON Bertha Ethel 4 Feb 1895 22-Apr-1975 EL
ALLISON Thomas O. 15 Jul 1895 10-May-1964 EL Vet - WW I
ALLMER Phillip Dale 0-0-1945 0-0-1957 MG Buried: 2-Sep-1957
ALLRED Christopher 24-Jan-1970 24-Jan-1970 MG
ALLRED Daisy 0-0-1878 0-0-1943 OM
ALMAND Rebecca 0-0-1874 0-0-1930 OM
ALMOND Boy & Girl 0-0-1953 0-0-1953 OM
ALMONTE Simon V. 28-Oct-1930 3-Feb-1975 VO Vet - Pvt US Army
ALPS James Gordon 0-0-1954 0-0-1981 EL Buried 18 Jan 1981 - McLean Funeral Home
ALSTATT Albert W 0-0-1882 0-0-1966 MG Buried: 6-Jan-1966
ALSTATT Anna 30-Nov-1885 25-Jul-1979 MG
ALSTATT Amos Edward 0-0-1918 0-0-1977 EL Vet - Tecc 4 US Army WW II - Same stone as June A. Spencer - Buried 29 Sep 1977
 - Married 1 Dec 1945
ALSTATT Baby Joyce 0-0-1947 0-0-1947 EL McLean Funeral Home marker
ALSTATT June A. Spencer 0-0-1924 EL Double stone: Amos Edward Alstatt - Married 1 Dec 1945
ALSTATT Baby Amos EL Buried 20 Feb 1947
ALSTATT Baby Milton EL Buried 23 Nov 1942
ALTHOUSE Goldie L. 0-0-1884 0-0-1968 OM
ALTHOUSE Merritt A. 0-0-1868 0-0-1953 OM
ALTOMORE Frank 17 Jan 1888 22-Dec-1949 CA
ALTOMORE Rosaria 15 May 1848 13-Jan-1940 CA
ALVEY Vernon Lee 0-0-1955 0-0-1955 OM
AMBROSE James A 15-Jun-1877 0-0-1968 MG Buried: 13-Dec-1968
AMBROSE Maude 0-0-1885 0-0-1962 MG Buried: 22-Oct-1962
AMELAND William 0-0-1980 MG
AMENT Esther Lorene 0-0-1898 0-0-1961 MG Buried: 12-Jul-1961
AMES Ben Briscoe 0-0-1871 0-0-1955 OM Married 22 Mar 1899. Children: Fred & Hal Ames, Laura & Lena Flavilla Stocks
 & Georgia Luella Platz
AMES Irving Dewitt 17 Mar 1880 7-Jan-1936 OM Six brothers & six sisters
AMES Mina May Manning 0-0-1877 0-0-1957 OM Married 22 Mar 1899 - Same stone as Ben Briscoe Ames
AMES Robert M. OM
AMICK William Chester 0-0-1899 0-0-1956 MG Buried: 10-Feb-1956
AMOS Moris Ray 30-Oct-1923 31-Jul-1979 OM Vet - Sgt. U.S. Army, WW II
AMPOAT Godfrey 0-0-1872 0-0-1935 OM
AMSBURY Charlotte Mae 27-Feb-1928 0-0-1970 MG Buried: 18-Sep-1970
AMSBURY Ward O 8-Jan-1920 0-0-1970 MG Buried: 18-Sep-1970
ANANIAS T. Benedict T. 15-Dec-1920 30-Mar-1970 VO Vet - C alif. Pvt Ho Co 504 Pr Cht Inf
ANDERSON Arnold Rick 17-Feb-1929 11-Jun-1970 PA Vet - Colo Sgt 2 Ibft Korea
ANDERSON August N. 0-0-1859 0-0-1942 OM
ANDERSON Betty Lou 24-Dec-1938 26-Dec-1938 OM
ANDERSON Bud 0-0-1906 0-0-1976 PA Double Stone: Edith ANDERSON
ANDERSON C. W. 0-0-1870 0-0-1949 OM
ANDERSON Carl F. 6-Sep-1910 21-Sep-1910 DB Infant son of I.S. & E. Anderson
ANDERSON Carl F. 9-May-1923 21-Jul-1960 VO Vet - Ill. Tec 5 CAC WW II
ANDERSON Carl L. 0-0-1910 0-0-1974 CA Double stone: Helen C. Anderson - Married: 1 May 1932
ANDERSON Carrie J. 15 Aug 1874 17-Nov-1963 OM Same stone aa James N. Anderson
ANDERSON Cloma 0-0-1867 0-0-1951 PA Double Stone: Frank D ANDERSON
ANDERSON David 0-001846 0-0-1919 EC
ANDERSON Don F 24-Oct-1900 0-0-1972 MG Buried: 10-Nov-1972
ANDERSON Earl J 9-Aug-1982 MG
ANDERSON Edith 0-0-1911 PA Double Stone: Bud ANDERSON
ANDERSON Elmer R 0-0-1886 0-0-1961 MG Buried: 24-May-1961
ANDERSON Emma N. 0-0-1890 0-0-1935 OM Same stone as John D. Anderson
ANDERSON Ernest 0-0-1889 0-0-1962 MG Buried: 20-Sep-1962
ANDERSON Flora A. 0-0-1891 0-0-1971 OM
ANDERSON Florence E. 0-0-1912 0-0-1974 OM
ANDERSON Floyd H. 0-0-1889 0-0-1948 OM
ANDERSON Frank 0-0-1875 0-0-1916 OM
ANDERSON Frank D 22-Apr-1915 13-Dec-1974 MG
ANDERSON Frank D 0-0-1863 0-0-1953 PA Double Stone: Cloma ANDERSON
ANDERSON Grace Burton 0-0-1887 0-0-1979 MG
ANDERSON Gustav Bruce 7 Jan 1893 7-Aug-1964 OM Vet - Colo Pfc, Co H, 355 Inf, WW I
ANDERSON Hazel N. 0-0-1896 0-0-1935 OM
ANDERSON Helen C. 0-0-1915 CA Double stone: Carl L. Anderson - Married 1 May 1932
ANDERSON Ida L. 0-0-1861 0-0-1927 OM
ANDERSON Ivan H. 0-0-1886 0-0-1943 CL
ANDERSON J. E. 0-0-1871 0-0-1911 DB
ANDERSON James 0-0-1902 0-0-1954 MG Buried: 27-Jul-1954
ANDERSON James N. 11 Mar 1868 25-Jul-1952 OM Same stone as Carrie J. Anderson
ANDERSON Janet Elder 0-0-1907 0-0-1981 PA
ANDERSON Jessie 0-0-1848 0-0-1938 EC
ANDERSON John B. 0-0-1914 0-0-1953 OM
ANDERSON John C 0-0-1886 0-0-1963 MG Buried: 28-Oct-1963; Double Stone: Olie O ANDERSON
ANDERSON John D. 0-0-1892 0-0-1945 OM Same stone as Emma N. Anderson
ANDERSON John N. 0-0-1859 0-0-1939 CL "Father"
ANDERSON Lawrence J. 0-0-1957 0-0-1980 OM
ANDERSON Leona Mae 0-0-1923 0-0-1928 PA
ANDERSON Linnie 0-0-1884 OM Same stone as Nora E. Mueller (sister)
ANDERSON Marie C. 0-0-1852 0-0-1933 OM
ANDERSON Mary Bartlett 0-0-1871 0-0-1918 OM
ANDERSON Mary P. 0-0-1859 0-0-1926 CL "Mother"
ANDERSON Mary V 25-Jul-1903 0-0-1976 MG Buried: 2-Apr-1976
ANDERSON O. S. 0-0-1830 0-0-1916 OM
ANDERSON Olive O 18-Apr-1890 MG Buried: 21-Sep-1972
ANDERSON Rosina 0-0-1874 0-0-1954 OM Same stone as Samuel Anderson
ANDERSON Ruth T 19-Feb-1920 27-Mar-1978 MG
ANDERSON Samuel J. 0-0-1868 0-0-1944 OM Same stone as Rosina Anderson
ANDERSON Walter Kirk 0-0-1884 0-0-1918 OM
ANDERSON Willie May 6-Jul-1913 31-Dec-1956 PA
ANDERSON Kenneth N. 0-0-1897 0-0-1917 M
ANDERSON Mary S. 0-0-1879 0-0-1961 M Eastern Star
ANDERSON Otto J. 0-0-1877 0-0-1930 M
ANDERSON Rebecca E. 22 Jun 1859 28-Nov-1911 M
ANDERSON Theodore Cline 8-Dec-1903 21-Jun-1977 M
ANDERSON William Lee 0-0-1886 0-0-1962 M "Mason"
ANDERSON Carl Brooks 0-0-1908 0-0-1961 EL Buried 5 Nov  1961 - Double stone: Lela Anderson - Married 25 Dec 1926
ANDERSON Dorothy Lou 12-Apr-1930 EL Married Earl Anderson Jr. on 13 Sep 1949
ANDERSON Earl Jr. 5-Jan-1929 14-Jun-1978 EL Married 13 Sep 1949 - Double stone: Dorothy Lou Anderson
ANDERSON John F. 7 Dec 1860 17-Sep-1930 EL
ANDERSON Lela 0-0-1908 EL Married Carl B. Anderson on 25 Dec 1926
ANDERSON Sarah W. 16 Jul 1830 22-Jun-1917 EL Married R. D. Anderson -Buried 16 Jul 1917
ANDERSON Lawrence A. EL Buried 2 Feb 1985
ANDERSON Alfred EL Buried 12 Mar 1930
ANDERSON Emma EL Buried 14 Feb 1926
ANDERSON Lola EL Buried 23 Sep 1930
ANDREGG Alfred C. 1 Jan 1893 10-Oct-1953 VO Vet - New Mexico Chauffer 56 Baloon Co. AS WW I
ANDRESS Ernest Ruben 0-0-1881 0-0-1960 MG Buried: 28-Oct-1960
ANDRESS Sarah M. 0-0-1824 0-0-1911 M
ANDREW Roscoe N MG Buried: 14-Dec-1968; Wife: Velma Andrew
ANDREW Lyle F. 0-0-1879 0-0-1958 EL Buried 21 Jul 1958 - "Son & Brother"
ANDREWS Ancel Alfred "Angel" 0-0-1915 0-0-1966 EL Buried 21 Feb 1966
ANDREWS James William 10 Sep 1865 23-Jan-1945 EL Double stone: May Lillian Andrews
ANDREWS Joe Huston 0-0-1901 0-0-1976 EL Buried 25 Aug 1976 - McLeans Funeral Home
ANDREWS May Lillian 5 May 1875 19-Dec-1952 EL Double stone: James William Andrews
ANDROS Gust 28-Dec-1922 9-Sep-1982 MG
ANENCIO Lydia Mary 0-0-1920 0-0-1979 CA
ANGELICO Arthur Alfred 26-Apr-1916 19-Feb-1978 Ca Vet - Lt. U.S. Navy, WW II
ANGLIN Cheryl Ann 12-Mar-1957 3-Apr-1959 PA
ANGLIN Kendra Lea 0-Jun 1979 EL Buried 26 Jun 1979
ANGOTTI Margaret 0-0-1905 0-0-1965 CA
ANGOTTI Tom 0-0-1888 0-0-1957 CA
ANGSTEN Gretchen Lin 0-0-1958 0-0-1966 OM
ANGUIN Lucia Sarah EL Buried 20 Nov 1976 - (Angwin?)
ANGUS Bruce 31-Jan-1893 0-0-1967 MG Buried: 26-Mar-1967; Wife: Elizabeth ANGUS; Vet
ANNIS Charlie O 29-Apr-1906 31-Jul-1975 MG
ANSCHICBA Earnest 0-0-1882 0-0-1932 ME "Husband"
ANSCHICBA Ida M. Beatty 0-0-1884 0-0-1950 ME "Wife"
ANSELM Anna 18-Jan-1868 22-Jan-1963 CC
ANSELM Margaret M. 0-0-1897 0-0-1948 CC
ANSON Delza B. 0-0-1884 0-0-1966 DB
ANTHONY N. C. 0-0-1878 0-0-1940 VO Martin Funeral Home
APEZARENA Erma M 17-Jun-1917 3-Aug-1982 MG
APPIER Paul 29-Aug-1924 1-Jun-1974 MG
APPLEGARTH Paul T 19-Aug-1902 0-0-1966 MG Buried: 15-Jun-1966
APPLEGATE Fanny 0-0-1864 0-0-1934 PA Double Stone: Tom M APPLEGATE
APPLEGATE Florence Ethel 0-0-1893 0-0-1928 PA
APPLEGATE James Wesley 7-May-1925 19-Jun-1954 PA Vet - Colo F 1 USNR WWII
APPLEGATE Tom M 0-0-1858 0-0-1935 PA Double Stone: Fanny APPLEGATE
AQUILA Frank 0-0-1890 0-0-1949 CA
ARAGON John Solomon 18-Apr-1968 EL Son of Floy & Patsy Aragon
ARAGON Eugene Larry EL Buried 25 Oct 1964
ARANDA Elena 6-May-1902 23-Oct-1939 CA
ARANT H.W. 0-0-1866 0-0-1940 OM
ARANT Prinston B 0-0-1907 0-0-1983 MG Buried: 25-Jan-1983
ARANT Rodney 0-0-1936 0-0-1937 OM
ARANT Baby Wonda Lee EL Buried 20 Jan 1927
ARBOGAST Eunice K. 0-0-1899 0-0-1938 OM
ARBOGAST Howard L 17-May-1897 MG Buried: 18-Mar-1971
ARBOGAST Mary Elizabeth 15-Dec-1895 MG Buried: 25-Sep-1968
ARBUCKLE Florence 23-Jul-1909 EL Daughter of T. B. Mollie Arbuckle
ARBUCKLE John Travis 6-Apr-1967 10-Jul-1970 EL
ARBUCKLE Minnie Maude 0-0-1888 0-0-1975 EL Buried 30 Jun 1975 - Married Olin Reese Arbuckle on 7 Oct 1908
ARBUCKLE Olin Reese 0-0-1885 0-0-1956 EL Buried 20 Sep 1956 - Married 7 Oct 1908 - Same stone as Minnie Maude Arbuckle
ARBUCKLE Rosemarie Dell 0-0-1959 0-0-1959 EL Buried 24 Jul 1959 - Martin Mort.
ARBUCKLE Thomas G. 22 Oct 1837 4-Oct-1921 EL (Thomas A.?)
ARBUCKLE Luella A. EL Buried 24 Jul 1941
ARBUCKLE Reece Eugene EL Buried 27 Jun 1940
ARBUCKLE Donald Wayne EL Buried 4 Apr 1935
ARBUCKLE Sadie EL Buried 10 May 1907
ARCHELETA Jose M 04 Mar 1888 2 Mar 1856 OC Vet - S.R. Colo Pvt. 324 Aux RMT Dep OM6 WWI
ARCHIBALD Bertram L. 25 Jul 1877 9-Apr-1946 OM Same stone as Bess Carolyn Archibald
ARCHIBALD Bess Carolyn 2 Dec 1887 14-Nov-1973 OM Same stone as Bertram L. Archibald
ARCHUDE Mark Anthony 0-0-1947 0-0-1947 OC
ARCHULETA Amadeo 3 Apr 1878 23-Apr-1948 CA
ARCHULETA Candido 0-0-1879 0-0-1972 CA Double stone: Francisquita Archuleta
ARCHULETA Clifford Andrew 18-Oct-1931 25-Nov-1954 VO Vet - Colo/ Cpl. Armor
ARCHULETA Delfina M. 10-Aug-1909 6-Mar-1966 CA
ARCHULETA Epemenis 0-0-1855 0-0-1952 OC
ARCHULETA Fidel 0-0-1968 0-0-1968 OM
ARCHULETA Francisquita 0-0-1884 0-0-1972 CA Double stone: Candido Archuleta
ARCHULETA Joe 0-0-1934 0-0-1980 CA
ARCHULETA Louis Larry 28-Jun-1928 1-May-1969 VO Vet - Colo. SFC US Army Korea
ARCHULETA Luis F 2-Feb-1896 3-Apr-1979 MG
ARCHULETA Steve D. 8-Feb-1935 27-Nov-1963 OM
ARCHULETA Tom 21 May 1898 28-Jan-1953 CA
ARCHULETA Tomita D. "Moe" 26 Apr 1891 21-Jan-1976 CA
ARCHULETA Bernadine 21 May 1889 6-Apr-1977 M
ARCHULETA Anastasia 16-Apr-1900 16-Jun-1977 EL "Beloved Wife and Mother"
ARCHULETA Anna M. 0-0-1892 0-0-1979 EL Double stone: Julian M. Archuleta - Buried in Farmington, NM
ARCHULETA Estan S. 0-0-1901 0-0-1982 EL Buried 8 Jul 1982
ARCHULETA John Felix 16-Nov-1933 23-Sep-1976 EL Vet - Cpl US Army
ARCHULETA Jose E 0-0-1898 0-0-1984 EL Buried 12 Mar 1984 - McLean Funeral Home
ARCHULETA Julian Manuel 0-0-1887 0-0-1960 EL Buried 18 Nov 1960 - Double stone: Ann M. Archuleta
ARCHULIAT Ceclia Julia 0-0-1955 0-0-1955 VO
ARCIERI Amore N. 11-Nov-1907 CA Double stone: Elsa V. Arcieri - Married 30 Oct 1942
ARCIERI Anullo 0-0-1915 0-0-1920 CA Double stone: Loraine V. Arcieri
ARCIERI Donna Marie 23-Mar-1969 14-May-1974 CA
ARCIERI Elsa V. 11-Aug-1901 7-Mar-1974 CA Double stone: Amore N. Arcieri - Married: 30 Oct 1942
ARCIERI George 23-Sep-1925 15-May-1979 CA Vet - U.S. Army, WW II - Married Doris Unfred on 4 Apr 1959
ARCIERI John 12-Jul-1909 26-Jan-1981 CA Born at Conflenti, Italy - Died: Grand Junction, CO -
Married Amy Elizabeth Petrafeso in 1935
ARCIERI Joseph A. 9-Nov-1947 CA
ARCIERI Loraine V. 0-0-1916 0-0-1920 CA
ARCIERI Rosa 15 Nov  1888 19-Jun-1934 CA
ARCIERI Vincenzo 11 Apr 1881 19-Feb-1967 CA Double stone: Rosa Arcieri
ARCUBY Jean Baptiste 19-Aug-1906 17-Apr-1972 EL Vet - Colo. Pvt US Army WW II
ARELLANO Don 0-0-1941 0-0-1956 OM
ARGUELLO Abelardo 2-Apr-1901 2-Jul-1962 CA
ARGUELLO Jose 0-0-1884 0-0-1971 CA
ARGUELLO 0-0-1959 0-0-1959 CA
ARGUST Charles Francis 12-Nov-1906 19-Dec-1980 VO Vet - US Army WW II
ARGYLE Donald Lynn 0-0-1963 0-0-1963 EL Buried 2 Mar 1963
ARMIGO Carmel 0-0-1898 0-0-1943 CA
ARMIJO Jose Adolpho 0-0-1881 0-0-1974 CA
ARMOUR Cynthia C. 0-0-1873 0-0-1958 EC
ARMOUR George G. 0-0-1867 0-0-1945 EC
ARMOUR Jayson Glen 2-Oct-1954 9-Sep-1978 MG
ARMOUR Joseph F 0-0-1914 0-0-1955 MG Buried: 13-Jan-1955
ARMOUR Lee A. 0-0-1928 0-0-1978 EC
ARMOUR Lee E. 0-0-1906 0-0-1973 EC
ARMOUR Robert M. 0-0-1911 0-0-1937 EC
ARMSTRONG Adeline R. 0-0-1852 0-0-1928 OM
ARMSTRONG Amanda O. 0-0-1848 0-0-1928 OM Same stone as W. J. Armstrong & J. H. McKay
ARMSTRONG Clarence 13-Mar-1896 22-Nov-1963 DB
ARMSTRONG Earl R. 0-0-1898 0-0-1911 OM
ARMSTRONG Elsie Eda 3-May-1927 23-Oct-1927 DB Daughter of John & Gertrude Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Emma V. 0-0-1884 OM Same stone as Leonard T. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Garold Lee 0-0-1940 0-0-1984 VO Calahan-Edfast Mortuary
ARMSTRONG Harriet 0-0-1873 0-0-1957 OM
ARMSTRONG James H. 0-0-1884 0-0-1951 OM
ARMSTRONG James S. 0-0-1852 0-0-1931 DB Husband of Sarah F. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Joseph 0-0-1873 0-0-1906 OM
ARMSTRONG Leonard T. 0-0-1884 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Emma V. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Leroy 19-Feb-1911 17-Mar-1919 OM
ARMSTRONG Millian M. 0-0-1886 0-0-1955 DB Lillian?
ARMSTRONG Sarah F. 0-0-1855 0-0-19?? DB Wife of James S. Armstrong
ARMSTRONG Thomas J. 0-0-1843 0-0-1908 OM
ARMSTRONG W. J. 0-0-1856 0-0-1905 OM Same stone as Amanda O. Armstrong & J. H. McKay
ARMSTRONG William N 0-0-1888 26-Feb-1981 MG
ARMSTRONG Anna Bell 0-0-1902 0-0-1977 I
ARMSTRONG Anna E. 0-0-1845 0-0-1927 M
ARMSTRONG Carrie 0-0-1869 0-0-1925 M
ARMSTRONG Chella Hiatt 0-0-1906 M
ARMSTRONG Douglas M. Sr. 0-0-1868 0-0-1921 M
ARMSTRONG Douglas M. Jr. 0-0-1905 0-0-1952 M "Mason"
ARMSTRONG Fanny B. 0-0-1890 0-0-1912 M
ARMSTRONG George W. 0-0-1843 0-0-1923 M
ARMSTRONG John W. 0-0-1859 0-0-1932 M
ARMSTRONG Minnie N. 0-0-1867 0-0-1928 M
ARNETT Sharon Kay 26-Nov-1943 MG Buried: 7-Oct-1970
ARNEY Christian 15 Feb 1861 6-Sep-1900 OM
ARNOLD Bradley Glenn 16-Dec-1965 OM Son of Glenn & Helen Arnold
ARNOLD Elsie 0-0-1891 0-0-1971 OM
ARNOLD Frank 2 Oct 1876 4-Sep-1917 W
ARNOLD James Frank 0-0-1941 0-0-1942 OM
ARNOLD James M.  0-0-1884 0-0-1969 OM
ARNOLD Bertha L. 0-0-1883 0-0-1969 EL Buried 12 Sep 1969
ARNOLD Erma O. 0-0-1909 EL Double stone: Jack Arnold
ARNOLD Georgia Brown 0-0-1906 0-0-1972 EL Buried 17 Apr 1972
ARNOLD Jack 0-0-1901 0-0-1974 EL Buried 15 Oct 1974 - Double stone: Erma O. Arnold
ARNOLD John Emri 0-0-1882 0-0-1918 EL Buried 3 Dec 1918
ARNOLD Martha Luetta 22-Feb-1927 4-Jul-1940 EL
ARNSPIGER Frieda 9-Oct-1901 M
ARNSPIGER Glen 30 Apr 1896 20-Nov-1953 M "Mason"
ARPKE Elsie Emma 0-0-1887 0-0-1982 EL Buried 10 Mar 1982 (Elsie Ermma)
ARPKE Paul Gearhardt 0-0-1879 0-0-1938 EL Buried 10 Aug 1938
ARPKE Joseph Tracy EL Buried 24 Jun 1948
ARPKE Baby EL Buried 15 Oct 1949
ARRIZA Douglas 0-0-1947 0-0-1947 OM
ARRIZA Joseph Edward 14-Aug-1921 29-Jun-1963 CA Basque
ARROTT Richard Bernard 0-0-1958 0-0-1958 EL Buried 13 Dec 1958 - Starks Funeral Home
ARROYO Baby CP Lot 215, Plot 3
ARROYO Charles 0-0-1939 CP
ARROYO Charlie 24-Dec-1920 1-Jun-1939 CP Charles, Uncle Charlie & Stella in same plot
ARROYO Emma Stella CP Infant
ARROYO Maria Razo 20-Aug-1892 14-Oct-1947 CP
ARROYO Mary CP In walkway
ARROYO Stella 28-Feb-1942 24-Aug-1944 CP Lot 5, Plot 3
ARROYO Timeteo 7-Aug-1890 26-Jul-1984 CP
ARTAZ Duane M 6-Sep-1953 20-May-1958 MG
ARTEBA Dirdon 0-0-1952 OM
ARTHUR Opal Wilson 19-Jun-1898 4-May-1969 PA
ARTHUR Annie E. 0-0-1860 0-0-1928 EL Buried 16 Dec 1928 - Double stone: Richard H. Arthur
ARTHUR James B. 17 Oct 1858 27 Jun 1899 EL Born Clermont Co., OH
ARTHUR Richard H. 0-0-1861 0-0-1934 EL Buried 6 Mar 1934 - Double stone: Annie E. Arthur "Husband"
ASAY Afton 0-0-1909 0-0-1910 W Daughter of Iaac & Emma Asay
ASAY Alva Glen 8-Apr-1916 8-Oct-1916 EL Son of Isaac & Emma Asay
ASCHENBRENNER John Phillip 5-Dec-1919 16-Mar-1971 VO Vet - Cafif. RD2 US Navy Korea
ASHBURN Ellen H. 30-Oct-1907 1-Jan-1980 EL
ASHBURN Linda (Lydia?) 0-0-1882 0-0-1932 EL Buried 7 Dec 1932 - Martins Mortuary
ASHBURN Loranzie D. EL Husband of Ellen H. Ashburn - Buried 5 Aug 1985
ASHBURN Marie Long 0-0-1905 0-0-1928 EL
ASHBURN Robert Lee 0-0-1874 0-0-1949 EL Buried 12 Apr 1949 - Starks Funeral Home
ASHBURN Baby EL Buried 13 Jun 1931
ASHBURN Charles Edgar EL Buried 31 Jul 1984
ASHBY Fredrick Franklin 22 May 1879 16-Feb-1950 OM Same stone as Margaretta Ashby
ASHBY Joseph MG Buried: 7-Feb-1980
ASHBY Margaretta 28 Oct 1884 21-Jul-1958 OM Same stone as Fredrick Franklin Ashby
ASHCROFT Frank P 2-Oct-1885 MG Buried: 13-Feb-1965; Double Stone: Josie May
ASHCROFT James P. 0-0-1882 0-0-1944 OM
ASHCROFT Josie May 25-Jun-1886 MG Buried: 11-Dec-1969; Double Stone: Frank P Ashcroft
ASHCROFT Robert E. 14 Jul 1881 2-Jan-1964 OM
ASHFORD Edith L. 15 Jan 1885 16-Oct-1903 OM
ASHFORD Edward A. 14 Oct 1856 11-Jun-1927 EL
ASHING Dorcas F 0-0-1923 0-0-1972 PA
ASHING George A 15-Aug-1887 3-Dec-1973 MG
ASHING Harry H 18-Mar-1905 4-Jun-1976 MG
ASHING Ruby M 25-Oct-1889 19-Nov-1974 MG
ASHKITTLE David 0-0-1870 0-0-1943 DB
ASHLEY Charles S. 0-0-1888 0-0-1945 OM
ASHLEY Ida Eleanor 3-Sep-1902 11-Jun-1924 OM
ASHLEY Ida L. 6 Apr 1876 19-Jan-1904 OM Same stone as Dixie Powers
ASHLEY James C. 1-Aug-1887 7-May-1951 EC
ASHLEY Jessie A 4-Sep-1908 13-Jul-1982 MG
ASHLEY John L. 0-0-1896 0-0-1951 OM
ASHLEY Mae K. 0-0-1885 0-0-1971 OM
ASHLEY Mamie L. 0-0-1912 0-0-1921 OM
ASHLEY Keith 0-0-1947 0-0-1956 EL Buried 28 Oct 1959
ASIASU Samuel 0-0-1880 0-0-1958 MG Buried: 24-Jul-1958
ASKE Ale T. 0-0-1869 0-0-1925 DB "Father"
ASKE Ellen Amber 14-May-1804 21-Aug-1904 DB
ASKE Gertrude & Baby 0-0-1868 DB
ASKLEY Clarence S. 8 Mar 1896 EL Died age 3 yrs 11 mos 14 days
ASPIASU Anna 0-0-1883 0-0-1960 MG Buried: 17-Sep-1960
ASPINALL Martha Woodburn 0-0-1900 0-0-1922 OM
ASPINALL Ralph D. 30 Jul 1897 25-Aug-1969 OM Vet - Pvt. Stu Amry Tng Corps, WW I
ATCHISON Charley L 24-Sep-1906 0-0-1967 MG Buried: 22-Jan-1967
ATCHISON Margaret L. 0-0-1865 0-0-1947 EL Buried 23 Apr 1947 - Double Stone: Frank Lloyd Perkins (son)
ATENCIO Albert 0-0-1945 0-0-1980 CA
ATENCIO Clovis L. 0-0-1913 0-0-1972 CA
ATHERTON Benjamin E 0-0-1884 0-0-1960 MG Buried: 7-Dec-1960
ATKINS Edith M. 15-Apr-1902 29-Apr-1910 ME
ATKINS F. Ralph 0-0-1900 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Mary E. Atkins. Married 9 Jun 1929
ATKINS Mary E. 0-0-1904 0-0-1973 OM Same stone as F. Ralph Atkins. Married 9 Jun 1929
ATKINSON Attey Arthur 0-0-1919 0-0-1981 OM
ATKINSON James N. 16-Jun-1930 14-Aug-1978 OM Vet - U.S. Navy Korea
ATKINSON John 0-0-1909 0-0-1932 OM
ATKINSON Mattie 0-0-1871 0-0-1957 OM Same stone as William L. Atkinson
ATKINSON William L. 0-0-1867 0-0-1949 OM Same stone as Mattie Atkinson
ATKINSON Louise H. 0-0-1893 0-0-1961 M Married 16 Jun 1920 - "Eastern Star"
ATKINSON John W. 0-0-1892 0-0-1976 M Married 16 Jun 1920
ATKINSON Margaret 0-0-1836 0-0-1920 EL Buried 28 Mar 1920
ATOR Ernest E 22-May-1881 23-May-1953 PA Double Stone: Hettie b ATOR
ATOR Hettie B 25-Sep-1882 9-Mar-1939 PA Double Stone: Ernest E ATOR
ATWELL Charles H. 0-0-1857 0-0-1934 ME "Husband" IOOF - Same stone as Cynthia Atwell
ATWELL Cynthia 0-0-1852 0-0-1926 ME "Wife" - Same stone as Charles H. Atwell
ATWELL Emma    0-0-1889 0-0-1945 PA
ATWELL George I. 6-Jan-1827 6-Mar-1905 ME Vet - Co. I, 3 ARK Com, WW I
ATWELL John P. 0-0-1852 0-0-1949 ME
ATWELL Oscar G. 0-0-1881 0-0-1932 ME IOOF
AUBERT August 6-Apr-1923 14-Oct-1998 CP August & Maxine on one stone
AUBERT Maxine G. CP Children: Michael, Camille, Kim & Michele
AUCKLAND Marsh Lynn 8-Jan-1956 24-May-1976 PA
AUDINO Annie Ann 6-Apr-1920 22-Feb-1921 CA
AUDINO Battista 0-0-1880 0-0-1942 CA
AUDINO Jennie 0-0-1894 0-0-1934 CA
AUDINO Michael 0-0-1981 0-0-1981 CA
AUDINO Mike 10 Nov 1884 27-Mar-1944 CA
AUDINO Sarafina 0-0-1882 0-0-1960 CA
AUGUR Charles M. OM Vet - Q.M. Dept. Spanish American War U.S.V.
AUKER Baby CP Lot 51, Plot 1
AUKER Baby CP Lot 51, Plot 2
AUKER Baby CP Lot 51, Plot 3
AUKER Marvin CP Lot 38, Plot 3
AULING Rose 0-0-1887 0-0-1907 I
AULT Glen L. 21-Sep-1911 25-Jun-1948 OM
AULT Ida S. 0-0-1897 0-0-1967 OM Same stone as Norman E. Ault
AULT Norman 0-0-1883 0-0-1953 OM Same stone as Ida S. Ault
AULT Pearl Rider 0-0-1991 0-0-1940 OM Same stone as William H. Ault
AULT William H. 0-0-1877 0-0-1941 OM Same stone as Pearl Rider Ault
AUMILLER Gordon D 15-Jan-1886 29-Sep-1973 MG
AUMILLER Kenneth D. 3-Jul-1912 17-Sep-1969 OM
AUMILLER Harry Austin 0-0-1901 0-0-1977 EL Buried 28 Oct 1977
AUMILLER Iva E. (Eva?) 0-0-1900 0-0-1921 EL Buried 16 Nov 1921
AUPPERLE David W. 0-0-1857 0-0-1945 M
AUPPERLE Harold 0-0-1892 0-0-1919 M "Captain"
AUPPERLE Nannie G. 0-0-1856 0-0-1941 M
AURINGER Ethel L MG Buried: 6-Oct-1973
AURINGER Henry "Hank" 5-NOV-1895 0-0-1971 MG Buried: 5-Nov-1971
AURINGER William E  0-0-1874 0-0-1857 MG Buried: 18-Mar-1957
AUSMUS Charles H. 0-0-1910 0-0-1956 OM
AUSTELL Alva J 6-Mar-1900 7-Oct-1974 MG
AUSTELL Blossom 17-Feb-1899 27-May-1963 MG
AUSTELL James E 10-Nov-1898 5-Nov-1975 MG
AUSTGEN Mary Thresa 8-Feb-1949 CA
AUSTIN Della 0-0-1872 0-0-1949 PA Double Stone:  Noble AUSTIN
AUSTIN Donald 0-0-1915 0-0-1980 MG Buried: 11-Mar-1980
AUSTIN Elaine D. 0-0-1922 0-0-1968 OM
AUSTIN J Noble 0-0-1871 0-0-1954 PA Double Stone: Della AUSTIN
AUSTIN James Arnold 26-Dec-1967 MG stillborn
AUSTIN Katherine J. 0-0-1897 0-0-1960 CA Double stone: Merritt D. Austin
AUSTIN Katie   0-0-1854 0-0-1909 OM
AUSTIN Mary 0-0-1917 0-0-1969 OM
AUSTIN Merritt D. 0-0-1892 0-0-1967 CA Double stone: Katherine D. Austin
AUSTIN Willaim Dalton 0-0-1913 0-0-1976 VO Vet - Pfc. US Army
AUSTIN Donald Glen 0-0-1914 0-0-1944 EL Buried 22 Sep 1944
AUSTIN Grace Wineva 0-0-1898 0-0-1910 EL Buried 27 Jun 1910
AUSTIN John Amos 0-0-1876 0-0-1954 EL Buried 2 Feb 1954 - "Father"
AUSTIN Lillie Pearl 27-Oct-1909 EL Died age 6 yrs 10 mos 27 days - Daughter of J.A. & Nona Austin
AUSTIN Nona S. 0-0-1881 0-0-1916 EL Buried 2 Oct 1916
AUSTIN Rose R. 0-0-1877 0-0-1950 EL Buried 10 Jun 1950 - Husband: J. A. Austin
AUSTIN William W. 0-0-1900 0-0-1937 EL Buried 24 Jan 1937
AUSTIN Bernice EL Buried 14 Sep 1925
AUSTIN Baby Gerry EL Buried 12 Jul 1925
AVERY Byran J 30-Jul-1896 0-0-1974 MG Buried: 29-Apr-1974; Wife: Wilma B AVERY
AVERY Wilma B 3-Jun-1911 26-Dec-1982 MG
AVI John Frederick 0-0-1870 0-0-1938 I
AVINS Annie E 0-0-1859 0-0-1935 PA
AXELSON Esther A. 0-0-1893 0-0-1951 OM Same stone as Lawrence P. Axelson
AXELSON Lawrence P. 0-0-1880 0-0-1970 OM Same stone as Esther A. Axelson
BABBEL R. Gordon 21-Jan-1915 26-Jun-1977 OM Same stone as Lois M. Babbel - Married 18 Dec 1954
BABBLE Todd William 14-Sep-1981 14-Sep-1981 MG
BABCOCK David E 26-Oct-1886 15-Mar-1973 PA Double Stone: Grace Z BABCOCK
BABCOCK Grace Z 7-Feb-1900 1-Mar-1920 PA Double Stone: David E BABCOCK
BABCOCK Ruth   18-Jul-1921 4-Dec-1977 MG
BABCOCK William H. VO Vet - Co A 77 Ill Inf.
BABCOCK Roy E. 15-Dec-1897 11-Oct-1967 EL Vet - S R Ill CLR Sgt 108 Engr HQ Co WWI
BACA Arth 0-0-1943 0-0-1966 OM
BACA Baby Girls 13-Aug-1980 13-Aug-1980 MG
BACK Herbert  0-0-1977 MG Buried: 13-Nov-1977
BACON Ruth Cason 31-Aug-1909 M Married to Joseph Walter Bacon on 15 May 1928
BACON Joseph W., Jr. 14-Jun-1941 4-Mar-1942 OM (Filed w/ Masonic Cemetery)
BADER Cheryl Ann 7-Jul-1944 I 4 names on stone: Henrietta Sieber, John Jr Grandson, Cheryl Ann Bader,
Great Grand Daughter & Charles R Sieber
BADER Jessie M. 0-0-1899 0-0-1974 M "Eastern Star"
BADER Otis H. 0-0-1894 0-0-1956 M "Mason"
BADERS Dominick 0-0-1848 0-0-1929 EL Buried 13 May 1929 - "Father" Masonic emblem
BADERS Dora E.  0-0-1896 0-0-1975 EL Buried 8 Jan 1975
BADERS Henry D. 0-0-1893 0-0-1954 EL Buried 14 May 1954
BADERS Lena 0-0-1866 0-0-1951 EL Buried 22 Feb 1951 - "Mother"
BADERS Lena EL Buried 8 Jan 1975 - Cremation
BAEHR Johanna 0-0-1870 0-0-1968 CC
BAER True John 0-0-1889 0-0-1977 CP Double Stone: Wilda Baer
BAER Wilda C. 0-0-1889 0-0-1944 CP Double Stone: True J Baer
BAER Anita Weigang 0-0-1933 0-0-1953 EL Buried 3 Jul 1953 - "My Sweetheart" Photograph in stone
BAGBY Elizabeth K. 29-Aug-1910 23-Dec-1977 VO
BAGBY Robert Oakley 18-Jan-1905 9-Oct-1975 VO Vet - Maj. US Army WW II & Korea
BAGLEY Lawerence P 0-0-1902 0-0-1964 MG Buried: 26-Apr-1964
BAGSHAW Jennie L. 31-Mar-1876 16-Jan-1908 EL
BAHM Harry R 20-May-1903 0-0-1966 MG Buried: 24-Feb-1966
BAHR Albert C. 0-0-1879 0-0-1948 OM
BAILEY Amanda M 0-0-1909 9-Nov-1979 MG
BAILEY Baby son 0-0-1974 OM
BAILEY Belinda 8 Jan 1891 OM
BAILEY Claude E, Sr 14-Sep-1896 6-Feb-1973 MG age - 77
BAILEY Cynthia R 14-Mar-1982 MG
BAILEY Eugene 18-Oct-1918 29-Apr-1982 MG
BAILEY Frances Y 0-0-1911 0-0-1959 MG Buried: 13-Aug-1959;On same stone with LaVern BAILEY
BAILEY George Wilbur 28-Apr-1927 25-Aug-1951 VO Vet - Colo Pfc US Army Korea
BAILEY James E. 0-0-1870 0-0-1939 CL "Her Brother"
BAILEY LaVern 20-Jan-1904 0-0-1972 MG Buried: 15-Apr-1972;On same stone with Frances Y BAILEY
BAILEY Lloyd F 12-Jul-1898 15-Dec-1975 MG age - 77
BAILEY Lucy E. 0-0-1858 0-0-1936 OM
BAILEY Mary B. 0-0-1883 0-0-1977 OM Same stone as Thaddeus C. Bailey
BAILEY Stephan D. 19-Mar-1959 5-Jan-1983 VO Vet - US Navy
BAILEY Thaddeus C. 0-0-1876 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as Mary B. Bailey
BAILEY Dwight B. 11 Sep 1871 13-Oct-1927 M
BAILEY Dwight B. III 6-Jan-1915 1-Jun-1937 M
BAILON Robert Marshall 18-Jul-1943 30-Jul-1965 CA
BAILY Edward E 0-0-1873 0-0-1925 PA
BAILY Terry Neal 9-Jun-1948 CC
BAINTER Ethel B. 8-Aug-1906 OM Same stone as Paul R. Bainter
BAINTER John R. 8 Sep 1868 14-Jun-1953 OM Same stone as Orpha U. Bainter
BAINTER Orpha U. 20 Jul 1874 24-Sep-1955 OM Same stone as John R. Bainter
BAINTER Paul R. 9-Jul-1906 OM Same stone as Ethel B. Bainter
BAINTER Bruce L. M "Son"
BAINTER John Reigan 0-0-1935 0-0-1945 M "Son"
BAINTER Max V. 0-0-1905 M "Father"
BAINTER Virginia L. 0-0-1910 M "Mother"
BAIR Isaac N 0-0-1869 0-0-1925 I
BAIRD Clarence C. 0-0-1903 OM Same stone as Gladys I. Baird - Married 28 July 1923
BAIRD Gladys I. 0-0-1904 0-0-1972 OM Same stone as Clarence C. Baird - Married 28 Jul 1923
BAISCH Elmer F 3-Mar-1901 14-Aug-1901 PA
BAISCH Ruth E 19-Aug-1907 7-Aug-1909 PA
BAIVIER Adeline 0-0-1828 0-0-1907 CA With Herbert Stone?
BAKER Albert J. 0-0-1912 0-0-1977 DB Vet - PFC. U.S. Arrmy
BAKER Anne Margaret 0-0-1939 0-0-1944 OM
BAKER Art C 0-0-1910 0-0-1963 MG Buried: 21-Feb-1963
BAKER Arthur MG Buried: 14-Nov-1979
BAKER Baby 0-0-1938 0-0-1938 DB
BAKER Cleo L 0-0-1924 0-0-1967 MG
BAKER David  30-Apr-1849 15-Aug-1922 DB
BAKER Edith VanCleve 15-Jan-1903 2-Jan-1931 DB
BAKER Edna F. 0-0-1894 0-0-1947 OM Same stone as Ovid M. Baker
BAKER Eleanor Mary 21 Jul 1885 19-Sep-1963 OM
BAKER Ethel M 13-Oct-1889 27-Nov-1983 MG On same stone with Reese W BAKER
BAKER Fredrick OM
BAKER Goldie R. 1-Aug-1900 DB Married to Louis J. Baker 20 Sep 1919
BAKER Gordon 4-Mar-1898 21-Jan-1948 CC Vet - Mass CY US Navy, WW I & II
BAKER Grace 0-0-1904 0-0-1930 OM
BAKER Harry D. 11 May 1894 31-Oct-1970 VO Vet - Colo Sgt 304 Fld Arty WW I
BAKER Jesse D 19-Aug-1952 27-Sep-1981 MG Vet
BAKER John David 3-Jun-1889 24-May-1968 DB
BAKER Lewis John 0-0-1897 0-0-1940 DB
BAKER Lizzie E. 30-Aug-1879 15-Jul-1922 DB
BAKER Louis J. 14-Jun-1897 DB Married to Goldie R. on 20 Sep 1919
BAKER Mary E. "Granny" 16 Jul 1886 17-Jun-1976 CA
BAKER Mary Frances 4-Sep-1950 5-Sep-1950 CA
BAKER Ovid M. 0-0-1884 0-0-1953 OM Same stone as Edna F. Baker
BAKER Reese W 0-0-1881 0-0-1955 MG On same stone with Ethel M BAKER
BAKER Roscoe Francis 21 Jan 1896 22-Dec-1965 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt US Army WW I
BAKER Ruby Marcella 10-Oct-1912 13-Jun-1913 OM
BAKER Sarah 9-Jul-1824 4-Mar-1910 CC
BAKER Tami J 24-Jul-1982 24-Jul-1982 MG
BAKER Wauneta 0-0-1918 0-0-1978 OM
BAKER Willard D. 0-0-1871 0-0-1947 OM
BAKER William P 0-0-1894 3-Oct-1983 MG
BAKER Sarah 0-0-1853 0-0-1928 M
BAKER Mary A. 13-Feb-1923 19-Feb-1979 EL
BAKER Maude Saunders 1-Jan-1892 11-Oct-1983 EL Double Stone: William J. Baker - Married 4 May 1918 65 years
BAKER William J. 17-Nov-1895 EL Buried 12 Apr 1985
BAKKE Winifred Helen 0-0-1886 0-0-1933 EL Buried 20 Sep 1933
BAKKER William (Judge) 27 Dec  1889 31-Jul-1972 CA
BALBACH Marie 0-0-1910 0-0-1980 EL Buried 17 Oct 1980
BALBACH William G. 0-0-1903 5-Aug-1929 EL Double Stone:  Marie Balbach
BALDINO Louis 0-0-1916 0-0-1932 CA
BALDINO Paolino 26 Nov 1884 2-Oct-1972 CA Double stone: Rosina D. Baldino - Married 20 Aug 1914
BALDINO Rosina D. 25 Feb 1888 24-May-1973 CA Double stine: Paolino Baldino - Married 20 Aug 1914
BALDRIDGE Joseph L. 0-0-1860 0-0-1931 CC
BALDRIDGE Truman L. 22-Nov-1904 26-Jan-1969 CC Vet - Colo Cost Emr RSO AoF WW II
BALDRIDGE Vesta Porter 18-Jul-1903 7-Oct-1975 CC
BALDWIN Edward F 0-0-1958 MG Vet; Buried: 18-Apr-1958
BALDWIN Ella A 24-Apr-1898 4-Jun-1976 MG age - 78
BALDWIN Eunice G. 30-Aug-1909 22-Jul-1929 OM Same stone as Melvin R. & Lizzie C. Baldwin
BALDWIN Goldie M 0-0-1893 25-Apr-1982 MG
BALDWIN Jennifer Ann 18-Jan-1977 CA Parents: Sam & Jonnie Baldwin
BALDWIN Lizzie C. 20 Dec 1887 24-Dec-1962 OM Same stone as Melvin R. & Eunice G. Baldwin - Married 13 Oct 1907
BALDWIN Melvin R. 20 May 1886 18-Apr-1976 OM Same stone as Lizzie C. & Eunice G. Baldwin - Married 13 Oct 1907
BALDWIN Lillian A 0-0-1900 0-0-1936 I
BALDWIN Alice G. 0-0-1876 0-0-1950 M "Mother - Eastern Star"
BALDWIN Harry 0-0-1874 0-0-1956 M "Father - Mason"
BALDWIN Grandna 0-0-1820 0-0-1910 EL In MASSER family plot with large Masser stone in Row 5
BALE Harden 21 Mar 1876 22-Nov-1957 OM Vet - Mo. Inf.
BALE Mollie Schmitt 0-0-1879 0-0-1960 OM
BALE Dwight William 0-0-1905 0-0-1972 EL Buried 2 Feb 1972 - "Brother"
BALE Leo Neville 0-0-1907 0-0-1975 EL Buried 27 Oct 1975; Double Stone: Mildred A Bale
BALE Mildred Anna 0-0-1906 EL Buried 16 Feb 1982: Double Stone: Leo N Bale
BALERIO Henry 21-May-1908 16-Feb-1973 CA Married: 23 Jun 1928
BALL Audre Amelia 15-Jul-1947 11-May-1952 PA
BALL Audre Lucille 4-Jul-1928 21-Dec-1946 PA Double Stone: Timothey Leroy BALL
BALL Don 0-0-1869 0-0-1962 MG On same stone with Floy E BALL
BALL Floy E 0-0-1872 0-0-1965 MG On same stone with Don BALL
BALL Frank 0-0-1882 0-0-1971 ME "Husband"
BALL Grace 0-0-1881 0-0-1932 PA
BALL Lewis Samuel 0-0-1849 0-0-1903 ME "Father"
BALL Lucy 0-0-1889 0-0-1969 ME "Wife"
BALL Nancy J. 0-0-1849 0-0-1911 ME "Mother"
BALL Timothy Leroy 30-Jun-1927 4-Mar-1981 PA Double Stone: Audre Lucille BALL
BALL W. Ray 0-0-1886 0-0-1958 ME "Father"
BALL Willie Ricardo 3-Oct-1961 23-Oct-1961 MG
BALL Nancy June EL Buried 18 Mar 1985
BALL Viena Amelia 0-0-1890 0-0-1939 EL Buried 3 Dec 1939
BALL J. (James) Frank 0-0-1886 0-0-1956 EL Buried 15 Mar 1956
BALL Raymond O. 11-Feb-1919 27-Nov-1950 EL Memorial Only - "In loving memory of my husband, 1st Lt. U.S.M.C.,
Died for Corp & County - Korea - at rest (Unknown) Nat. Mem. Cemetery of the Pacific-Honolulu, Hawaii"
BALLARD Albert H. 0-0-1849 0-0-1902 EL
BALLARD Martha E. 29-Jan-1853 5-Feb-1926 EL
BALLMER Baby EL Owner of lot A.E. Swartzlander
BALLOU Frank 0-Apr-1905 0-Mar-1968 PA
BALTIZAR Edward Joseph 0-0-1918 0-0-1978 VO Vet - Pvt US Army WW II
BALTIZER Louis James 0-0-1915 0-0-1981 VO Vet - US Army WW II
BALTOSSER Mary 0-0-1842 0-0-1916 EL Buried 17 Aug 1916
BAMBINO Nancy M. 0-0-1937 0-0-1969 CA
BAN James OM
BANCROFT Children 0-0-1906 0-0-1977 PA
BANCROFT Edgar J 0-0-1897 0-0-1966 MG Double Stone: Gracia F BANCROFT
BANCROFT Fern 21-Jan-1900 OM Died age 3 yrs, 1 mo, 5 datys - Daughter of R.H. & Laura Bancroft
BANCROFT Gracia F 0-0-1889 0-0-1967 MG Double Stone: Edare J BANCROFT
BANCROFT Jennie Gibbs 0-0-1872 0-0-1952 PA
BANCROFT laura I 0-0-1868 0-0-1949 PA Double Stone: Roswell H BANCROFT
BANCROFT Ralph D. 17 Apr 1893 OM Died age 1 yr, 4 mo, 5 days - Son of R. H. & Laura Bancroft
BANCROFT Roswell H 0-0-1869 0-0-1941 PA Double Stone: Laura I BANCROFT
BANCROFT William T 0-0-1871 0-0-1928 PA
BANCROFT Evelyn 14 Mar 1892 17-Mar-1971 M "Eastern Star"
BANCROFT Rowland H. 20 Apr 1894 27-Mar-1957 M "Mason"
BANCROFT Nelson Elbert EL Buried 27 Oct 1974 - Cremation
BANDY Jas. E. 0-0-1881 0-0-1939 CA
BANISTER Adrian E. 18-Nov-1917 19-Dec-1974 OM
BANKART Fred D. 1-Aug-1906 9-Jan-1976 OM
BANKERT Lynn 19  Sep !958 27-Sep-1958 OM Same stone as Little Max Bankert
BANKERT Max 16-Apr-1933 30-Apr-1935 OM
BANKS David A 2-May-1917 7-Feb-1978 MG Vet
BANKS James W 0-0-1979 0-0-1979 PA
BANKS Lela 0-0-1903 18-Mar-1981 MG
BANKS Robert W. 0-0-1937 0-0-1952 OM
BANNER Ray Loy 0-0-1891 0-0-1962 OM
BANNISTER Earl K. 26 Oct 1884 16-Nov-1918 M
BANNISTER Laura P. 0-0-1858 0-0-1920 M
BANTON Betty Ann 4-Oct-1951 7-Sep-1957 DB
BARBEE Leonard F. 0-0-1898 0-0-1980 OM
BARBEE Vernice E. 0-0-1932 0-0-1934 OM
BARBER Charles Henry 18-May-1893 13-Apr-1977 ME Vet - Mess Sgt. U.S. Army, WW I
BARBER Emma L. 0-0-1869 0-0-1917 OM
BARBER Lawrence R. 0-0-1884 0-0-1946 OM
BARBER Madlin F. 0-0-1886 0-0-1918 OM
BARBER W. H. 0-0-1859 0-0-1906 OM
BARBER Nancy E 0-0-1841 0-0-1921 I Double Stone: William H Barber
BARBER William H 0-0-1841 0-0-1915 I Double Stone:Nancy E Barber
BARBER Cynthia Avis 0-0-1834 0-0-1918 M "Eastern Star"
BARBER Elizabeth D. 5 May 1868 4-Feb-1912 M
BARBER Fred Charles 0-0-1892 0-0-1954 EL Buried 27 Jun 1954: Double stone: Pearl Barber
BARBER Pearl Estella 0-0-1894 EL Buried 2 Jun 1980; Double Stone Fred Barber
BARBOUR Virginia A 20-May-1911 0-0-1970 MG Husband: Albert Barbour
BARCUS Baby (stillborn) EL Child of Lyle Barcus, same space with Helen M. Barcus
BARCUS Darrel M. 27-Oct-1939 18-Feb-1961 EL
BARCUS Francis Leoline 0-0-1888 0-0-1972 EL Buried 15 Jan 1972; Double Stone: Wesley Barcus
BARCUS Helen Myria EL Buried 1 Sep 1940 - Daughter of Wesley & Frances;
Double Stone - Ruth Barcus
BARCUS Ruth Evelyn 0-0-1917 0-0-1940 EL Buried 19 Jan 1940 - Daughter of Wesley & Frances
Double Stone Helen Barcus
BARCUS Wesley E. 0-0-1880 0-0-1967 EL Buried 31 Oct 1967; Double stone Francis Barcus
BARDELL Christine E 0-0-1864 0-0-1943 PA Double Stone: John B BARDELL
BARDELL Eva M 0-0-1901 0-0-1924 PA
BARDELL John B 0-0-1864 0-0-1925 PA Double Stone: Christine E BARDELL
BARDELL Sherman Walter 19-Dec-1895 24-Feb-1970 PA Vet - Colo Cpl US Marine Corp WWI
BARE Howard C. 0-0-1903 OM Same stone as Ruth I. & Marvin L. Bare
BARE Marvin L. 0-0-1929 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Howard C. & Ruth I. Bare
BARE Ruth I. 0-0-1904 OM Same stone as Howard C. & Marvin L. Bare
BARGER Alex VO Vet - Co C 1 Ohio M.A.
BARGER Frances V. 8-Dec-1908 VO Died: age 62
BARKER Addie E. 0-0-1861 0-0-1947 OM
BARKER Albert M. 8 Dec 1899 20-Dec-1967 OM Same stone as Vida M. Barker - Married 15 Dec 1935
BARKER Beulah May 0-0-1909 0-0-1945 PA Double Stone: Otis BARKER
BARKER Charles R. "Dick" 0-0-1906 0-0-1963 OM
BARKER Clint 20 Aug 1893 3-May-1953 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt 97 Tct. Co. Gen Svc. Inf. WW I
BARKER Coy B. 27-Jul-1929 20-May-1969 OM
BARKER Ina Isabell 0-0-1874 0-0-1937 CC Married 1902 at Colbran, CO. Same stone as James Franklin Barker
BARKER J. Frank 0-0-1866 0-0-1944 CL
BARKER James C. 0-0-1891 0-0-1969 OM Same stone as Nettie M. Barker - Married 6 Apr 1913
BARKER James Franklin 0-0-1866 0-0-1944 CC Same stome as Ina Isabell Barker. Married 1902 on Colbran, CO
BARKER Josiah M. 0-0-1862 0-0-1930 OM
BARKER Nettie M. 0-0-1892 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as James C. Barker - Married 6 Apr 1913
BARKER Otis 0-0-1901 0-0-1975 PA Double Stone: Bulah May BARKER
BARKER Robert Lee 11 May 1891 11-Jul-1970 VO Vet - Colo. F 3 US Navy WW I
BARKER Roger Alan 0-0-1944 0-0-1948 OM
BARKER Ruth F. 10-Jun-1911 10-Jan-1966 OM
BARKER Vida M. 31-Dec-1904 OM Same stone as Albert M. Barker - Married 15 Dec 1935
BARKER Ella M. (Mrs. W. G.) 10-Aug-1895 20-May-1980 EL Double Stone: No information
BARKER Lucille Gladys 0-0-1917 0-0-1941 EL Buried 11 Dec 1941
BARKER B. S. 0-0-1856 0-0-1913 EL "Father"
BARKER Sarah J. 0-0-1867 0-0-1947 EL Buried 16 Jun 1947 - "Mother"
BARKER W. R. (Walter) 0-0-1902 0-0-1916 EL Buried 9 Jul 1916 - "Son"
BARKER Walter Greylen 1-Jan-1892 6-May-1967 EL Double Stone: Ella M. Barker
BARKSDALE James A 23-Jul-1900 PA Double Stone: Mildred G BARKSDALE
BARKSDALE Mildred G 6-Sep-1899 11-Jun-1968 PA Double Stone: James A BARKSDALE
BARLEY John W 0-0-1908 24-Apr-1981 MG
BARLEY Vergle S 9-Nov-1906 9-Jul-1976 MG age - 69
BARLOW  L. Vaun 0-0-1905 0-0-1952 OM
BARLOW A. A. 0-0-1877 0-0-1950 OM
BARLOW Clarence L. 14-Jul-1930 10-Dec-1938 OM Son of Earl & Nellie Barlow
BARLOW Jesse   30-Dec-1889 7-Mar-1974 MG age - 85 Double Stone: Lerena s BARLOW
BARLOW Leota 0-0-1879 0-0-1945 OM
BARLOW Lerena S 0-0-1892 0-0-1959 MG Double Stone: Jesse BARLOW
BARNABY Laura 9 Dec 1862 22 Nov 1889 OM Consort of Ed F. Snook
BARNARD Alice J. 0-0-1869 0-0-1949 ME "Wife" Same stone as Lawrence S. Barnard
BARNARD Carl V. 19-Apr-1897 7-Sep-1963 ME "Husband"
BARNARD Docia D. 0-0-1837 0-0-1924 OM Same stone as Homer Barnard
BARNARD Ed CP Buried: 0-0-1939
BARNARD Edwim Wm. 0-0-1864 0-0-1936 CP Has 2 stones
BARNARD Homer 0-0-1834 0-0-1916 OM Same stone as Docia D. Barnard
BARNARD Laura Grace 0-0-1934 0-0-1934 ME Daughter of Neva L. & Carl Barnard
BARNARD Lawrence S. 0-0-1869 0-0-1944 ME "Husband" - Same stone as Alice J Barnard
BARNARD Mary C. 0-0-1873 0-0-1922 CP
BARNARD Nina A. 15-Jan-1901 18-Oct-1907 ME "Wife" - (note date error)
BARNES Alex B. Jr. 0-0-1908 0-0-1920 OM Same stone as Alex F., Robert R., Silas & Helen L. Barnes
BARNES Alex F. Sr. 0-0-1884 0-0-1944 OM Same stone as Robert R., Silas, Helen L. & Alex B. Barnes
BARNES Alice M. 15 Sep 1865 2-Jun-1957 OM
BARNES Andrew   0-0-1938 0-0-1916 PA Double Stone: Frances E BARNES
BARNES Annie L. 0-0-1884 0-0-1975 OM
BARNES Clara F 0-0-1888 0-0-1962 PA Double Stone: James V BARNES
BARNES Clarence E 0-0-1866 0-0-1949 PA
BARNES Dean O 23-Oct-1918 9-Feb-1983 MG
BARNES Donald Arron 20-Aug-1921 16-Mar-1962 ME Vet - Colo Master Sgt, WW II, Mason
BARNES Ernest E 14-Jan-1897 17-Jan-1973 MG age - 76; Vet
BARNES Ernest W. 9-Aug-1915 14-Mar-1975 OM Same stone as Gladys M. Barnes
BARNES Ethel E 24-Sep-1903 20-Dec-1976 MG age - 73
BARNES Flora Belle 0-0-1873 0-0-1954 OM Same stone as James E. Barnes - Married 17 Nov 1894
BARNES Frances E 0-0-1842 0-0-1914 PA Double Stone: Andrew BARNES
BARNES Frank 0-0-1874 0-0-1939 ME
BARNES Fred 6-Sep-1900 0-0-1971 MG Vet; Buried: 6-Mar-1971
BARNES George Earnest 1 Mar 1881 12-Jan-1943 OM
BARNES George W. 0-0-1909 0-0-1937 OM
BARNES Gladys M. 14-Aug-1907 OM Same stone as Ernest W. Barnes
BARNES Grace 0-0-1888 0-0-1969 OM Husband: Ralph Barnes
BARNES Hannah Marie 0-0-1870 0-0-1954 ME
BARNES Helen L. 0-0-1886 0-0-1962 OM Same stone as Alex F., Robert R., Silas & Alex B. Barnes
BARNES Ida M. 31-Jul-1927 25-Jun-1950 OM Same stone as LaVerne W. Barnes
BARNES James E. "Eddie" 17 May 1893 2-Jul-1930 OM
BARNES James V 0-0-1878 0-0-1935 PA Double Stone: Clara F BARNES
BARNES James W. 0-0-1873 0-0-1957 OM Same stone as Flora Belle Barnes - Married 17 Nov 1894
BARNES Janice E. Watson 0-0-1947 CL "Daughter"
BARNES Jess C. 0-0-1875 0-0-1937 ME
BARNES Kathrine 0-0-1897 OM Same stone as William H. Barnes
BARNES Larry D 0-0-1955 29-Jan-1980 MG
BARNES LaVerne W 10-Oct-1921 25-06-1950 OM double stone with Ida M BARNES
BARNES Margaret L. 0-0-1853 0-0-1890 ME "Mother"
BARNES Marvel S. 0-0-1897 0-0-1950 ME
BARNES Muriel A 0-0-1912 0-0-1916 OM
BARNES Myrtle 0-0-1889 0-0-1948 OM
BARNES Oliver Russell 0-0-1875 0-0-1928 OM
BARNES Richard F 0-0-1915 12-Oct-1980 MG
BARNES Robert H 0-0-1894 0-0-1964 MG Double Stone: Stella BARNES
BARNES Robert R 0-0-1920 0-0-1944 OM 5 names on stone: Alex F, Silas, Helen L., Alex B. BARNES
BARNES Ruth E 26-Jan-1896 4-Nov-1979 MG
BARNES Silas 0-0-1906 0-0-1928 OM 5 names on stone: Alex F, Robert, Helen L., Alex B. BARNES
BARNES Stella 0-0-1897 23-Jan-1980 MG Double Stone: Robert H BARNES
BARNES V. Adele 0-0-1924 0-0-1975 CL "Beloved Wife & Mother"
BARNES W. D. 0-0-1848 0-0-1904 ME Vet - Co. I B K Calvary - "Brother"
BARNES Washington 0-0-1847 0-0-1904 ME "Father"
BARNES William H 0-0-1891 0-0-1972 OM Double Stone: Katherine BARNES
BARNES William W 14-Apr-1888 25-Apr-1967 OM
BARNES Willis I. 0-0-1924 CL "Father"
BARNES Charlotte H. 0-0-1885 EL Double Stone: William A. Barnes
BARNES Chester F. EL Buried 8 Feb 1985
BARNES Dale Russell 20-Jul-1952 8-Apr-1983 EL
BARNES Harry C. EL Buried 11 Jul 1933
BARNES John Thomas 0-0-1912 0-0-1978 EL Buried 28 Mar 1978; Vet - US Army
BARNES Margaret EL Buried 22 Apr 1930
BARNES Margaret Elizabeth 0-0-1922 0-0-1978 EL Buried 1 Dec 1978; double Stone Raumon S Barnes Married 8 Oct 1942
BARNES Martin Leslie, Jr. EL Buried 19 Jun 1972
BARNES Raymond S. 0-0-1923 EL Double Stone: Margaret E. Barnes, Married 8 Oct 1942
BARNES William A. 0-0-1875 0-0-1965 EL Double Stone: Charlotte H. Barnes
BARNES William A., Jr. (Alexander) 0-0-1916 0-0-1984 EL Cremation - Metal marker, Starks Funeral Home
BARNETT Clarence W. 15-Sep-1914 7-Feb-1973 VO Vet - Colo. TEC 5 US Army WW II
BARNETT Edward 0-0-1885 0-0-1973 OM
BARNETT Grant Theodore 20-Aug-1923 22-Aug-1976 OM Vet- S.R. Pvt US Marine Corps WWII, Double Stone: Mary M BARNETT
BARNETT Leola L 0-0-1924 OM Double Stone: William M BARNETT
BARNETT Mary M 14-Feb-1926 OM Double Stone: Grant Theodore BARNETT
BARNETT William M 0-0-1919 0-0-1973 OM Double Stone: Leola L BARNETT
BARNEY Frank H 19-Jan-1866 15-Mar-1967 OM
BARNEY Francis Daniel 7-Feb-1840 6-Aug-1916 I Double Stone: Mary E Stewart Barney
BARNEY Mary E Stewart 6-Feb-1839 9-Jan-1911 I Double Stone:Francis Daniel Barney
BARNHISEL Hattie A 0-0-1885 0-0-1978 PA
BARNHISEL Jessie W 0-0-1881 0-0-1972 PA
BARNICLE James Lawrence 05-Jan-1896 21-Feb-1965 OM Vet- S.R. Texas Co B Pvt 329 Inf WWI
BARNICLE Mary Ellen 0-0-1861 0-0-1930 OM
BARNICLE William 22-Jul-1900 2-Feb-1963 OM
BARNS Joashe R. 10-Feb-1837 16-Mar-1926 ME Vet - Corp Co I 3 Ark Calv.
BARNS John L. 0-0-1873 0-0-1945 ME
BARNS Martha 29-Aug-1841 7-May-1907 ME "Mother" Wife of J. R. Barns
BARNWELL Anna E. 29-Nov-1853 17-Aug-1910 ME "Mother"
BARNWELL Ethel C. 2-Aug-1890 19-Oct-1907 ME
BARNWELL Myrtle M. 29-May-1882 11-Jul-1899 ME
BARON Stanley M 0-0-1911 0-0-1964 MG Buried: 2-Oct-1964
BARONE Charles, Sr. 0-0-1872 0-0-1957 CA Double stone: Rosie Sisco Barone - Married 18 Jan 1919
BARONE Rosie Sisco 0-0-1900 0-0-1936 CA Double stone: Chales Barone, Sr. - Married 18 Jan 1919
BARONE Thelma L 8-Nov-1922 16-Jul-1980 MG
BARR Dorothy 0-0-1900 0-0-1971 OM
BARR Mrs. Oliver DB
BARR Oliver P. 26-Sep-19?? DB Vet - Pvt. Co. 1st. Ill Inf, Mexican War
BARR Richard DB
BARR William DB
BARR Betty Joan EL Buried 12 Oct 1928 - 20 months old
BARR Blayne E. 9-Jun-1922 7-Nov-1961 EL Vet - Mil marker (low) Colo. Sgt 450 Sq. A. F. WWII  AM & 2 BIC
BARR Buelah Maxine EL Buried 28 Apr 1918 - 1 month old
BARR Forrest Leroy 0-0-1910 0-0-1944 EL Buried 22 Aug 1944
BARR Minerra L. (Minnie) 0-0-1881 0-0-1970 EL Buried 7 Jul 1970 - "Mother"
BARR Sanford J. (Samuel) 0-0-1893 0-0-1942 EL Buried 30 Sep 1942
BARRETT Marvin E 29-Dec-1982 MG
BARRICK Arthur E 0-0-1875 0-0-1948 PA Double Stone: Nellie M BARRICK
BARRICK Donald E 31-Apr-1908 18-Aug-1973 MG age - 65
BARRICK Leona E 31-Jul-1903 1-Apr-1979 MG
BARRICK Nellie M 0-0-1880 0-0-1955 PA Double Stone: Arthur E BARRICK
BARRIS Raymond Jr 0-0-1918 0-0-1922 OM
BARRIS Sadie L 0-0-1870 0-0-1940 OM Double Stone: William E BARRIS
BARRIS William E 0-0-1866 0-0-1954 OM Doulbe Stone: Sadie L BARRIS
BARRON Miguel 0-0-1902 0-0-1980 CA
BARROT Bernard A. 0-0-1896 0-0-1971 CA
BARROW Edward P.  0-0-1860 0-0-1942 CP Nellie & Edward on same stone
BARROW Nellie D. 0-0-1858 0-0-1941 CP Double Stone: Edward P BARROW
BARROW Sarah Alice 25-Jun-1889 15-Feb-1936 CP
BARRY Josie (Josephine) 0-Feb-1929 0-Jun-1970 EL Buried 30 Jun 1970 - Single stone, picture
BARSTOW Delcia I 5-Apr-1914 25-May-1963 PA
BARSTOW Lawrence A 0-0-1909 0-0-1975 I
BARTCHER Fanny Lois EL Buried 25 Apr 1974
BARTEAU Allie L 03-Feb-1889 20-Apr-1974 OM Double Stone: S. Marshall BARTEAU
BARTEAU S. Marshall 02-Feb-1890 22-Aug-1968 OM Double Stone: Allie L BARTEAU
BARTHOLOMEW Irvin Lloyd 2 Jan 1895 13-Jun-1965 VO Vet - Kansas Sgt QM Depot 2 WW I
BARTHOLOMEW Bert B. 0-0-1884 0-0-1953 M "Mason"
BARTHOLOMEW Mary Mae 0-0-1967 M
BARTLETT E J 0-0-1853 0-0-1905 PA
BARTLETT Augustus M Vet - Co. B 1st Colo. Cav.
BARTLETT Cyrus Earl 0-0-1882 0-0-1912 M
BARTLETT Eleanor E. 0-0-1906 0-0-1915 M
BARTLETT Elizabeth J. 0-0-1844 0-0-1916 M
BARTO Charles Elbert 0-0-1877 0-0-1954 MG Double Stone: Cora C BARTO
BARTO Cora C 0-0-1877 0-0-1964 MG Double Stone: Charles E BARTO
BARTON Agnes Cosgrove 0-0-1889 0-0-1964 CA
BARTON Agnes R. 0-0-1920 CA
BARTON Dolly 05-Dec-1891 05-May-1893 OM
BARTON Fred S 29-Aug-1890 7-Oct-1960 OM
BARTON George R 0-0-1855 0-0-1926 OM Double Stone: Josephine M BARTON
BARTON Ida M. 0-0-1917 0-0-1977 CA
BARTON Josephine M 0-0-1865 0-0-1949 OM Double Stone: George R BARTON
BARTON Mabel 22-Aug-1900 26-Mar-1905 OM
BARTON Oakland George 0-0-1887 0-0-1955 CA
BARTON Marion E 3-Jan-1887 3-Jun-1901 I
BARTON Elenor Lucy 0-0-1918 0-0-1926 EL Buried 10 Sep 1926
BARTON Etta M. 0-0-1876 0-0-1911 EL Buried 12 May 1911
BARTON Francis Margaret 25-May-1912 7-Jun-1917 EL 3 names on stone: Elenor Lucy & John Webster Barton
BARTON John Webster 0-0-1909 0-0-1926 EL Buried 10 Sep 1926
BARTOS James Edward 12-May-1916 4-Mar-1972 VO Vet - Minnesota M/Sgt H & S Co. 355, Inf. WW II
BARZELAY Julia Laurent 0-0-1918 0-0-1966 OM Nicholas "Nicky" BARZELAY son
BASCOM Alice L. (Lorine) 0-0-1913 0-0-1972 EL Buried 5 Aug 1972
BASCOM Bernard K. 0-0-1909 EL Double Stone: Alice L. Bascom
BASCOM Ida M. 0-0-1905 EL Buried 2 Jun 1905 - 15 yrs 6 mos 9 dys
BASCOM Thomas Bernard 13-Nov-1941 14-Jul-1970 EL
BASHAM Florine 4-Mar-1915 21-May-1969 CA Double stone: George Basham
BASHAM George 16-Jul-1902 1-Jun-1974 CA Double stone: Florine Basham
BASQUETTE Nora Edith 0-0-1887 0-0-1962 OM
BASQUEZ Maria Elena 0-0-1886 0-0-1950 CA
BASS Jacob E 5-Mar-1887 0-0-1967 MG Husband of: Sarah E BASS
BASS Sarah E 17-Jun-1889 0-0-1972 MG Buried: 15-jan-1972; Wife of: Jacob E BASS
BASSY Gertrude 3 Feb 1891 28 Feb 1893 OC
BATCHELOR Albert A 12-Feb-1897 27-Nov-1971 PA
BATCHELOR Ralph E. 0-0-1916 0-0-1977 VO Vet - US Army WW II
BATES Dorothy J 0-0-1942 0-0-1975 OM
BATES Frank L 0-0-1887 0-0-1953 OM
BATES Lenora C 20-Feb-1884 21-Aug-1963 PA Double Stone: Young D BATES
BATES Leslie E 0-0-1980 MG Buried: 27-May-198
BATES Pearl E 0-0-1895 0-0-1972 OM
BATES Virgil Thomas 0-0-1924 0-0-1975 OM
BATES Wendy Ann 15-Aug-1968 OM Baby
BATES Young D 8-Nov-1881 21-Jun-1963 PA Double Stone: Lenora C BATES
BATHRICK Hazel M 0-0-1903 0-0-1961 MG Buried: 22-Mar-1961
BATHRICK Leland 19-Dec-1900 6-Dec-1976 MG age - 75
BATHURST Phyllis 17-Dec-1945 4-Mar-1983 MG
BATHURST Vonna M 0-0-1941 0-0-1957 MG Buried: 1-Oct-1957
BATHURST Anthony R. 25-Oct-1892 9-Sep-1943 EL Vet - Cpl 39 Inf 4 Div. Military Stone
BATHURST Clarence Antipass 28-Jan-1891 11-Sep-1977 EL Double Stone: Sarah Leona Bathurst
BATHURST Jesse E. 15-Mar-1863 29-Jan-1945 EL "Father - Praise the Lord"
BATHURST Jesse Newton 5-Apr-1920 11-May-1971 EL Vet - Colo S.Sgt U. S. Army, Army WW2, military stone
BATHURST Sarah Leona 7-Aug-1894 12-Oct-1976 EL Double Stone: Clarence Bathurst
BATTEN Albert Henry 0-0-1882 0-0-1960 OM 3 names on stone: Billie C BATTEN & Harry G COATES
BATTEN Billie C 0-0-1879 0-0-1964 OM 3 names on stone: Harry G COATES & Albert Henry BATTEN
BATY Albert 29 Jan 1888 15-Oct-1951 CA Vet - Colo. SFC AMP UTIL DET OMC WW I
BAUER George L. 0-0-1925 0-0-1974 VO
BAUER Harold George 22-Nov-1924 26-Nov-1971 OM
BAUER Hazel M 19-Jun-1919 8-Feb-1980 MG Vet
BAUER John George 28-Nov-1885 5-Feb-1950 OM Double Stone: Katherine Elizabeth BAUER,
Children: Alexander, Pauline, Anna Louise, Olinda, Paul T., Harold G BAUER
BAUER Katherine Elizabeth 4-Jun-1889 24-Nov-1975 OM Double Stone: John George BAUER,
Children: Alexander, Pauline, Anna Louise, Olinda, Paul T., Harold G BAUER
BAUGH Earl 14-Mar-1902 PA Double Stone: Lucille BAUGH
BAUGH Jo Ann 5-May-1938 4-Apr-1979 PA
BAUGH Lucille 12-Apr-1910 27-Sep-1978 PA Double Stone: Earl BAUGH
BAUGHMAN Harry H. 24 Aug 1898 8-Oct-1961 VO
BAUGHMAN John F 0-0-1855 0-0-1937 OM Double Stone: Mary E BAUGHMAN
BAUGHMAN Mary E 0-0-1859 0-0-1940 OM Double Stone: John F BAUGHMAN
BAUGHMAN Eula 0-0-1893 0-0-1976 M Double stone: Irvin Baughman
BAUGHMAN Babies EL Buried 3 Oct 1935
BAUGNEY Solomon J. 0-0-1854 0-0-1942 EL Buried 8 May 1942 - Hinsey Service Metal Marker
BAUMAN Dorothy V 0-0-1912 25-Jan-1932 OM 4 name on stone: John C, Leona A [L?], James A BAUMAN
BAUMAN Hulda 0-0-1893 0-0-1971 OM Double Stone: Walter J BAUMAN
BAUMAN James A 0-0-1943 OM 4 name on stone: John C, Leona L, Dorothy V. BAUMAN
BAUMAN John C 0-0-1903 0-0-1974 OM Married 25-Jan-1932, 4 names on stone: Leona L, James A, Dorothy V. BAUMAN
BAUMAN John Richard 24-Nov-1969 27-Aug-1971 OM
BAUMAN Leona L 0-0-1933 0-0-1936 OM 4 names on stone: John C., James A., Dorothy V. BAUMAN
BAUMAN Walter J 0-0-1891 0-0-1957 OM Double Stone: Hulda BAUMAN
BAUMANN (SP) William Frank 15-Jun-1917 EL Death date possibly 15-Jun-1947
BAUMBACH Altha M 0-0-1901 2-Aug-1983 MG
BAUMGARDNER Irene T Pritchard Gladden 30-May-1899 18-Mar-1979 I Married: 18-Aug-1919
BAXTER Charlotte A 29-Apr-1933 13-Dec-1973 MG age - 40
BAXTER Frank D 0-0-1887 0-0-1960 MG Double Stone: Elsie M BAXTER
BAXTER Joseph 30-Sep-1904 EC Died age 63 yrs, 6 mos, 10 days
BAXTER Susie 8-Apr-1896 12-Aug-1978 MG
BAXTER Thomas Lee 26-Feb-1889 0-0-1973 MG Vet
BAXTER Thomas Lee, Jr 29-Oct-1929 7-Jul-1978 MG
BAXTER Tom, Jr 7-Jul-1978 MG
BAY Raymond V 0-0-1907 0-0-1967 OM
BAYES Alvina M. 23-Jan-1909 6-May-1976 CA
BAYES Delphia 0-0-1903 0-0-1949 I
BAYES Glenn Floyd 0-0-1900 0-0-1979 I
BAYLIES Lawson W 0-0-1848 0-0-1944 PA
BAYLIS Alice Ann 0-0-1850 0-0-1917 OM Double Stone: Richard H BAYLIS
BAYLIS Charlotte A 0-0-1885 0-0-1956 OM Double Stone: William G BAYLIS
BAYLIS Richard H 0-0-1845 0-0-1908 OM Double Stone: Alice Ann BAYLIS
BAYLIS William G 0-0-1880 0-0-1969 OM Double Stone: Charlotte A BAYLIS
BAYS Earl Rollin 12 Nov  1891 29-Jan-1953 VO Vet - Missouri HA 1 USNRE WW I
BAYSINGER Charles E 25-Jul-1882 0-0-1970 MG Buried: 12-Sep-1970
BAYSINGER Dorothy 26-Oct-1925 0-0-1973 MG Buried: 15-Mar-1973; Wife of: Jack L BAYSINGER
BAYSINGER Larry Dean 8-Dec-1946 8-Sep-1947 OM
BAYSINGER Retta Mae 9-Nov-1890 0-0-1970 MG Buried: 16-Feb-1970; Mother of: Dean WYCHOFF
BEA Beryl 0-0-1896 0-0-1918 OM
BEACH Catherine W 0-0-1848 0-0-1912 OM Double Stone: H.H. BEACH
BEACH Charles OM
BEACH Henry H. 0-0-1843 0-0-1914 OM Vet- SR Co D 133 Ill Inf. Double Stone: Catherine W BEACH
BEACH Stephen I 9-Jan-1902 14-Feb-1975 MG age - 73
BEAGLEY Arthur E. 6 Jun 1887 17-Sep-1955 VO Vet - Oklahoma Pvt Co. E 110 Infantry PH 28th Div. WW I
BEAGLEY Franklin J 16-Nov-1940 0-May-1978 MG Buried: 14-May-1978;Vet
BEAGLEY George Franklin 29-Mar-1889 20-Jun-1976 MG Father of: Viola FLEMING
BEAGLEY Virginia V. 10-Feb-1905 11-May-1961 VO "Mother - Grandmother"
BEAHM Flora M 0-0-1898 0-0-1967 MG Buried: 18-Apr-1967; Double Stone: Roy O BEAHM
BEAIRD Harry O 0-0-1892 0-0-1971 PA Double Stone: Mary M BEAIRD
BEAIRD Hugh A 0-0-1883 0-0-1964 OM Double Stone: Sarah M Beaird
BEAIRD Mary M 0-0-1895 0-0-1981 PA Double Stone: Harry O BEAIRD
BEAIRD Millard B 7-Sep-1921 3-Mar-1945 OM Died: Winnfield, La. Vet- S.R. serial N 37355598
BEAIRD Sarah M 0-0-1883 OM Double Stone: Hugh A BEAIRD
BEAL Alma Mae 29-Mar-1880 24-Oct-1951 PA Double Stone: Perry M BEAL
BEAL Lola 0-0-1896 0-0-1967 OM
BEAL Perry M 8-Feb-1879 13-Apr-1942 PA Double Stone: Alma Mae BEAL
BEALS Aleta J. 9-Mar-1908 CL "Wife of Wilfred F. Beals - Rebekah" Married 23 Aug 1925
BEALS Wilfred F. 2-Apr-1903 28-Dec-1970 CL "Husband of Aleta J. Beals - IOOF - 3 links
BEAMAN Clinton G. EL 2-yrs 3-mos
BEAMAN Emery E. 0-0-1879 0-0-1905 EL
BEAMAN John T. EL Ledger says burial name unknown - no dates
BEAMAN William Gasbell 0-0-1847 0-0-1911 EL Buried 24 Mar 1911
BEAN Alice Williams 0-0-1863 0-0-1928 OM 3 names on stone: John D., Baby Girl REDFORD
BEAN Charles Davis 24-Apr-1892 29-Dec-1973 OM Vet- S.R. Colo Pvt US Army WWI
BEAN Howard 0-0-1894 0-0-1918 OM Double Stone: Roseanna Laurent BEAN
BEAN John D 0-0-1860 0-0-1942 OM 3 names on stone: Alice Williams, & Baby Girl REDFORD
BEAN Lucile E 0-0-1904 0-0-1964 OM Double Stone: Ray B BEAN
BEAN Ray B 0-0-1902 OM Double Stone: Lucile E BEAN
BEAN Roseanna Laurent 0-0-1897 0-0-1919 OM Double Stone: Howard BEAN
BEAN Zella May 02-Apr-1895 5-Oct-1973 OM
BEAR Addie 0-0-1896 0-0-1950 M
BEAR Clarence J. 0-0-1892 0-0-1950 M
BEARCE David R 28-May-1890 24-Feb-1951 OM
BEARCE Fannie M 23-Jun-1890 29-Nov-1970 OM
BEARCE James C 0-0-1898 0-0-1949 OM
BEARCE Rosalia Weimer 8-Nov-1910 13-Feb-1938 CA
BEARD Carolyn F 0-0-1918 1-Oct-1981 MG
BEARD Charles Francis 14-Apr-1894 5-Aug-1974 MG Husband of: Mrs C. F. Beard
BEARD Christine Ann 0-0-1966 0-0-1966 MG Bureid: 21-Feb-1966; stillborn
BEARD Constance A 0-0-1894 0-0-1959 MG Buried: 10-Aug-1958; Double Stone: Charles F BEARD
BEARD 0-0-1959 0-0-1961 OM
BEARD Bessie M. 16 Jul 1895 M Married 23 Oct 1951 -  "Eastern Star"
BEARD Larenzo S. 6 Feb 1892 30-Jun-1973 M Married 23 Oct 1951 - "Mason"
BEARD Anna Maud 30-Apr-1876 18-Feb-1901 EL Wife of John G. Beard
BEARD Dorothy R. 0-0-1911 8-Jul-1934 EL Double Stone: Irving C. Beard
BEARD Grace Curtis (Emily) 0-0-1872 0-0-1959 EL Buried 9 Jan 1959 - "Mother"
BEARD Infant EL Buried 18-Feb-1901
BEARD Irving Curtis 0-0-1908 0-0-1975 EL Buried 28 Oct 1975
BEARD James M. G.  27-May-1844 EL Double Stone: Mary I. Beard - "Here Rest a Woodman of the World"
BEARD John Gilmore 0-0-1877 0-0-1951 EL Buried 6 Apr 1951 - "Father", married 8 Dec 1906
BEARD Lanny Jay 3-Nov-1939 24-Jun-1941 EL (Lance Jay)
BEARD Mary I. 29-Jul-1848 18-Feb-1929 EL s/w James M. G. Beard
BEARD Melvin 26-Apr-1965 27-Apr-1965 EL twin son of Chas & Shirley Beard
BEARDSLEY Arthur 0-0-1895 0-0-1938 OM
BEARDSLEY Joan Arcieri 23-May-1936 8-Feb-1981 CA Married Henry Beardsley on 26 Oct 1963 in Grand Junction, CO
BEASLIN John D. 0-0-1862 0-0-1931 CA Double stone: Mary F. Beaslin
BEASLIN Mary F. 0-0-1863 0-0-1939 CA Double stone: John D. Beaslin
BEASLIN William 0-0-1896 0-0-1937 CA Same stone as William R. "Bud" & Ruby Ida Beaslin
BEASLIN William R. "Bud" 0-0-1930 0-0-1976 CA Same stone as William & Ruby Ida Beaslin
BEATTY Donald Cornelius 0-0-1910 0-0-1981 VO Vet - US Army WW II - Callahan-Edfast Mortuary
BEAUREGARD Jennie C 14-Aug-1912 0-0-1974 MG Buried: 30-sep-1974
BEAUVAIS Frank E. 8-May-1918 23-Oct-1951 VO Vet - Colo. TEC 4 45 General Hosp. WW II
BEAVER Ben J 0-0-1879 0-0-1958 OM
BEAVER Benjamine Liston 22-Jan-1930 15-Sep-1930 CA
BEAVERS Effie Mabel 0-0-1885 0-0-1916 EL bur 22-Jun-1916
BEAVERS John L. 0-0-1878 0-0-1941 EL bur 6-May-1941
BEBBER Angelina 0-0-1884 0-0-1941 PA
BEBBER Eleridge 0-0-1891 0-0-1925 PA
BEBBER Felice 0-0-1886 0-0-1924 PA
BECHTHOLD Cora A 0-0-1878 0-0-1933 OM Double Stone: Louis J BECHTHOLD
BECHTHOLD Henry L 0-Aug-1903 0-Nov-1933 OM Double Stone: Irene P BECHTHOLD, Wayne H & Joyce C BECHTHOLD
BECHTHOLD Irene P 0-Nov-1910 0-Dec-1971 OM Married: 0-Nov-1933. Double Stone: Henry L BECHTHOLD,
Wayne H & Joyce C BECHTHOLD
BECHTHOLD Louis J 0-0-1872 0-0-1939 OM Double Stone: Cora A BECHTHOLD
BECK Blanche M. 0-0-1901 0-0-1967 OM Same stone as Charles W. Beck - Married 24 Nov 1923
BECK Charles W. 0-0-1900 0-0-1969 OM Same stone as Blanche M. Beck - Married 24 Nov 1923
BECK Emory Gene 0-0-1957 MG Buried: 24-Apr-1957
BECK Gertrude 0-0-1880 0-0-1944 OM Same stone as John P. Beck
BECK John P. 0-0-1872 0-0-1946 OM Same stone as Gertrude Beck
BECK Marguerite Moore 31-Oct-1914 26-Jul-1958 OM Same stone as Richard Holton Beck - Married 15 Sep 1935
BECK Richard Holton  26-Sep-1913 17-Apr-1979 OM Same stone as Marguerite Moore Beck
BECK Evalyn J. 0-0-1903 0-0-1953 M
BECK Lloyd T. 0-0-1904 0-0-1942 M
BECK Shawn Ray 29-Mar-1981 EL "God Bless Our Baby Boy, His Life Was Brief,
His Message of Love Strong, A Gift to Heaven"
BECK John Charles 0-0-1982 9-Jul-1982 EL McLeans Marker, stillborn
BECKER Agnes 0-0-1872 0-0-1908 OM
BECKER Elisabeth 0-0-1874 0-0-1924 OM
BECKER Fritz 22-Aug-1906 OM Same stone as Lucille Becker - Married 30 Jun 1928
BECKER Lucille 27-Mar-1911 23-Jun-1973 OM Same stone as Fritz Becker - Married 30 Jun 1928
BECKER Peter 0-0-1866 0-0-1947 OM
BECKER Joyce 0-0-1925 0-0-1965 EL  (Dorthy Joyce Cooper Becker)
BECKER Fritz Mark EL Bur. 29-Apr-1965
BECKER Fritz Mark 0-0-1969 0-0-1969 EL metal marker
BECKER Moira Joyce 0-0-1961 0-0-1965 EL metal marker, bur 29-Apr-1965
BECKETT Celestine Decray 0-0-1884 0-0-1959 CP Willium Tucker buried with her
BECKETT Minnie 0-0-1876 0-0-1933 OM
BECKETT Willum Tucker 17-Jul-1936 18-Jul-1936 CP
BECKLEY Baby daughter 13-Aug-1963 CA Parents: Joe & Earlene Beckley
BECKLEY George Dewey 24 May 1893 29-Jun-1963 VO Vet - Miss BTC US Navy WW II
BECKLEY James E. 4 Feb 1871 29-Jan-1941 CA Double stone: Maggie M. Beckley
BECKLEY Maggie M. 12 Oct 1877 22-Jan-1940 CA Double stone: James E. Beckley
BECKLEY Rosalie 0-0-1897 0-0-1934 CA Double stone: Walter C. "Cy" Beckley
BECKLEY Verna 15-Mar-1908 16-May-1979 MG
BECKLEY Walter C. "Cy" 0-0-1897 0-0-1967 CA Double stone: Rosalie Beckley
BECKMAN Charles W. 0-0-1871 0-0-1949 OM
BECKWITH Edward D 0-0-1902 0-0-1967 PA Double Stone: Hollis V BECKWITH
BECKWITH Hollis V 0-0-1902 PA Double Stone: Edward D BECKWITH
BECRAFT Karl Kenneth PA Age - 11 Mos 14 dys
BECRAFT Vernon 7-May-1902 PA
BEDARD Arlene OM Same stone as Emil Bedard
BEDARD Emil 0-0-1903 0-0-1973 OM Same stone as Arlene Bedard
BEDON Alice Keller 0-0-1955 EL McLean metal marker, bur 14-Sep-1955
BEEBE Albert 2 Apr 1857 4-Feb-1921 OM
BEEBE Albert F. 2-Apr-1904 23-Apr-1913 OM Same stone as Mary E. Beebe
BEEBE Mary E. 11-Aug-1909 14-Apr-1913 OM Same stone as Albert F. Beebe
BEEBE Walter 28 Feb 1893 26-Apr-1951 VO Vet - Wyoming Pvt 324 Aux. RMT. Dep. QMC WW I
BEEBE George D. 0-0-1883 0-0-1955 EL s/w Mary E. Beebe, bur 12-Apr-1955
BEEBE Mary Estella 0-0-1882 0-0-1950 EL s/w George D. Beebe, bur 22-Jul-1950
BEEBE Richard David 0-0-1921 0-0-1964 EL Mason, bur 13-Jun-1964
BEEDE Maruerite E. 0-0-1904 0-0-0 EL
BEEDE Thomas Wayne 0-0-1903 0-0-1949 EL bur 25-Mar-1949
BEEMAN Vivian B 18-Feb-1916 17-Dec-1983 MG
BEEMER Barton O'Dell 0-0-1901 0-0-1966 OM Same stone as Don Agustus Beemer & Iva May Beemer
BEEMER Don Agustus 0-0-1905 0-0-1905 OM Same stone as Barton O'Dell Beemer & Iva May Beemer
BEEMER Emma 0-0-1860 0-0-1945 OM
BEEMER Iva May 0-0-1884 0-0-1905 OM Same stone as Barton O'Dell Beemer & Don Agustus Beemer
BEERS Lida Louella 0-0-1956 MG Buried: 2-Jun-1956
BEERY Jim 0-0-1871 0-0-1918 OM
BEESON Harley W. 0-0-1911 0-0-1933 EL Bur 14-Dec-1933
BEESON Mable 0-0-1876 0-0-1955 EL Bur 31-Mar-1955
BEESON William W. 0-0-1867 0-0-1930 EL Bur 7-Jul-1930
BEHNKE Herman 0-0-1849 0-0-1927 EL Bur 5-Sep-1927
BEIDLER Florence Elsie OM
BEIGHTEL Kenneth E 9-Oct-1940 5-Apr-1983 MG
BEKOFF Doris C 0-0-1910 PA Double Stone: Samual W BEKOFF
BEKOFF Samual W 0-0-1893 0-0-1975 PA Double Stone: Doris C BEKOFF
BELCHER George 0-May-1910 0-Oct-1910 CP Infant
BELDIN John B. 0-0-1866 0-0-1949 EL Bur 25-Jul-1949, Starks Marker
BELDON Bruce Alexander 3-Jul-1871 17-May-1960 EL M. 23-Jul-1899, Married 60 golden years, name on s/w Sarah Catharine Beldon
BELDON Paul G. 0-0-1902 0-0-1915 EL Bur 10-Nov-1915
BELDON Sarah Catharine 19-Sep-1872 11-Jun-1966 EL M. 23-Jul-1899, Married 60 golden years, name s/w Bruce Alexander Beldon
BELL Edward M. OM Same stone as Milburn J. Bell
BELL Fred G. 0-0-1905 0-0-1971 OM
BELL George Edward 0-0-1899 0-0-1964 OM
BELL Gilbert Mason 0-0-1848 0-0-1932 GP
BELL John Edgar 0-0-1869 0-0-1922 PA
BELL Lucy Edna 0-0-1910 0-0-1947 OM
BELL Maria 0-0-1828 0-0-1902 OM
BELL Milburn J. 0-0-1841 0-0-1900 OM Same stone as Edward M. Bell
BELL Mrs & baby GC Buried on the Big Creek Ranch west of The Carson's Hole picnic area
BELL Ollie Earl 0-0-1870 0-0-1948 OM
BELL Rose 0-0-1909 0-0-1979 OM
BELL Roy J. 31-Aug-1913 27-Dec-1946 OM
BELL Sandra 23-May-1944 OM Daughter of Leroy & Isabelle Bell
BELL Thomas D. 0-0-1884 0-0-1945 OM
BELL Winnie Myrtle 0-0-1882 0-0-1974 OM
BELL Sarah F. EL Bur 18-Mar-1929
BELT Bobette Inez 0-0-1968 0-0-1968 EL Bur 17-Nov-1968, metal marker set in cement, Martins Mortuary
BELT Gordon EL Bur 20-Nov-1929
BELT Robert Aulden 0-0-1921 0-0-1975 EL Bur 21-Nov-1975, metal marker
BELTZ John Henry 12 Feb 1892 20-Oct-1945 M "Mason"
BELYEU Bradley Gene 4-Nov-1973 OM
BEMIS Earl Alden 31-Jan-1902 28-Dec-1974 MG age - 72
BEMIS Frank A. 9-Apr-1915 18-Apr-1962 OM
BENCHINA Michael 0-0-1905 0-0-1934 CA
BENDA Frank B 0-0-1845 0-0-1934 I 4 names on stone: Mary B, Louis J, & Lillian A Benda
BENDA Lillian A 0-0-1884 0-0-1971 I 4 names on stone: Mary B, Frank B, Louis J Benda
BENDA Louis J 0-0-1873 0-0-1935 I 4 names on stone: Mary B, Frank B & Lillian A Benda
BENDA Mary B 0-0-1851 0-0-1933 I 4 names on stone: Frank B, Louis J, Lillian A Benda
BENDEFIELD James Prentis 2-Feb-1926 0-0-1969 MG Buried: 15-jan-1969; Vet
BENDER Edward 1-Mar-1977 MG age - 71
BENDER Fred E. 0-0-1885 0-0-1977 OM Same stone as Martha L. Bender - Married 12 Nov 1906
BENDER James Warren 27-May-1939 OM
BENDER Martha L. 0-0-1882 0-0-1967 OM Same stone as Fred E. Bender - Married 12 Nov 1906
BENDER Ronald E 12-Mar-1935 0-0-1968 MG Buried: 29-Apr-1968
BENDER Vivian G 0-0-1906 0-0-1954 MG Buried: 12-Nov-1954; Double Stone: Edward A BENDER
BENDER Carl EL Bur 20-Apr-1984
BENEDICT Jennie 0-0-1884 0-0-1922 PA
BENGE Bertram M. 13 May 1873 13-Jul-1970 M Married 5 Sep 1901 to Elsie L. Benge "Lions & Masons"
BENGE Elsie L. 21 Aug 1875 27-Jan-1959 M Married 5 Sep 1901 to Bertram M. Benge - "Eastern Star"
BENGSTON Sara Kathleen 0-Oct-1970 0-0-1970 MG Buried: 23-Dec-1970
BENINTENDI 2-Aug-1964 22-Jun-1980 OM Vet - A 3C, U.S. Air Force - Korea
BENJAMIN Agustus J 9-Jan-1929 4-May-1951 M Vet - Enlisted Army Air Force 24-Jan-1946, discharged as Sgt 22-Jan-1950. 
Enlisted Navy Air Force 12-Dec-1950
BENJAMIN Gertrude F 3-Nov-1890 22-Feb-1966 M Eastern Star
BENJAMIN Gus Z 19-Aug-1891 22-Mar-1970 M Mason
BENNETT Charles 7-Sep-1912 15-Jan-1977 MG Vet
BENNETT Clara 25-Oct-1902 OM Same stone as Peter F. Bennett
BENNETT Earl E. 10-Jul-1915 11-Sep-1962 VO Vet - Colo. M/Sgt HQ Co. 413 Infantry WW II
BENNETT Edward G 0-0-1871 0-0-1947 PA Vet - Pfc Btry F 13 F L O Arty WWI PH
BENNETT Florence M. 0-0-1897 0-0-1962 OM Same stone as Orey Bennett - Married 16 Jun 1912
BENNETT Fred 13-Dec-1894 3-Jul-1955 PA
BENNETT Harry C 0-0-1906 0-0-1944 PA
BENNETT Harry C. 0-0-1889 0-0-1958 OM Vet - 210th Engrs 10th Div. WW I
BENNETT Helen S 0-0-1909 0-0-1960 MG Buried: 20-Apr-1960
BENNETT Ira 0-0-1900 0-0-1963 OM
BENNETT James A. 0-0-1883 0-0-1958 OM
BENNETT James N. 11-Sep-1908 17-Feb-1958 CA Vet - Colo Cpl CAC WW II
BENNETT John Francis 19-Jun-1925 19-Jun-1973 OM Vet - Colo R M 3, U.S. Navy - LST 557, WW II
BENNETT Marilyn Joy 22-Apr-1937 OM Same stone as Norma Jean Bennett
BENNETT Matilda L 0-0-1877 0-0-1953 PA
BENNETT Merle C 0-0-1920 0-0-1936 PA
BENNETT Mollie E 0-0-1887 0-0-1974 PA
BENNETT Norma Jean 13-Oct-1933 7-Jul-1935 OM Same stone as Marilyn Joy Bennett
BENNETT Orey 0-0-1887 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Florence M. Bennett - Married 16 Jun 1912
BENNETT Peter F. 8-Feb-1900 6-Jun-1975 OM Same stone as Clara Bennett
BENNETT Thomas Leslie 0-0-1963 0-0-1963 OM
BENNETT W O "Bill" 0-0-1883 0-0-1963 PA
BENNETT Zora Lowe 28 Oct 1888 28-Oct-1970 OM
BENNETT Delmar D 24-Oct-1912 I 3 names on stone: Michael E & Hazel D Bennett
BENNETT Hazel E 15-Jul-1915 I 3 names on stone: Michael E & Delmar D Bennett
BENNETT Michael E 20-Feb-1945 22-Feb-1976 I 3 names on stone: Hazel E & Delmar D Bennett
BENNETT Mary Lo 0-0-1905 0-0-1948 M Worthy Matron, Palisade Capter OES, 1934
BENNETT Edna Myrul 0-0-1917 0-0-1944 EL Bur 15-May-1944, single stone
BENNETT Louise EL Bur 0-0-1903
BENNINGER Charles E. 0-0-1916 0-0-1975 OM Same stone as Fern E. Benninger
BENNINGER Fern E. 0-0-1920 0-0-1964 OM Same stone as Charles E. Benninger
BENNUM Rose May 0-0-1867 0-0-1953 OM
BENSLEY Clarence B 22-May-1887 3-Spe-1975 MG Buried: 3-Sep-1975; Age - 88
BENSLEY Florence M 9-Jun-1890 0-0-1968 MG Buried: 27-Dec-1965
BENSON Alfred Ernest 1 Apr 1895 1-Jan-1963 OM Vet - Colo Pfc HQ Det 5 Eng. WW I - Same stone as Crystal Wenona Benson
BENSON Anna 0-0-1865 0-0-1939 PA
BENSON Bill   18 Sep 1893 4-Jun-1970 OM
BENSON Crystal Wenona 16-Mar-1901 12-Sep-1969 OM Same stone as Alfred Ernest Benson
BENSON Ercel M 11-Dec-1894 0-0-1971 MG Buried: 7-Dec-1971; Wife of: John BENSON
BENSON Ethel F. 7 Jul 1885 8-Jan-1971 OM Same stone as Oscar E. Benson
BENSON Ethel S. 0-0-1885 0-0-1973 OM
BENSON Henry 4 Feb 1893 3-Jan-1953 OM Vet - Colo Pfc HQ Co. 348 Field Arty - WW I
BENSON Hugh W 0-0-1902 0-0-1964 MG Buried: 20-Sep-1964
BENSON Irvin Ruggles 7-Dec-1909 16-Dec-1954 MG
BENSON Isabella 0-0-1857 0-0-1952 OM Same stone as Joseph Benson
BENSON Jack, Jr. 9-Mar-1959 OM Son of Jack & Naydean Benson
BENSON John Bent Henry "Jack" 15-Sep-1911 19-Aug-1971 OM
BENSON John I 21-Dec-1892 1-Feb-1973 MG age - 80
BENSON John L. 0-0-1878 0-0-1951 OM
BENSON Joseph T 0-0-1851 0-0-1928 OM Same stone as Isabella Benson
BENSON Joseph T 23 Aug 1889 27-Sep-1957 OM Vet - WW I
BENSON Karl Hjalmar 0-0-1884 0-0-1953 OM
BENSON Orvil 11-Feb-1889 23-Jan-1959 MG Vet
BENSON Oscar E. 8 Aug 1876 7-Oct-1938 OM Same stone as Ethel F. Benson
BENSON Walter 6-Sep-1919 0-0-1972 MG
BENSON Betty M. 17-Nov-1925 EL Married 19-Jan-1949, name on s/w James A. "Jim" Benson
BENSON James Arthur "Jim" 18-Dec-1926 27-Aug-1982 EL Married 19-Jan-1949, name on s/w Betty M. Benson
BENSON William W. 0-0-1865 0-0-1948 EL Bur 13-Oct-1948
BENT Nellie E 8-Mar-1879 25-Nov-1962 PA
BENTLEY Ann H. 12-May-1908 5-May-1964 OM Same stone as Clifford C. Bentley
BENTLEY Clifford C. 3 Aug 1892 OM Same stone as Ann H. Bentley
BENTON Richard J. 20 Jan 1899 18-Apr-1974 CA  Vet - Ohio SI U.S. Navy WW I
BEOUGER Lhesa Yvonne 0-0-1967 0-0-1967 PA
BEOUGHER Bessie E 0-0-1897 0-0-1981 MG
BEOUGHER Russell B 4-Aug-1891 0-0-1968 MG
BERA Julian 0-0-1936 OM
BERENS Clementina "Teney" 1-Nov-1919 CA Double stone: William J. Berens - Married 2 Feb 1937
BERENS William J. "Bill" 12-Apr-1916 1-Feb-1980 CA Double stone: Clementina Berens - Married 2 Feb 1937
BERETS 0-0-1978 MG
BERG Herbert Almer 17-Oct-1894 26-Jun-1967 EL Married 15-Sep-1925, double stone: Mary L. Berg
BERG John Oscar EL Bur 16-Nov-1947
BERG Josephine Agnes 16-Jan-1923 30-Oct-1982 EL single stone
BERG Lelia E. 0-0-0 0-0-1927 EL Bur 28-Jul-1927
BERG Mary Louise 31-Mar-1900 17-Aug-1982 EL Married 15-Sep-1925, s/w Herbert A. Berg
BERGEN Abigail A 0-0-1841 0-0-1912 M Same stone with William H Bergen
BERGEN William H 0-0-1844 0-0-1931 M Same stone with Abigail A Bergen
BERGMAN Anne 0-0-1863 0-0-1958 CA
BERGMAN Emma J. 29 Oct 1863 13-Feb-1942 OM Same stone as John C. Bergman
BERGMAN Harry S 14-Mar-1898 4-Feb-1976 MG age - 77
BERGMAN John C. 24 Feb 1854 21-Aug-1944 OM Same stone as Emma J. Bergman
BERGNER Nellie B. 0-0-1875 0-0-1927 OM
BERGNER Sadie L. 0-0-1885 0-0-1976 OM Same stone as Walter S. Bergner
BERGNER Walter S. 0-0-1874 0-0-1950 OM Same stone as Sadie L. Bergner
BERGSTRESSER Bertha 0-0-1874 0-0-1963 OM
BERGSTROM Ada Viola 0-0-1885 0-0-1967 OM Same stone as Emanuel Bergstrom
BERGSTROM Burton Keith 0-0-1923 0-0-1932 OM
BERGSTROM Emanuel 0-0-1880 0-0-1946 OM Same stone as Ada Viola Bergstrom
BERNAL Joseph Celso 19-Feb-1895 13-May-1981 EL Married 3-Oct-1927,s/w Placida Bernal
BERNAL Placida 16-Dec-1895 25-Jan-1983 EL Married 3-Oct-1927, s/w Joseph Celso Bernal
BERNEAU Theo L. 5-May-1910 23-Aug-1978 OM
BERNEDA Domingo 0-0-1888 0-0-1949 CA
BERNHOLD Edward W. 8-Apr-1953 21-Jul-1969 OM
BERRY Alice Kathryn 16-Aug-1881 25-Mar-1955 PA
BERRY Billy Clifford 3-Mar-1931 20-Dec-1976 MG age - 45; Vet
BERRY Hattie A. 0-0-1861 0-0-1947 ME "Wife"
BERRY Howard P. 5-Sep-1926 26-May-1974 CA Vet - Si U. S. Navy
BERRY James S 0-0-1875 0-0-1963 MG Double Stone: Rose E BERRY
BERRY Kenneth S 26-???-1905 6-Mar-1978 MG
BERRY Millard F 0-0-1958 MG
BERRY W. Edward 0-0-1887 0-0-1940 OM
BERRY Wesley Lee 24-Feb-1914 0-0-1971 MG
BERRY William E. 0-0-1863 0-0-1952 ME "Husband"
BERRY William H  6 Oct 1893 18 Mar 1896 OC
BERRY George P 0-0-1864 0-0-1939 M
BERRY Myrtle May 0-0-1868 0-0-1931 M
BERRY Edwin Marion 28-Dec-1921 16-Apr-1974 EL Vet - Colorado ADI US Navy WW II Korea
BERRY Frank Alfred 0-0-1934 0-0-1955 EL Bur 22-Oct-1955, son & brother
BERRY Laura Lucille EL Bur 11-May-1985, unmarked
BERRY Oscar Edwin 0-0-1894 0-0-1943 EL Bur 4-Nov-1943, metal marker in cement, Starks Funeral Home
BERRY Patricia Lucille 11-Mar-1941 7-Sep-1942 EL Single stone, inscription on stone "Our Darling"
BERRYHILL Anna Owen 21 Jul 1879 17-Mar-1965 OM
BERTHOD Valerie 0-0-1893 0-0-1907 EL Daughter of V.& V. Berthod, born in France
BERTRAM Angelina 21-???-1905 PA Double Stone: Tom BERTRAM
BERTRAM Tom   16-Feb-1895 28-Nov-1963 PA Double Stone: Angelina BERTRAM
BERTRAND Marie 7 Nov 1884 4-Dec-1918 CA Double stone: Very Rev. N. Bertrand
BERTRAND Very Rev. N. 25 Dec 1882 23-Nov-1945 CA Double stone: Marie Bertrand
BESCHY George EL Bur 1908, unmarked
BESS James 0-0-1879 0-0-1960 MG
BESSIRE "Baby" CP Baby is buried with Pearl Bessire
BESSIRE Albert 14-Jan-1860 9-Jan-1950 CP
BESSIRE Albert B. 14 Jan 1860 9-Jan-1950 CP
BESSIRE Albert J. 5-Oct-1912 18-Oct-1973 CP
BESSIRE Elmer D.W. 21-Jan-1888 3-Apr-1954 CP
BESSIRE Helen J. 29-Apr-1909 8-Sep-1938 CP
BESSIRE Lizzie 3-Sep-1853 3-May-1919 CP Daughter of Albert & Lizzie
BESSIRE Orlo S. 1-Mar-1886 26-Jan-1904 CP "Daughter & Son of Albert and Lizzie Bessire"
BESSIRE Pearl M. 7-Jan-1888 6-Apr-1925 CP
BESSIRE Rosemary 0-0-1929 0-0-1929 CP
BESSIRE Zellie A. 17-Jan-1884 20-Dec-1902 CP Zellie & Arlo on one stone
BEST Ann E. 0-0-1849 0-0-1919 CA
BEST Billy Jo 15-May-1927 1-Sep-1950 VO Vet - SFC 9 Infantry 2 Division WW II & Korea BSM PH
BEST Charles L. 26 Aug 1871 8-Apr-1904 OM
BEST Edna A 0-0-1892 23-Apr-1983 MG
BEST Elihu "Hugh" 20 Mar 1894 9-May-1970 OM
BEST Frank H 0-0-1894 0-0-1967 PA
BEST Henrietta I 29-Oct-1909 8-Jun-1944 OM
BEST Ida   5-Aug-1891 14-Dec-1918 PA Double Stone: J E BEST
BEST J E 0-0-1862 0-0-1947 PA Double Stone: Ida BEST
BEST Jane Ann 0-0-1950 0-0-1951 PA
BEST Joyce K. 11-Jul-1934 4-Nov-1961 OM Same stone as Paul M. Best - Married 12 Feb 1955
BEST Paul M. 12-Jan-1934 15-Feb-1960 OM Same stone as Joyce K. Best - Married 12 Feb 1955
BEST Robert 5 Nov 1862 23-Nov-1961 OM Same stone as Winifred J. Best - Married 11 July 1892
BEST William 0-0-1898 0-0-1967 OM
BEST Winifred J. 16 Apr 1871 10-Jan-1960 OM Same stone as Robert Best - Married 11 Jul 1892
BEST Cecil M 0-0-1917 0-0-1946 M
BETTERTON Jacqueline J. 1-Jan-1933 13-Dec-1975 OM
BETTS Eldonese E. OM
BETTS Joseph 8-May-1881 15-Jan-1903 PA
BETTY Gertrude E. 6-Nov-1898 25-Jan-1982 EL
BETZER Ethel  0-0-1900 0-0-1977 M
BETZER Paul C 7-Sep-1907 4-Feb-1974 M
BEUSHEL Andrew Eric 24-May-1977 24-May-1977 MG
BEUTEL Minnie EL Bur 5-Nov-1918
BEVAN Georgia A. 0-0-1910 ME
BEVAN Ralph R. 0-0-1906 0-0-1974 ME Married 20 Feb 1930
BEVANS Elnora A 0-0-1880 0-0-1954 ME "Wife" Eastern Star
BEVANS Lewis   0-0-1875 0-0-1963 ME "Husband" Mason
BEVANS Orville F. 31-Dec-1909 21-Nov-1948 ME "Son"
BEVERLY Charles Earl 25-Mar-1943 17-Aug-1979 MG
BEVILLE Robert Stephen "Bud" 3-Mar-1956 26-May-1974 OM Son of Robert L. "Bob" & Marilyn Miller Beville
BEVIN Florence OM
BEYE Thelma J. 1-Jun-1905 27-Feb-1980 VO Wife of Melvin L. Beye - Pioneer
BIBY Katherine 0-0-1905 0-0-1967 EL Bur 5-Apr-1967, double stone: Blanch Roth
BICKEL John Henry 0-0-1875 0-0-1939 EL Bur 24-Oct-1939
BICKEL Minnie B. 8-Jul-1886 19-Nov-1958 EL double stone: William J. Bickel
BICKEL William Jackson 7-May-1877 31-Oct-1944 EL double stone: Minnie B Bickel
BIDDICK Elizabeth J. 0-0-1868 0-0-1930 EL Bur 28-Oct-1930
BIDDICK George F. 0-0-1863 0-0-1934 EL Bur 27-Apr-1934, double stone: Elizabeth Biddick
BIELAK Clarence Arthur "Art" 9-Mar-1950 23-Jun-1969 CA
BIELAK Clarence J 21-Oct-1921 19-May-1981 MG
BIELAK John 22 Feb 1893 16-Sep-1954 VO Vet - Illinois Sgt QMC WW I
BIENZ David A. 0-0-1881 0-0-1951 OM Same stone as Josephone L. & Nathan E. Bienz - Married 17 July 1904
BIENZ Josephine L. 0-0-1881 0-0-1962 OM Same stone as David A. & Nathan E. Bienz - Married 17 Jul 1904
BIENZ Nathan E. 0-0-1914 0-0-1936 OM Same stone as Josephone L. & David A. Bienz
BIERSCHIED Jamie Lou 0-0-1948 0-0-1953 EL Bur 19-Jul-1953
BIESER Harry C. 0-0-1898 0-0-1973 ME
BIESER Joseph O. 29-Apr-1907 1-Oct-1963 ME  Vet - Colo Cpl, 97 Bomb So. AAF, WW I
BIESER Otto Edwin 16-Aug-1894 16-Aug-1970 ME Vet - Capt. Bty D, 14 Fld, WW I
BIESER William Robert 26-May-1890 6-Nov-1972 ME Vet - Cross Oregon Sgt. Co. A116 Engineers, WW I
BIGELOW Ariel 19 Aug 1844 24 Aug 1887 OM Same stone as Hanna Imogene Bigelow
BIGELOW Hanna Imogene 28 Sep 1852 14-Oct-1924 OM Same stone as Ariel Bigelow
BIGGS Addie 0-0-1896 OM Same stone as Sam Biggs
BIGGS Arthur H. 5 Aug 1887 19-Jan-1970 OM Same stone as Ethel M. Biggs - Married 18 Oct 1910
BIGGS Clyde Hunter 0-0-1893 0-0-1952 OM Same stone as Josephine Ramsay Biggs
BIGGS Ethel M. 28 Nov 1886 4-Jan-1962 OM Same stone as Arthur H. Biggs
BIGGS Homer C 0-0-1883 0-0-1958 MG
BIGGS Josephone Ramsay OM Same stone as Clyde Hunter Biggs
BIGGS Louise K 0-0-1886 0-0-1964 MG
BIGGS Sam 0-0-1892 0-0-1950 OM Same stone as Addie Biggs
BILBREY Albert M. 0-0-1881 0-0-1958 OM
BILBREY Earl Stanley 0-0-1936 0-0-1949 OM
BILBREY Margory 0-0-1925 OM Same stone as Roy A. Bilbrey - Married 24 Dec 1943
BILBREY Nellie B. 0-0-1893 0-0-1970 OM
BILBREY Roy A. 0-0-1913 0-0-1974 OM Same stone as Margory Bilbrey - Married 24 Dec 1943
BILLINGS Arthur L 0-0-1881 0-0-1967 MG Double Stone: Lula B BILLINGS
BILLINGS Edward Charles 20-Dec-1915 17-Feb-1980 ME "Son"
BILLINGS Edward H. 20-Jun-1912 14-Oct-1978 CA Double stone: Winifred D. Billings
BILLINGS Eugene E. 0-0-1910 0-0-1977 OM
BILLINGS Goldie Velma 0-0-1906 0-0-1934 CP
BILLINGS Jerry D. 0-0-1942 OM
BILLINGS Jonathan 0-0-1898 0-0-1925 OM
BILLINGS Karl Marx 0-0-1903 0-0-1977 CP "Father of Eight Children Who Never Gave Him Reason for Shame"
BILLINGS Kenneth Wayne 24-Jul-1953 27-Dec-1960 CP
BILLINGS Lizzie E. 0-0-1870 0-0-1957 OM
BILLINGS Lula V 30-Sep-1888 12-Jul-1975 MG Double Stone: Arthur L BILLINGS; age - 87
BILLINGS Orey G. 0-0-1899 0-0-1959 OM
BILLINGS Sergt Edwards OM Vet - 3 Mo. Cav.
BILLINGS Thelma F 8-Sep-1916 0-0-1970 MG
BILLINGS W. Edwin 5-Apr-1938 ME "Father"
BILLINGS Winifred D. 25-Feb-1916 CA Double stone: Edward H. Billings
BILLINGS Amy Jane 0-0-1896 0-0-1970 EL Bur 15-Aug-1970, mother
BILLINGS John L. (Jonathan Logan) 0-0-1924 0-0-1977 EL Bur 24-Jan-1977, McLeans Funeral Home
BILLINGS Lewis Rice 0-0-1884 0-0-1961 EL Bur 4-Oct-1961,Father
BILLINGS Loris F. 0-0-1919 0-0-1961 EL Bur 31-Oct-1961, Son
BILLINGSLEY Claud Hooper 23-Apr-1936 OM Vet - Mo. Chf Mach Mate, U.S. Navy
BILLINGSLEY Edwin 0-0-1864 0-0-1943 OM
BILYEU Donald Eugene 13-Jan-1950 15-Sep-1962 OM
BILYEU John H. 0-0-1910 0-0-1945 OM
BILYEU Mary Lou Cretia 0-0-1886 0-0-1954 OM
BILYEU Randy Louis 0-0-1955 0-0-1958 OM
BINAM Wilson Kenneth 12-Dec-1913 25-Jan-1969 EL Vet - Colo Tec 4 Co A 54 Inf. TNG Bn WW II, Mason, single stone
BINGHAM Alexander Lee 1 Mar 1886 4-Feb-1955 OM
BINGMAN Amanda Mary 0-0-1878 0-0-1965 EL Bur 11-May-1965, s/w Charles Bingman
BINGMAN Carrel 24-Apr-1907 EL Age 5 years, 11 months, 24 days, son of C.E. & Etta Bingman
BINGMAN Charles E. 0-0-1878 0-0-1959 EL Bur 10-Feb-1959, s/w Amanda Bingman
BINGMAN Dee C. 1-Apr-1934 EL Vet - Colo Pvt 16 Engrs
BINGMAN Goldie Mae 24-Nov-1905 30-Aug-1951 EL
BINGMAN Hazel E. 27-Aug-1908 EL Married 6-Jun-1929, double stone: Roy J. Bingman
BINGMAN Henritta 0-0-1876 0-0-1927 EL Bur 1-Mar-1927
BINGMAN Roy J. 16-Nov-1906 18-Sep-1980 EL Married 6-Jun-1929, double stone: Hazel E. Bingman
BINGMAN Russell Robert 0-0-1908 0-0-1971 EL Bur 10-Mar-1971, Inscrip on stone HY-
BINGMAN Thelma Inez 0-0-1913 0-0-1935 EL Bur 22-Feb-1935
BINKLEY Bertha M 0-0-1890 0-0-1967 MG Double Stone: Earl T BINKLEY
BINKLEY Carroll Rolland 0-0-1945 20-Apr-1978 MG
BINKLEY Earl T 0-0-1981 0-0-1962 MG Double Stone: Bertha M BINKLEY
BINKLEY Elwyn A. 0-0-1909 0-0-1916 OM
BINKLEY Flora M 0-0-1883 0-0-1961 MG Double Stone: Maurice a BINKLEY
BINKLEY Irving L 18-Jun-1914 27-Nov-1977 MG
BINKLEY Joy E Griffith 0-0-1915 0-0-1961 MG
BINKLEY Larry C. 0-0-1944 0-0-1950 OM
BINKLEY Maurice A 0-0-1879 0-0-1954 MG Double Stone: Flora M BINKLEY
BIONAZ Julius 19 Jul 1887 20-Aug-1969 CA
BIRCH Mary L. 0-0-1869 0-0-1957 OM
BIRD Ina May 0-0-1886 0-0-195? CC
BIRD Jess E. 0-0-1889 0-0-1955 CC
BIRDSALL Lily M. 0-0-1867 0-0-1962 OM Same stone as Wallace M. Birdsall
BIRDSALL Thad Gilbert 10-May-1936 27-Jul-1982 MG
BIRDSALL Wallace M. 0-0-1867 0-0-1957 OM Same stone as Lily M. Birdsall
BIRELEY Arthur D. 0-0-1898 0-0-1955 OM
BIRELEY Emma E. 10 May 1867 5-Jun-1946 OM
BIRELEY John Fredrick 21 Jan 1891 13-Jun-1952 OM
BIRELEY Warren 0-0-1920 0-0-1921 OM
BIRELEY William James 6 Mar 1887 6-Jun-1950 OM
BIRELEY Emily 0-0-1866 0-0-1951 I Double Stone: J Fred Bireley
BIRELEY J Fred 0-0-1864 0-0-1941 I Double Stone: Emily Bireley
BIRKS Dorothy Marie 11-May-1927 23-Feb-1977 OM
BIRRIS Johnny A 15-Feb-1927 11-Oct-1947 PA
BISER Earnest J. 13-Oct-1887 7-Feb-1959 ME Vet - Colo Sgt. Co K, 23rd Inf. WW I
BISER Elizabeth M. 0-0-1900 0-0-1910 ME
BISER Fredrick B. 0-0-1888 0-0-1925 ME
BISER Joseph 5-Feb-1847 29-Feb-1932 ME "Father" Same stone as Minna A. Biser
BISER Minna A. 11-Jan-1867 19-Jul-1951 ME "Mother" Same stone as Joseph Biser
BISHMAN Archer VO Vet - Co H. 43 Mo Inf.
BISHOP Bessie L 0-0-1899 0-0-1960 MG
BISHOP Charles O. 13 Apr 1880 25-Jul-1946 OM Same stone as Lucy Bishop - Married 17 May 1903
BISHOP Emmett O 0-0-1898 MG
BISHOP Ernest C. 0-0-1878 0-0-1931 OM
BISHOP Icie Edith 0-0-1900 0-0-1936 PA
BISHOP L. G. OM Vet - 20th Ill. Inf Co. K.
BISHOP Lettie 0-0-1887 0-0-1961 OM
BISHOP Lola Mae 0-0-1931 MG possible death date: 6-Nov-1980, Burial 4-Dec-1890???
BISHOP Lucy Edna 3 Dec 1883 18-Nov-1965 OM Same stone as Charles O. Bishop - Married 17 May 1903
BISHOP Minnie C Comfort 0-0-1876 0-0-1907 DB Wife of T. J. Bishop
BISHOP Orville E 0-0-1889 0-0-1955 MG Vet
BISHOP S. Sidney 24-Jul-1876 11-Sep-1937 DB
BISHOP T. J. 0-0-1862 0-0-1940 DB "Father"
BISHOP Wilda A. 0-0-1910 0-0-1960 OM
BISHOP William T. 13-May-1900 30-Jun-1981 VO Vet - US Army WW II
BITTLE Beatrice 0-0-1908 0-0-1979 EL Bur 18-Sep-1979
BITTLE Henry T. Rollie 25-Sep-1901 16-Aug-1968 EL
BITTLE James A. 2-Feb-1873 11-Nov-1963 EL Vet - WW I
BITTLE Rosa Lee 0-0-1874 0-0-1937 El Bur 21-Jul-1937, single stone
BITTNER Arthur W. 28-Mar-1907 6-Jul-1970 VO Vet - Colo. SP 4 US Army Korea
BIXBY Ellen Myrtle 21-Nov-1882 6-Aug-1939 CC
BIXBY Polly Marie 4-Nov-1838 30-Dec-1911 CC
BIXLER Baby 14-Nov-1918 PA
BIXLER Myrtle 17-Nov-1900 16-Nov-1918 PA
BIXLER Albert 0-0-1896 11-Feb-1926 EL Double stone: Esther A. Bixler
BIXLER Esther A. 0-0-1902 EL Married 11-Feb-1926, double stone: Albert Bixler
BIXLER Harlin` 17-Sep-1925 19-Sep-1925 EL Son of Albert & Esther Bixler
BIZER Joseph 0-0-1886 0-0-1935 CA Double stone: Lena K. Bizer
BIZER Lena K. 0-0-1894 CA Double stone: Joseph Bizer
BLACK Annie R 0-0-1891 0-0-1937 PA
BLACK Beulah B. 5-Sep-1903 OM
BLACK Blanche L. 0-0-1892 0-0-1971 OM Same stone as Ernest A. Black
BLACK Charles F. 0-0-1886 0-0-1944 OM
BLACK Elizabeth 0-0-1845 0-0-1924 PA
BLACK Ella M 22-Jan-1898 29-Oct-1979 MG
BLACK Ernest A. 0-0-1884 0-0-1947 OM Same stone as Blanche L. Black
BLACK Fred Argyle 6-Oct-1917 3-Jul-1978 VO Vet - US Army WW II
BLACK George W. OM
BLACK Katherine A 15-Aug-1891 23-Mar-1979 MG
BLACK Mona B 29-May-1895 3-Sep-1932 PA
BLACK Perry S 27-May-1895 24-Oct-1973 MG Vet
BLACK Walter C 0-0-1887 0-0-1961 MG
BLACK Anna Margaret 0-0-1877 0-0-1953 EL Bur 2-Apr-1953, Married 29-Oct-1905, double stone: Victer Lee Black
BLACK Cleda Fern 13-Aug-1941 20-Nov-1982 EL Inscrip: "May God give her the happiness that she always sought"
"Fernie we love you"
BLACK Hazel 0-0-1908 EL 3 names on stone: Virginia Lee & Winona Black
BLACK Mary G. 0-01850 0-0-1935 EL Bur 25-May-1935
BLACK Victer Lee 0-0-1873 0-0-1936 EL Bur 22-Sep-1936, Married 29-Oct-1905, double stone: Anna Margaret Black
BLACK Winona 0-0-1909 EL 3 names on stone: Virginia Lee and Hazel Black
BLACKBURN James L. 0-0-1884 0-0-1960 OM
BLACKBURN Jerrell Harvard 0-0-1923 0-0-1947 OM
BLACKBURN Pearl Campbell 0-0-1880 0-0-1954 OM
BLACKBURN Sterling D 14-Sep-1965 16-Aug-1979 PA
BLACKBURN Matilda EL Bur 4-Jan-1909
BLACKFORD John David 3-Jun-1977 OM Baby
BLACKLEDGE Esther Knudsen 20 Sep 1887 13-May-1970 VO Married: 25 Sep 1920
BLACKMAN Benjamin F 16-Jun-1895 MG Vet
BLACKMAN Daniel 1-Apr-1852 22-Dec-1925 CC
BLACKMAN Dpnel 0-0-1908 0-0-1976 CL
BLACKMAN Harry C. 18-Sep-1890 19-Apr-1976 CC
BLACKMAN M. Jane Groop 10-Mar-1854 22-Dec-1935 CC
BLACKMAN Tana M. 5-Jul-1970 14-Apr-1976 OM Robert Minter?
BLACKMORE Arthur 31 Mar 1871 13-Dec-1969 OM Same stone as Jessie V. Blackmore
BLACKMORE Jessie V. 18 Jan 1887 7-May-1965 OM Same stone as Arthur Blackmore
BLACKSHEAR Alva O. EL Bur 1-Jul-1985, unmarked
BLACKSHEAR Avery A. 0-0-1894 0-0-1978 El Buried 11 Aug 1978 - Double stone: Lou Vera Blackshear
BLACKSHEAR Bryant Byrd 0-0-1856 0-0-1941 EL Buried 7 Nov 1941 - Double stone: Cordelia H. Blackshear
BLACKSHEAR Cordelia H. 0-0-1866 0-0-1936 EL Buried 4 Aug 1936 - Double stone: Bryant B. Blackshear
BLACKSHEAR Lou Vera 0-0-1897 0-0-1966 EL Buried 28 Nov 1966 - Double stone: Avery Blackshear
BLACKSHEAR Vera Beatrice EL Buried 21 Mar 1923 - 3 days old - Same lot as Bryant B. Blackshear
BLACKSHER Clinton Lee 5-Sep-1930 27-Apr-1980 VO Vet - Pvt. US Army - Korea
BLACKSTONE Laura J. 0-0-1901 0-0-1926 CA
BLACKSTONE Mayme Day 0-0-1890 0-0-1922 OM Same stone as Clinton A. & Mattie L. Day
BLACKSTONE William Glan 12 Jun 1888 18-Feb-1917 OM
BLACKWELL Lizzie Lamb 0-0-1865 0-0-1891 OM Same stone as Daniel & Malinda P. Lamb, Paul Blackwell & Glenn J. Lamb
BLACKWELL Paul Clark 0-0-1887 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Daniel & Malinda P. Lamb, Lizzie Lamb Blackwell & Glenn J. Lamb
BLACKWELL Beryl G 25-Aug-1898 25-Aug-1967 M
BLACKWELL Cornelius Polk 0-0-1870 0-0-1925 M
BLACKWELL Leona M Married 12-Apr-1930
BLACKWELL Lulu Francis 0-0-1875 0-0-1955 M
BLACKWELL Rex P 0-0-1906 0-0-1975 M
BLADES Mary A. 2-Dec-1906 EL Died age 23 yrs 8 mos 12 days
BLAIN George R 8-Jul-1865 21-Jan-1955 I
BLAIN Clarissa 0-0-1832 0-0-1904 I
BLAINE Hannah D. 0-0-1845 0-0-1924 DB "Wife"
BLAINE John F. 0-0-1845 0-0-1911 DB "Husband"
BLAINE Elam 0-0-1827 0-0-1906 I
BLAIR Elizabeth J 0-0-1895 0-0-1971 PA
BLAIR Hattie E. 0-0-1879 0-0-1964 OM Same stone as Loren E. Brown
BLAIR J. T. 0-0-1862 0-0-1927 OM
BLAIR Joel Charles 2 Apr 1894 26-Jul-1965 OM Vet - Ohio Pfc. U.S. Army, WW I
BLAIR Loren E. 0-0-1877 0-0-1954 OM Same stone as Hattie E. Blair
BLAIR Lulu Eddy 3 Nov 1893 18-Dec-1945 OM
BLAIR Bea E 6-Jun-1898 28-Jun-1974 M
BLAIR Samuel T 22-Oct-1889 2-Feb-1978 M
BLAIR Alice G. 0-0-1904 EL Double stone: John E. Blair
BLAIR Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" 1-Oct-1978 11-Dec-1980 EL
BLAIR John Edward 0-0-1907 0-0-1973 EL Buried 3 Jan 1973 - Double stone: Alice G. Blair
BLAISDELL Frank E 0-0-1859 0-0-1933 M
BLAISDELL Ioro L 0-0-1864 0-0-1940 M
BLAISER Fred Delano EL Buried 5 Jul 1970
BLAISER Ola M. 0-0-1904 0-0-1975 EL Buried 16 Apr 1975 - Double stone: Percy D. Blaiser
BLAISER Percy D. 0-0-1902 0-0-1947 EL Buried 7 Sep 1947 - Double stone: Ola M. Blaiser
BLAKE Delbert M 9-Aug-1903 24-Dec-1983 MG
BLAKELY Wayne 24-Feb-1947 7-Aug-1971 OM Same stone as LaVerne & J. W. Blakely
BLAKEMAN Charles F. 0-0-1872 0-0-1945 OM Same stone as Sarah M. Blakeman
BLAKEMAN Sarha M. 0-0-1874 0-0-1958 OM Same stone as Charles F. Blakeman
BLAKEMAN William Harry 8 Jan 1894 13-Nov-1953 OM
BLAKLEY J. W. 4-Jan-1916 OM 3 stones on one slab of cement: Wayne & LaVern Blakley
BLAKLEY LaVern 20-Feb-1920 OM 3 stones on one slab of cement: Wayne & J. W. Blakley
BLAKMAN Mary Alice 21-Jan-1888 11-Jul-1897 CC
BLAMEY Sanford Earl 25 Dec 1898 2-Sep-1956 VO Vet - Colo. GM 3 US Navy WW I
BLANCHARD Charles S. 0-0-1856 0-0-1942 OM Same stone as Mary M. Blanchard
BLANCHARD Mary E 0-0-1844 0-0-1905 PA
BLANCHARD Mary M. 0-0-1858 0-0-1948 OM
BLANCHARD Ruth 0-0-1900 0-0-1920 OM
BLANCHARD Harry E 0-0-1888 0-0-1933 M Vet - Co 322 M T G
BLANCHARD Jess M 0-0-1881 0-0-1967 M
BLANK Bessie A. 22-Mar-1925 22-Sep-1972 OM
BLANK Ruby Irene 30-Dec-1921 21-Jan-1922 I
BLANKE August 0-0-1863 0-0-1934 OM Same stone as Catherine A & Viola M. Blanke
BLANKE Catherine A. 0-0-1866 0-0-1936 OM Same stone as August & Viola M. Blanke
BLANKE Gladys M. 0-0-1903 0-0-1982 OM Same stone as Irving H. Blanke
BLANKE Irving H. 0-0-1900 0-0-1979 OM Same stone as Gladys M. Blanke
BLANKE Mae M Wood 23-Jun-1897 0-0-1967 MG
BLANKE Viola M. 0-0-1909 0-0-1924 OM Same stone as August & Catherine A. Blanke
BLANKE OM Sec. B, row 10
BLANKENBAKER Everett H 27-Jun-1916 MG
BLANKENSHIP Joseph A. 7 Sep 1893 3-Apr-1955 VO Vet - Colo. Pfc Co K 39 Infantry WW I
BLANN Christopher C. 12-Jan-1863 11-Dec-1940 ME "Father"  
BLANN Ida E. 18-May-1874 30-Jul-1959 ME "Mother" Same stone as Christopher C. Blann
BLANTON Anderson C. 0-0-1888 0-0-1946 OM
BLASDEL Marvin E 11-Dec-1911 11-Jan-1978 MG
BLASIER M J 0-0-1859 0-0-1942 M
BLASIER R O  0-0-1851 0-0-1924 M
BLASS Goldia May 0-0-1911 0-0-1977 PA
BLASS Kenneth (Keny) 0-0-1902 0-0-1974 PA
BLATNIK Joe 3-Oct-1924 PA Age - 47 yrs
BLATNIK Ralph Edward 0-0-1915 MG
BLEVIN  Philip A 20-Jun-1901 27-Feb-1975 MG
BLEVINS John Roy 22 Oct 1893 2-Mar-1959 OM Same stone as Vertie R. Blevins
BLEVINS Mary Prinster 6 Jul 1899 18-May-1975 CA Gold Star Mother
BLEVINS Vertie R. 16 Jan 1896 OM Same stone as John Roy Blevins
BLEVINS Willis L 28-Aug-1895 1-Jun-1978 MG
BLISKA Thomas Edward 30-Sep-1924 22-Oct-1965 OM
BLISS Chester, M.D. 0-0-1919 0-0-1978 OM Same stone as Vena Bliss, Flora Bliss, Dorothy Bliss, Courtland Prentice Bliss, Sr.,
.Margaret Bliss Gilchrist, Courtland Prentice Bliss, Jr., & Gordon G. Gilcrist
BLISS Courtland Prentice, Jr. 0-0-1891 0-0-1978 OM See notes for Chester,  Bliss, MSD
BLISS Courtland Prentice, SR. 0-0-1857 0-0-1931 OM Married Flora P. Hartshorn 5 Jun 1887 - See notes for Chester Bliss, MD
BLISS Dorothy Marie 0-0-1896 0-0-1896 OM See notes for Chester,  Bliss, MSD
BLISS Flora P. Hartshorn 0-0-1860 0-0-1909 OM Married Courtland P. Bliss 5 Jun 1887 - See notes for Chester Bliss, MD
BLISS George Albert 22-Aug-1880 19-Jan-1940 GC Born in Bliss, Idaho - Died at Gateway, CO -
Daughter: Mrs Robert (Goldia Bliss) Woods
BLISS Vena 0-0-1890 0-0-1890 OM See notes for Chester Bliss, MD
BLIVEN Fannie E 0-0-1865 0-0-1946 M
BLIVEN Willis Egbert 0-0-1854 0-0-1932 M
BLIXT Harry E. 0-0-1894 0-0-1978 VO Vet - US Army WW I
BLODGETT Guy H. 0-0-1867 0-0-1946 CA
BLODGETT Nardelle M. 0-0-1880 0-0-1944 CA
BLODGETT William Hubert 0-0-1915 MG
BLOGETT Irene L 23-May-1976 M s/w "Ted" Harvey S
BLOGETT "Ted" Harvey S M s/w Irene L
BLOOM Carroll L 25-Oct-1915 14-Jul-1978 MG
BLOOM Edna M. 0-0-1883 0-0-1961 OM
BLOOM Hans B. 0-0-1845 0-0-1923 OM Same stone as Malinda Bloom
BLOOM Malinda 0-0-1856 0-0-1945 OM Same stone as Hans B. Bloom
BLOOMSTRAND Fay M 0-0-1917 17-Jan-1981 MG
BLOSS Eugenie Phillips 18 Apr 1892 27-May-1981 CC Married 14 Sep 1912 in Colbran, CO - Eastern Star
BLOSS Rosco Lorimor 25-Apr-1891 23-Oct-1953 CC Mason
BLOSSER Jessie Cornelia "Cora" 0-0-1880 0-0-1959 EL Buried 5 Jan 1959 - Double stone: John S. Blosser
BLOSSER John Sanuel 0-0-1861 0-0-1949 EL Buried 18 Sep 1949 - Double stone: J. Cora Blosser (Samuel?)
BLUE Robert 0-0-1907 0-0-1973 OM
BLUHM Charles G. 0-0-1865 0-0-1950 EL Buried 4 Feb 1950 - Double stone: Victoria D. Bluhm
BLUHM Victoria D. 0-0-1866 0-0-1952 EL Buried 23 Dec 1952 - Double stone: Charles G. Bluhm
BLYNN Alice 8-Feb-1924 OM
BLYNN Joe  8-Feb-1935 OM
BOARDMAN Bessie L 0-0-1908 0-0-1922 PA 3 names on stone: Nellie C BOARDMAN & Sylvia Marie JACKSON
BOARDMAN Merle 12-Nov-1913 1-May-1978 MG
BOARDMAN Nellie C 0-0-1910 0-0-1925 PA 3 names on stone: Bessie L BOARDMAN & Sylvia Marie JACKSON
BOATMAN Leah E 0-0-1869 0-0-1957 MG
BOATRIGHT Charley 0-0-1892 0-0-1959 OM
BOAZ Charles Harrison 07-Mar-1893 22-Jul-1980 PA Double Stone: Hazel Woodruff BOAZ
BOAZ Hazel Woodruff 20-Aug-1891 PA Double Stone: Charles Harrison BOAZ
BOBO Palma Jean 0-0-1950 0-0-1950 OM Died: age 1 day
BOCKING Eva 0-0-1868 0-0-1945 EL Buried 14 Sep 1945 - Double stone: Frederick William Bocking
BOCKING Frederick William 0-0-1867 0-0-1937 EL Buried 23 Aug 1937 - Double stone: Eva Bocking
BOCOCK Anna A 13-May-1886 20-Dec-1935 PA
BOCOCK Daniel E 26-Nov-1888 16-Mar-1973 PA
BOCOCK James A 29-Dec-1911 30-Dec-1920 PA
BOCOCK Lucille S 0-0-1913 0-0-1979 PA
BODEMAN Clarence 0-0-1905 0-0-1971 EL Buried 7 Jan 1971 - Double stone: Louise Bodeman
BODEMAN Mary Louise 0-0-1911 0-0-1978 EL Buried 28 Oct 1978 - Double stone: Clarence Bodeman
BOEKING Adalia 0-0-1869 0-0-1959 CA
BOEKING Henry A. 7 Apr 1862 16-Feb-1911 CA
BOEKING Joseph H. 8 Jun 1899 10-Jul-1947 CA  Vet - Sgt. 78 Field Art. WW I & II
BOEKING OM Sec A, row 33
BOGARDUS Bessie A 25-Apr-1895 6-Apr-1979 MG
BOGARDUS David C 8-Apr-1894 MG
BOGENSCHUTZ Felix 11-Nov-???? MG
BOGENSCHUTZ Viola May 0-0-1891 0-0-1957 MG
BOGGUS Mary K 0-0-1892 0-0-1965 MG
BOGUNOVICH John 13 May 1892 24-Aug-1978 OM Same stone as Minnie Smida Bogunovich
BOGUNOVICH Minnie Smida 14 Aug 1897 7-Jun-1968 OM Same stone as John Bogunovich
BOHL Elmer John 8-Aug-1921 6-Jul-1972 M Vet - Colorado Sgt 18 Mecg. Cav. Recon. Sq. WW II
BOHN Baby Girl 24-Oct-1957 OM
BOICE Grace E. 4-May-1921 OM
BOICE Inez M. 10-Aug-1928 OM
BOICE Nellie C. 8-Jun-1922 OM
BOICE Warren 7-Sep-1922 OM
BOITA Thomas 0-0-1880 0-0-1928 EL
BOITA Toney (baby) EL Buried 27 Apr 1921
BOIVIN Willard Francis 30-Sep-1923 27-Apr-1968 VO Vet - Colo. Tec 4 WW II
BOKMA B Albert 0-0-1875 0-0-1949 I
BOLDEN Charley 28-Nov-1944 OM
BOLDT Alfred L. 0-0-1890 0-0-1959 CC IOOF
BOLDT Winnie 0-0-1893 0-0-1906 DB
BOLEN H. C. F. J. 27 Jul 1835 20-Jul-1912 OM Born: Mizenheim, Germany
BOLEN Louise J. Weln 18 Feb 1849 OM Born: Mt. Vernon, IA
BOLETTINO James 27-Jan-1891 25-Jan-1979 PA Double Stone: Lucy BOLETTINO
BOLETTINO Lucy   16-Apr-1892 5-Jun-1978 PA Double Stone: James BOLETTINO
BOLING Bessie 0-0-1888 0-0-1969 OM Same stone as Lyle R. Boling
BOLING Lyle R. 0-0-1884 0-0-1951 OM Same stone as Bessie R. Boling
BOLING Millard F 0-0-1849 0-0-1913 I Double Stone: Sarah E Boling
BOLING Sarah E 0-0-1852 0-0-1939 I Double Stone: Millard F Boling
BOLLAN Freddie Howard 23-Feb-1951 13-Nov-1974 MG
BOLLES John L. 0-0-1889 0-0-1974 OM
BOLLES John W. 19-Mar-1913 2-Jul-1974 OM
BOLLES Kenneth LeRoy 0-0-1942 0-0-1951 OM
BOLLES Ralph Lee 0-0-1916 0-0-1964 OM
BOLLINGER Lorena B. 0-0-1897 OM Same stone as Raymond C. Bollinger
BOLLINGER Raymond C. 0-0-1890 0-0-1977 OM Same stone as Lorena B. Bollinger
BOLLMAN Ethel 6-Oct-1906 OM Same stone as Seth W. "Jack" Bollman
BOLLMAN Seth W. "Jack" 3 Dec 1899 8-Mar-1976 OM Same stone as Ethel Bollman - Married 15 Feb 1925
BOLOTIN Abe A. 6 Jun 1894 21-Jan-1964 OM Vet - Colo Col Med Admin Corps, WW I & II
BOLOTIN Daphnee Miles "Rusti" 24-Oct-1915 10-Sep-1978 OM
BOND Charles E. 0-0-1868 0-0-1945 OM
BOND Charles M 0-0-1907 0-0-1957 MG
BOND Corel 0-0-1874 0-0-1926 OM Married C. E. Bond
BOND Emily Page 0-0-1883 0-0-1957 OM
BOND Fanny 0-0-1840 0-0-1924 OM
BOND Florence Louise 23 Nov 1869 29-Sep-1948 CA Same stone as Samuel John Bond & Raymond Thomas Bond
BOND George 0-0-1863 0-0-1908 OM
BOND Hugh W 0-0-1909 12-Dec-1982 MG
BOND John 0-0-1866 0-0-1920 CL "Husband of Laura Bond"
BOND Laura 0-0-1878 0-0-1913 CL "Wife of John Bond"
BOND Lavern F. 0-0-1895 0-0-1967 OM Same stone as Lola Bond
BOND Lola 0-0-1907 OM Same stone as Lavern F. Bond
BOND Raymond Thomas 10-Nov-1921 24-Jul-1944 CA Vet - Ph. M. 3.c, USN - Buried at sea from USS Kwajalein
BOND Samuel John 15 Jul 1896 26-May-1966 CA Same stone as Raymond Thomas Bond & Florence Louise Bond
BONDURANT Victor R 0-0-1916 17-Nov-1980 MG
BONE Fred 0-0-1903 0-0-1972 OM Same stone as Ora I. Bone
BONE Ora I. 0-0-1904 0-0-1977 OM Same stone as Fred Bone - Mother of Chuck, Harold, & George Tilton
BONE Ruby Ruth 4 Nov 1898 6-Aug-1969 VO
BONELLA Clara M. 6-Mar-1910 CA Double stone: John R. Bonella - Married 29 Jun 1930
BONELLA Dennis Bryan 6-Jul-1937 18-Jul-1953 CA
BONELLA John R. 29-Jun-1908 9-Oct-1964 CA Double stone: Clara M. Bonella - Married 29 Jun 1930
BONELLO Tom 0-0-1860 0-0-1921 CA Double stone: Jim Buonasera
BONNATERRE Adele 12 Apr 1841 10-Apr-1913 CA
BONNATERRE Lucien 0-0-1841 0-0-1922 CA
BONNELL Baby 0-0-1935 OM
BONNELL Edna L. 0-0-1905 0-0-1951 OM
BONNEY Willis L. 17 Jun 1879 20-May-1960 EL
BONSIGNORE Rocco 0-0-1892 0-0-1918 CA Double stone: Assunta Bonsignore Ventura
BOOKER Adam 0-0-1880 0-0-1962 OM
BOON Eunice M. 0-0-1879 0-0-1977 OM Same stone as Franklin C. & Helen Layton Boon
BOON Franklin C. 0-0-1876 0-0-1956 OM Same stone as Eunice M. & Helen Layton Boon
BOON Helen Layton 0-0-1914 0-0-1939 OM Same stone as Eunive M. & Franklin C. Boon
BOOTH baby 4-Oct-1951 OM
BOOTH James L 24-Aug-1883 0-0-1968 MG
BOOTH Marvin D. 0-0-1926 0-0-1976 VO Vet - Pfc US Army
BOOTH Norma Rose 7-Feb-1909 26-Feb-1960 ME
BOOTH Willie D. 3-May-1915 5-Feb-1979 VO Vet - SSMB 2 WW II
BOOTH  Grace E 16-Jan-1917 0-0-1966 MG
BOOTHE Arnold M 1-Jan-1911 29-Dec-1983 MG
BOOTHE Charlotte M  0-0-1889 0-0-1963 MG
BOOTHE George H. 0-0-1906 0-0-1952 OM
BOOTHE Jackie Dean 13-Sep-1935 1-Aug-1975 OM
BOOTHE John S. 2-Jul-1914 5-Apr-1959 OM
BOOTHE John S. Jr. 0-0-1941 0-0-1947 OM
BOOTHE Melanie Lynn 0-0-1962 0-0-1962 OM Same stone as Clarence Burton Rider
BOOTHE Paul H. 9-Nov-1901 29-Nov-1960 OM
BOOTHE Theodore R. Sr. 4 Aug 1891 30-May-1964 VO Vet - Cafif. Sgt USMC WW I
BORDEN Christian F. 0-0-1901 0-0-1977 CC Same stone as Minnie C. Borden
BORDEN Minnie C. 0-0-1910 CC Same stone as Christian F. Borden
BORGSTOPY Inger 0-0-1885 0-0-1963 DB
BORLAND Alameda 3 Jul 1889 21-Oct-1964 VO
BORLAND Lewis C. 7 Oct 1891 12-Apr-1967 VO Vet - Sgt Field Hospital WW I
BORLAND Mattie E. 0-0-1871 0-0-1966 OM
BORRELL Aby (Abbe Acord) 0-0-1894 0-0-1975 EL Buried Nov 1975
BORRELL Cora E. 0-0-1867 0-0-1955 EL Buried 16 Mar 1955 - "Mother"
BORRELL Edward Jasper 0-0-1887 0-0-1952 EL Buried 1 Mar 1952 - "Brother"
BORRELL Ira 0-0-1891 0-0-1955 EL Buried 20 Aug 1955
BORRELL Samuel 26 Jul 1856 6-Oct-1924 EL Buried 16 Oct 1924
BORSCHELL Edith Jaynes 13 Nov 1875 1-Aug-1954 OM Same stone as William Henry Borschell
BORSCHELL William Henry 23 Dec 1872 13-Nov-1923 OM Same stone as Edith Jaynes Borschell
BORSCHELL Alvin E 30-mar-1878 20-Aug-1954 I
BORSCHELL Mae F 1-Apr-1877 31-Oct-1979 I
BOSCH Daphna L 29-Sep-1964 11-Aug-1965 MG
BOSCH Orin L 13-May-1925 MG
BOSLEY Alonzo 0-0-1853 0-0-1932 PA Double Stone: Anna BOSLEY
BOSLEY Anna 0-0-1854 0-0-1920 PA Double Stone: Alonzo BOSLEY
BOSLEY Arthur O 15-Sep-1920 29-Sep-1944 PA Vet - Pvt WWII Med Dept
BOSLEY Calvin 0-0-1880 0-0-1940 PA Double Stone: Gertrude BOSLEY
BOSLEY Cleo Arthur 31-Sep-1893 24-Apr-1969 PA Double Stone: Vellva BOSLEY
BOSLEY Gertrude 0-0-1886 0-0-1968 PA Double Stone: Calvin BOSLEY
BOSLEY Glenn 1-Aug-1886 11-Oct-1960 PA Double Stone: Jessie BOSLEY
BOSLEY Jessie 0-0-1891 0-0-1980 PA Double Stone: Glenn BOSLEY
BOSLEY Vellva 26-Feb-1899 6-Apr-1968 PA Double Stone: Cleo Arthur BOSLEY
BOSS Elizabeth H. 0-0-1863 0-0-1933 CL "Wife of Fred A. Boss"
BOSS Ellen V. CA Double stone: Jasper A. Boss - Married 18 Sep 1926
BOSS Fred A. 0-0-1866 0-0-1943 CL "Husband of Elizabeth H. Boss"
BOSS Jasper A. 0-0-1902 0-0-1964 CA Double stone: Ellen V, Boss - Married 18 Sep 1926
BOSS Kenneth T. 0-0-1917 0-0-1976 OM Vet - Si US Navy WW II
BOSS Raldo L. 19-Mar-1903 1-Jan-1931 CL "Husband of Ruth Hanna Boss"
BOSS Ruth Hanna CL "Wife of Raldo L."
BOSS Clara Evelyn 0-0-1873 0-0-1958 EL Buried 22 Dec 1958 - Double stone: Phill V. Boss
BOSS Phill Valentine 0-0-1868 0-0-1946 EL Buried 3 Sep 1946 - Double stone: Clara E. Boss
BOSSOM Edwin 0-0-1862 0-0-1903 OM
BOSSOM Harriet 0-0-1858 0-0-1907 OM
BOSTLEMAN Denis Dale EL Buried 16 Apr 1969 - 8 1/2 hours old
BOSTON Carl A. 10-Jul-1908 20-Nov-1953 VO Vet - Kansas Cpl. 3702 Base UNIT HAF WW II
BOTKIN Maude M 14-Dec-1888 MG
BOTKIN Emily 0-0-1846 0-0-1919 EL Buried 1 Jan 1919
BOTKIN Guy Steven EL Buried 17 Dec 1952 - Same space as Herbert A. Botkin
BOTKIN Herbert A. (baby) 0-0-1926 EL Buried 12 Oct 1926
BOTKIN Leland 25-May-1925 16-Apr-1982 EL Double stone: Leona Botkin - Married 23 May 1948
BOTKIN Leona 23-May-1928 EL Double stone: Leland Botkin - Married 23 May 1948
BOTKIN Mary Elizabeth 0-0-1867 0-0-1946 EL Buried 18 Jul 1946 - Double stone: Romance E. Botkin
BOTKIN Oralee 0-0-1898 0-0-1940 EL Buried 22 Sep 1940
BOTKIN Paul Elliott 0-0-1897 0-0-1971 EL Buried 26 May 1971
BOTKIN Romance E. 0-0-1860 0-0-1929 EL Buried 27 Dec 1929 - Double stone: Mary E. Botkin
BOTTENFIELD Baby 14-Nov-1911 PA
BOTTOMS Charles W 0-0-1901 0-0-1975 PA
BOTTOMS Charles W. 0-0-1856 0-0-1961 OM Same stone as Minnie M. Bottoms
BOTTOMS Eva K 0-0-1900 0-0-1982 PA
BOTTOMS Minnie M. 0-0-1878 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as Charles W. Bottoms
BOTTOMS Ralph V. 0-0-1916 0-0-1947 OM
BOTTOROFF Erma L 9-Jul-1981 MG
BOTTOROFF William L MG Birth and death dates on index card incorrect???
BOTTUM Frank M. 20 Jan 1897 6-Sep-1974 VO Vet - US Navy
BOUGE Tressie 18-Feb-1899 DB Died age 10 yrs, 11 mos, 2 days. Daughter of Joseph & Lucinda Bouge
BOUGHTON Wilson Raymond 0-0-1908 8-Apr-1983 MG
BOUGHTON Anna M. 0-0-1881 0-0-1961 EL Buried 3 Jan 1961 - Double stone: Rolla N. Boughton
BOUGHTON Myrtle L. 26 Mar 1883 9-Dec-1957 EL Double stone: S. DeLoss Boughton
BOUGHTON S. DeLoss 24 Jan 1877 6-Nov-1940 EL Double stone: Myrtle L. Boughton
BOUGHTON Rolla N. 0-0-1881 0-0-1945 EL Buried 25 Jul 1945 - Double stone: Anna Boughton
BOURDETTE Chauncey C. 0-0-1889 OM
BOURG Leona 23 Nov 1877 16-May-1949 CA Double stone: Louis Bourg
BOURG Louis 17 Jan 1871 30-Apr-1955 CA Double stone: Leona Bourg
BOURG Raymond Victor EL Buried 13 May 1974
BOUSE Lulu M 3-Aug-1891 7-Jul-1982 PA
BOUSE Verner F 9-Mar-1896 16-Nov-1947 PA Vet - Kans Mech 77 Co Trans Corps WWI
BOUSEMAN Andrew Gordon 0-0-1934 0-0-1956 MG
BOUSEMAN Mildred 12-Jul-1922 21-Nov-1982 MG
BOWDEN Erma Catherine 0-0-1888 0-0-1965 EL Buried 15 Feb 1965 - Double stone: Walter D. Bowden
BOWDEN Loyd Frank 22-Mar-1920 23-Nov-1969 EL Vet - Colo. Tec 5 Bty A 788 FA Bn WW II
BOWDEN Walter David 0-0-1883 0-0-1968 EL Buried 23 Dec 1968 - Double stone: Erma C. Bowden
BOWEN Alexander 0-0-1845 0-0-1918 CP Vet -Infantry - Civil War
BOWEN Allen 0-0-1855 0-0-1940 OM Same stone as Mary E. Bowen
BOWEN Georgia M. Starbuck 30 Dec 1892 31-May-1980 OM Born: Smith Center, KS - Married: 3 May 1912 in Canon City, CO -
Died: Grand Junction, CO
BOWEN Harold S. 0-0-1936 0-0-1936 CP
BOWEN James Thomas 1 Feb 1887 2-Jan-1979 VO Vet - US Army WW I
BOWEN Margaret S. 28-Dec-1848 7-Jun-1905 CP
BOWEN Mary E. 0-0-1859 0-0-1941 OM Same stone as Allen Bowen
BOWEN Robert H. 0-0-1876 0-0-1957 CP Virginia & Robert on same stone
BOWEN Virginia A. 0-0-1895 0-0-1952 CP Virginia & Robert on same stone
BOWEN William 25-Sep-1897 10-Mar-1983 MG
BOWEN William Everett 2 Jul 1892 27-Jan-1969 OM Born: Osborne, KS - Married 3 May 1912 in Canon City, CO -
Died: Grand Junction, CO - Same stone as Georgia M. "Jo" Starbuck Bowen
BOWEN Mabel Ella )Baby) EL Buried 1944
BOWER Daisy McKay 12-Oct-1880 27-Dec-1933 PA Double Stone: Fredrick A BOWER
BOWER Fredrick A 25-Oct-1880 1-Feb-1959 PA Double Stone: Daisy McKay BOWER 
BOWER Jeannette C. 2 Sep 1863 29-Aug-1948 OM
BOWER Mildred O. 6 Aug 1899 29-Jun-1963 VO "Mother"
BOWER Paul Everest 8 Nov 1898 4-Nov-1952 VO Vet - Colo. SK3 US Navy WW I
BOWER Columbus 0-0-1855 0-0-1936 M
BOWER Eliza 0-0-1852 0-0-1929 M
BOWER Jacob EL Buried 15 Nov 1914
BOWERS Fred W. 0-0-1872 0-0-1944 OM Same stone as May Bowers
BOWERS George L 0-0-1888 0-0-1964 MG
BOWERS James L 0-0-1914 MG
BOWERS James W. 19-Apr-1913 2-May-1960 OM Vet - Tec 5 HQ, 10, Port of Emb - WW II - Same stone as Letha May Bowers
BOWERS Letha May 18-Jul-1924 2-May-1960 OM Same stone as James W. Bowers - Born: Jewell County, KS
BOWERS Mayme Day 0-0-1881 OM Same stone as Fred W. Bowers
BOWERS Minnie L 5-Sep-1892 0-0-1966 MG
BOWERS Roy Denver 0-0-1928 0-0-1975 CA  Vet - US Air Force, Korea
BOWERS Lulie A 25-Jan-1867 29-Nov-1884 M Daughter of J H & S Bowers
BOWERS Frank J 0-0-0 17-Nov-1893 M Son of J H & S A Bowers
BOWERS Joseph H 0-0-1838 0-0-1901 M Vet - Co D 20th Reg. IN Vol. Inf.
BOWERS Sarah A 0-0-1840 0-0-1923 M
BOWERSOCK Mae E. 0-0-1867 0-0-1946 OM Same stone as Walter L. Bowersock
BOWERSOCK Walter L. 0-0-1873 0-0-1961 OM Same stone as Mae E. Bowersock
BOWERSOX Alpha R. 28 Jan 1894 24-May-1959 OM Same stone as John W. Bowersox
BOWERSOX Cheryl Marie 0-0-1952 0-0-1952 OM
BOWERSOX Dalton Odell 30-May-1925 31-Dec-1949 OM Vet - 340 Bomb Sqd 97 Bomb Group B.A.F.B
BOWERSOX John W. 14 Nov 1878 17-Mar-1948 OM Same stone as Alpha R. Bowersox
BOWHAY Margaret E 17-Feb-1925 30-Aug-1971 MG
BOWKER Eugene 0-0-1916 0-0-1929 PA
BOWLDS Bernarda C. 0-0-1913 CA Double stone: Harold E. Bowlds
BOWLDS Harold E. 0-0-1911 0-0-1976 CA Double stone: Bernarda C. Bowlds
BOWLING Ester 16-May-1919 22-Apr-1973 CA Double stone: John V. Bowling - Married 1 Nov 1941
BOWLING John V. 18-Apr-1920 CA Double stone: Ester Bowling - Married 1 Nov 1941
BOWMAN Celeste Jeanette MG
BOWMAN Charles F. 14 Jul 1864 27-Feb-1955 OM Same stone as Selma V. Bowman - Married 24 May 1892
BOWMAN Ethel 0-0-1898 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Omer Bowman
BOWMAN Fred A. 0-0-1896 0-0-1979 OM Vet - Pvt. U.S. Army WW I
BOWMAN Mabel 25-Nov-1914 MG
BOWMAN Mary Bail 0-0-1892 0-0-1960 MG
BOWMAN Omer 0-0-1907 OM Same stone as Ethel Bowman
BOWMAN Selma V. 3 Oct 1867 25-Feb-1960 OM Same stone as Charles F. Bowman - Married 24 May 1892
BOWMAN Violette V 0-0-1895 13-Feb-1981 MG
BOWMAN Katherine(Catherine?) 0-0-1852 0-0-1935 EL Buried 2 Oct 1935 - Double stone: Charles E. Bowman
BOWMAN Charles E. 0-0-1851 0-0-1930 EL Buried 17 Sep 1930 - Double stone: Catherine Bowman
BOWMAN Floyd S. 0-0-1850 0-0-1902 EL
BOWMAN Grover Cleveland EL Buried 18 Nov 1937
BOWMAN Samantha C. EL Buried 3 Nov 1935
BOWSHER Arvester 0-0-1891 0-0-1960 OM
BOY Baby EL Cement block, ground level, Baby Boy engraved
BOYCE LaVirl 0-0-1908 EL Double stone: Lee Roy Boyce - Married 6 May 1936
BOYCE Lee Roy 0-0-1909 0-0-1978 EL Buried 11 Sep 1978 - Married 6 May 1936 - Double stone: LaVirl Boyce
BOYD Agnes M 0-0-1861 0-0-1908 PA
BOYD Carthal Richard 6-Apr-1953 6-Mar-1982 VO Vet - S/Sgt
BOYD Cheryl Lynn 0-0-1959 OM Same stone as Melissa Lee Boyd
BOYD Claude Clayton 5-Aug-1894 28-Agu-1963 PA Vet - Colo F1 US Navy WWI
BOYD Dan S. 7 Sep 1869 6-Jun-1946 OM
BOYD Emma J. 0-0-1849 0-0-1921 OM
BOYD Frank M 20-Aug-1887 12-Mar-1954 PA Vet - Colo Pvt A F Service Mech Sch WWI
BOYD John Otis 0-0-1893 0-0-1962 MG Double Stone: Leona S BOYD
BOYD Leona S 0-0-1964 MG Double Stone: John Otis BOYD
BOYD Louisa M. 0-0-1829 0-0-1903 CC
BOYD Melissa Lee 0-0-1959 OM Same stone as Cheryl Lynn Boyd
BOYD Rayborn E. 27-Dec-1902 15-Dec-1965 CL
BOYD Robert E 0-0-1855 0-0-1915 PA
BOYD William CP Infant - Lot s 1/2 of 63, Plot 4
BOYD William 20-Mar-1912 PA Double Stone: Willie BOYD
BOYD Willie 29-Nov-1904 PA Double Stone: William BOYD
BOYD Bernetta EL Buried 7 Nov 1934
BOYD Margarite EL Buried 19 Mar 1929
BOYDSTUN Eulala B 1-Jul-1900 MG
BOYDSTUN Harley Ray 0-0-1927 0-0-1943 OM
BOYDSTUN William Leroy 26-Nov-1929 26-Nov-1976 PA Vet - Cpl US Army WWII
BOYER Allen 0-0-1891 0-0-1898 OM
BOYER George G. 14 Jul 1849 24-Dec-1924 OM
BOYER George P 0-0-1920 0-0-1980 MG
BOYER Gordon S 22-Feb-1897 MG
BOYER Helen Layton 0-0-1898 0-0-1907 OM
BOYER James "Jimmie" 16 Dec 1896 OM Died: age 4 yrs, 5 mos, 11 days
BOYER Marguerete C. 28 Feb 1848 29 Feb 1914 OM
BOYER Olive M. 0-0-1873 0-0-1946 CA Double stone: W. Guy Boyer
BOYER W. Guy 0-0-1871 CA Double stone: Olive M. Boyer
BOYER OM Sec A, row 35
BOYLE Esther 31-Oct-1901 2-Jul-1973 VO
BOYLES M. Earl 0-0-1889 0-0-1975 OM Same stone as Ruth E. Boyles & Percy C. Segerstrom
BOYLES Ruth E. 0-0-1896 0-0-1978 OM Same stone as M. Earl Boyles & Percy C. Segerstrom
BOYTON Paul V. 0-0-1885 0-0-1947 OM
BOZARTH Emery P. 20-Apr-1901 3-Jan-1978 OM Married: 29 Nov 1941 - Same stone as Eunice J. Bozarth
BOZARTH Eunice J. 6-May-1920 OM Married: 29 Nov 1941 - Same stone as Emery P. Bozarth
BRAA Jeffry 23-May-1956 25-Nov-1975 MG
BRACH Antonio L. 5 Jul 1870 26-Oct-1960 EL Double stone: Domenica C. Brach - Married 5 Sep 1903 in Trnidad, CO
BRACH Danny 21-Feb-1949 EL
BRACH Domenica C. 19 Jan 1878 28-Jul-1961 EL Double stone: Antonio L. Barch - Born Corio Canavese Torino, Italy
BRACH Florence Ena 22-Jun-1906 6-Apr-1971 EL Same stone as Jimmie Ray & John Brach - Married 17 Jan 1931
BRACH James Ray "Jimmy" 10-Jul-1938 8-Mar-1954 EL Same stone as F. Ena & John Brach
BRACH John 18-Jun-1904 EL Same stone as Jimmie Ray & F. Ena Brach - Buried 6 Feb 1972
BRACH John D. 0-0-1889 0-0-1972 EL Buried 6 Nov 1972 - Double stone: Nellie Brach
BRACH Nellie 0-0-1901 0-0-1978 EL Double stone: John D. Brach
BRACKELSBERG Florence 0-0-1882 0-0-1965 OM
BRACKELSBERG Mildred C. "Sherry" 23-Oct-1916 21-Feb-1972 OM Married to Ray Brackelsberg
BRADBURRY S. M. 20-Feb-1912 OM Should be: Bradbury, Stanton M
BRADBURY May H. 0-0-1878 0-0-1914 CA
BRADBURY Stanton M OM See: Bradburry, S. M.
BRADBURY Alanzo O 9-Oct-1875 20-Aug-1923 I
BRADBURY Carroll D 28-Nov-1907 16-Feb-1910 I Age 2 y 2 m 18 d; Parents: A O Olive Bradbury
BRADBURY Daniel Lieut I Vet - Co A 31 A Cav
BRADBURY Frank 12-Jan-1887 23-Aug-1978 I Married: Nellie L GILBERT; 27-Sep-1911
BRADBURY Harry A 31-Mar-1904 17-Feb-1909 I Age: 4 y 10 m 17 d
BRADBURY Mary I 0-0-1856 0-0-1938 I
BRADBURY Nellie Lorena Gilbert 11-Sep-1888 15-Mar-1930 I Married: Frank BRADBURY; 27-Sep-1911
BRADBURY Olive C 16-Mar-1877 19-Nov-1923 I
BRADEEN Aubrey A. 30-Apr-1900 9-Jul-1901 OM Same stone as Rolland G. Bradeen
BRADEEN Rolland G. 20-Feb-1902 1-Aug-1902 OM Same stone as Aubrey A. Bradeen
BRADFORD Byron Boris 28-Nov-1923 14-Jul-1974 PA Vet - Pvt US Army
BRADFORD Eunice E. 0-0-1838 0-0-1928 DB
BRADFORD James E. 0-0-1854 0-0-1928 OM
BRADFORD Jesse Holloway 22-Jan-1899 MG
BRADFORD Pearl M 0-0-1900 31-Oct-1980 MG
BRADFORD Teresa 30-May-1968 MG
BRADFORD Walter Lyle 27-Feb-1938 8-Jan-1963 VO Vet - Washington Sgt Co A. 48 Infantry
BRADISH George 0-0-1881 OM
BRADISH Millie 0-0-1888 0-0-1890 OM
BRADISH Permelia Morse 0-0-1811 0-0-1890 OM
BRADISH William 0-0-1886 OM
BRADLEY Cecil N 24-Dec-1919 25-May-1978 MG
BRADLEY Dolores M. 0-0-1910 CA Double stone: Howard P. Bradley - Married 2 Jul 1928
BRADLEY Howard P. 0-0-1907 0-0-1977 CA Double stone: Dolores M. Bradley - Married 2 Jul 1928
BRADLEY Tony Marie (Toni?) 31-Jan-1962 1-Dec-1979 EL
BRADSHAW Arthur B. 0-0-1885 0-0-1963 OM Married: 18 Jul 1910 - Same stone as Euphie L. Bradshaw
BRADSHAW Ben A. 0-0-1925 0-0-1975 OM Vet - Sgt. U.S. Army - Korea
BRADSHAW Euphie L. 0-0-1891 0-0-1973 OM Married: 18 Jul 1910 - Same stone as Arthur B. Bradshaw
BRADSHAW Harold S. 16-Feb-1922 5-Nov-1947 OM Vet - Colo Tec 5 Log Evac Hosp. WW II
BRADSHAW Herbert 0-0-1887 0-0-1905 PA
BRADSHAW Reid H. 20-Dec-1927 20-Jul-1946 OM Vet - Colo Pvt Inf WW II
BRADY Floyd 0-0-1902 0-0-1962 OM Married 2 June 1925
BRADY Jennie M. 0-0-1880 0-0-1966 OM Same stone as Robert L. Brady
BRADY Joseph I. 0-0-1865 0-0-1944 OM Same stone as Lulu B. Brady
BRADY Lulu B. 0-0-1868 0-0-1947 OM Same stone as Joseph I. Brady
BRADY Robert Joseph 29-Oct-1931 1-Nov-1931 PA
BRADY Robert L. 0-0-1872 0-0-1945 OM Same stone as Jennie M. Brady
BRAGE Mamie Ellen 0-0-1870 0-0-1911 OC
BRAGO Marie   OC "Baby"
BRANCA August 0-0-1893 0-0-1937 CA
BRAND Hazel Mae 5-Dec-1915 13-Jul-1977 MG
BRANDON Jewell 11-Jul-1910 23-Jun-1965 PA
BRANDON James Edgar 0-0-1884 17-Nov-1958 EL
BRANDON Emma J. EL Buried 27 Dec 1943
BRANDT Charles W 27-Feb-1892 MG
BRANDT Frances 0-0-1899 0-0-1963 MG Double Stone: Charles W BRANDT
BRANNING Karl Roy 0-0-1914 0-0-1968 OM
BRANNING Katherine V. 0-0-1893 0-0-1967 OM Same stone as Roy X. Branning
BRANNING Roy X. 0-0-1886 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as Katherine V. Branning
BRANNON Bert C 28-Jun-1892 MG
BRANNON Elisha M 0-0-1900 12-Nov-1980 MG
BRANNON Sally C 0-0-1934 0-0-1948 PA
BRANSCOM Ed 0-0-1871 0-0-1943 OM
BRANSCOM Elfra 0-0-1888 0-0-1968 OM
BRANSCOM James 0-0-1878 0-0-1952 OM
BRANSCOM Ruth 0-0-1918 0-0-1940 OM
BRANSCOMBE C. H. 0-0-1871 0-0-1948 OM
BRANSON Florence A. 0-0-1898 CC Same stone as Havey C. Branson. Married 9 Nov 1919
BRANSON Grace 0-0-1882 0-0-1957 CC
BRANSON Havey C. 0-0-1896 0-0-1956 CC Same stone as Florence A. Branson.  Married 9 Nov 1919 - IOOF
BRANSON Jessie A 0-0-1917 9-Nov-1981 MG
BRANSON Leona Grace 0-0-1934 0-0-1936 CC
BRANSON William H. 0-0-1859 0-0-1940 CC
BRANSON Zelda Wanita 0-0-1926 0-0-1926 OM
BRANSON Ranie Lawrence 12-Jun-1910 4-Nov-1976 M Married 15-Mar-1932, Children: Larry, Gary and Phyllis
BRANT Catherine Weimer 0-0-1883 0-0-1910 CA
BRASHERS George A. 5 Aug 1898 10-Apr-1970 OM Same stone as Sallie L. Brashers
BRASHERS Sallie L. 19-Jan-1905 20-Feb-1977 OM Same stone as George A. Brashers
BRATTON Edward John 13 Nov 1895 6-Nov-1970 VO Vet - Colo. A2c US Air Force. WW II & Korea
BRATTON James J. 0-0-1899 0-0-1962 OM Same stone as Myrtle Bratton - Married 13 Jun  1927
BRATTON Larry   0-0-1940 MG
BRATTON Myrtle 0-0-1896 0-0-1977 OM Same stone as James J. Bratton - Married 13 Jun 1927
BRAWLEY R. Frank, Jr. 14-May-1919 16-Oct-1978 OM
BRAY Edwin H, Sr 25-Aug-1901 MG
BRAY Ora Ollie 0-0-1881 0-0-1946 OM Same stone as William M. Bray
BRAY Sherman R 0-0-1899 0-0-1968 MG
BRAY William M. 0-0-1874 0-0-1950 OM Same stone as Ora Ollie Bray
BRAY Baby Boy EL Buried 18 May 1957
BRAY Charles A. 0-0-1909 0-0-1954 EL Buried 10 Jul 1954
BRAY China 6 Apr 1872 4-Apr-1947 EL Double stone: Stephen S. Bray
BRAY Gillis White 0-0-1897 0-0-1961 EL
Bray Stephen S. 26 Mar 1865 3-Jun-1956 EL Double stone: China Bray
BRAY William E. (F.?) 0-0-1906 0-0-1971 EL Buried 16 Jan 1971
BREASLIN Ruby Ida 0-0-1909 0-0-1939 CA Same stone as William & William R. Breaslin
BREAZEALE William H. 16-May-1919 11-Sep-1950 OM Vet - Sgt 460th B HO & A.B. Sqdn - Born: Karnak, IL - Died:Mack, CO
BREEDEN Eldon 25 Mar 1895 21-Jul-1981 VO Vet - Lt. Col. US Air Force, WW I & WW II
BREEDEN Pauline R. 20 May 1896 31-Aug-1979 VO Wife of Eldon Breeden
BREEDING Nancy 0-0-1964 0-0-1964 EL Buried 30 Jul 1964
BREEDLOVE Dick T 0-0-1873 0-0-1916 PA Double Stone: Infant daughter
BREEDLOVE Infant Daughter 0-0-1908 0-0-1908 PA Double Stone: Dick T BREEDLOVE
BREER Carolyn 0-0-1950 0-0-1953 OM
BREER Mary 0-0-1951 OM Baby
BREEZE Lewis H 0-0-1853 0-0-1905 I
BREIDLING Mahlon G 0-0-1911 0-0-1975 I Double Stone: Mary I BREIDLING
BREIDLING Mary I 0-0-1915 I Double Stone: Mahlon G BREIDLING
BRELSFORD Bertha J. 13 Feb 1898 28-Dec-1977 OM Same stone as James A. Brelsford - Married 27 Aug 1919
BRELSFORD James A. 29 Aug 1892 26-Apr-1980 OM Same stone as Bertha J. Brelsford - Married 27 Aug 1919
BRENDT Therese 0-0-1846 0-0-1922 CA
BRENNAN Frank H. 0-0-1869 0-0-1932 CA Double stone: Mary A. Brennan
BRENNAN Lawrence E 20-Nov-1928 MG Vet
BRENNAN Mary A. 0-0-1870 0-0-1959 CA Double stone: Frank H. Brennan
BRENNAN Patrick J. 0-0-1890 0-0-1943 CA
BRENNAN William David 0-0-1953 0-0-1962 OM
BRENNEMAN Bessie C. 0-0-1896 0-0-1978 OM
BRENNEMAN Eula W. 0-0-1900 0-0-1963 EL Buried 28 Jan 1963 - Starks Funeral Home
BRENNEMAN James C. 13 Feb 1887 13-Mar-1960 EL Double stone: Lodelia G. Brenneman - Married 6 May 1913
BRENNEMAN Lodelia Gertrude 19 Jan 1884 3-Nov-1955 EL Double stone: James C. Brenneman
BRENNEMAN  Carol Ann 0-0-1939 EL Buried 28 Jun 1939 - 2 days old
BRENNER Barbara A. 0-0-1934 0-0-1976 OM
BRESHEARS Porter D. 28-Jun-1919 28-Apr-1953 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt 898 AAA Bn CAC WW II
BRET Nellie C. 31 Mar 1889 30-Mar-1932 EL
BRETT Ruby Helen 1-Dec-1926 28-Feb-1997 CP
BREWER Cloyce E 27-May-1899 9-Jul-1967 PA
BREWER Edward D 28-Dec-1888 15-May-1975 MG
BREWER Vera C 20-Aug-1895 MG
BREWER Edith Havens 0-0-1888 0-0-1921 EL Buried  11 Nov 1921
BREWSTER Annie 0-0-1868 0-0-1935 EL Buried 26 Dec 1935
BREWSTER Grace Darling 0-0-1867 0-0-1959 EL Buried 26 Nov 1959 - Starks Funeral Home
BREWSTER James Gideon 0-0-1863 0-0-1946 EL Buried 2 Jul 1946 - Starks Funeral Home
BRICKER Ellis Roscoe 5-Aug-1894 0-0-1967 MG
BRICKER Merle 30-Jul-1909 9-Sep-1977 MG
BRICKER  Etta Rebecca 0-0-1888 0-0-1957 MG
BRIDGE Esther B. 12 Sep 1887 14-May-1971 OM
BRIDGEMAN Oscar Jack 0-0-1898 0-0-1942 OM
BRIDGES Adam Milton 19-Jan-1852 15-Jan-1920 PA 3 names on stone: Lela B & Sarah Ruth BRIDGES
BRIDGES James 0-0-1887 0-0-1937 CA Double stone: Mary Bridges
BRIDGES Lela B 28-Apr-1874 6-Sep-1922 PA 3 names on stone: Sarah Ruth & Adam Milton BRIDGES
BRIDGES Mary 0-0-1907 0-0-1936 CA Double stone: James Bridges
BRIDGES Nancy 9 Jan 1830 27-Jan-1903 OM
BRIDGES Sarah Ruth 14-Oct-1850 11-Amr-1922 PA 3 names on stone: Lela B & Adam Milton BRIDGES
BRIDGES Wadell Edwrad 5-Jun-1907 10-Nov-1967 VO Vet - Colo. Pfc QMC WW II
BRIDWELL Merle Evelyn Felts 0-0-1898 0-0-1979 EL Buried 28 Mar 1979
BRIGGS Della Mildred 0-0-1905 0-0-1949 OM
BRIGGS Rufus H. 0-0-1859 0-0-1920 OM
BRIGGS Welthy L. 0-0-1912 0-0-1946 OM
BRIGHT Dale C 20-Jun-1910 23-Oct-1976 MG
BRINK Arthur 0-0-1866 0-0-1921 ME Son of A.G. & Kaziah Brink
BRINK Emanuel ME "Father - Pioneers of Mesa Co." Same stone as Sarah A. (Addie) Brink
BRINK Etta T. 0-0-1873 0-0-1909 ME  Wife of A. G. Brink
BRINK Harry G. 6-Apr-1898 ME Died age 9 yrs, 1 mo, 6 days. "Brother" Same stone as Wesle R. Brink
BRINK Herbert L. 0-0-1887 0-0-1958 ME
BRINK Sarah A. (Addie) ME "Mother - Pioneers of Mesa Co." Same stone as Emanuel C. Brink
BRINK Wesle R. 24-Jun-1897 ME Died age 12 yrs, 3 mos, 16 days "Brother" Same stone as Harry G. Brink
BRINK Anna Mary 0-0-1856 0-0-1919 M Wife of J Frank Brink
BRINK Bobby Joe EL Buried 31 Aug 1944
BRINKER Elmer J 0-0-1902 0-0-1964 MG
BRINKLEY John W 2-Sep-1901 7-Jul-1982 MG
BRINTNALL James E 24-Aug-1889 MG
BRINTON Margaret Ann 0-0-1854 0-0-1936 PA
BRISNAHAN Michael 0-0-1854 0-0-1926 CA
BRISNAHAN Sarah J. 0-0-1868 0-0-1919 CA
BRISSIO E Lucy 0-0-1900 0-0-1920 PA
BRISSIO Frank 0-0-1872 0-0-1929 PA
BRISSIO William 2-Jul-1903 22-Jul-1915 PA
BRISTOL Ardis Irene 0-0-1895 EL Double stone: Ernest G. Bristol - Buried 2 Feb 1985
BRISTOL Ernest Grant 0-0-1892 0-0-1954 EL Double stone: Ardis I. Bristol - Buried 20 Aug 1954
BRISTOW Sameul Earl 23-Apr-1933 18 Arp 1973 OM
BRITTON Balous O 8-Jan-1896 MG
BRITTON Elrey F 3-Oct-1904 30-Jan-1977 MG
BRITTON Mary E  10-May-1902 11-May-1974 MG
BRITTON Robert Lewis 0-0-1912 0-0-1983 VO Vet - US Navy WW II
BROADHEAD James Edward 0-0-1876 0-0-1944 OM
BROADHEAD Mary Martha 0-0-1882 0-0-1968 OM
BROCK William T. 2-Apr-1931 EL Vet - Ariz Pvt 134 Inf 34 Div
BROCKELMAN Herbert A. 0-0-1903 0-0-1976 OM Same stone as Louise W. Brockelman
BROCKELMAN Louise W. 0-0-1906 0-0-1973 OM Same stone as Herbert A. Brockelman
BROCKMAN Fred W.  0-0-1889 0-0-1972 om
brockman Minnie H. 0-0-1897 0-0-1922 OM
BROCKMAN Nancy M. 19-Aug-1904 26-Nov-1954 OM
BROCKMAN William I. 16-Dec-1908 7-Feb-1959 OM
BRODAK Harry L. 0-0-1906 0-0-1908 CA
BRODAK John 17 Oct 1883 5-Nov-1918 CA
BRODAK Joseph F. 0-0-1878 0-0-1903 CA
BRODAK Louis 16 May 1884 17-Oct-1934 CA
BRODAK Mary 4 Jul 1884 12-Feb-1964 CA
BRODELL Thomas J. 0-0-1911 0-0-1980 VO Vet - Pvt. US Armt WW II
BROEMSER C L  20-Dec-1855 28-Nov-1914 M
BROM Maxine Fern 15-Nov-1919 20-Sep-1980 EL Double stone: Wayde A. Brom
BROM Wayde Adair 22-Oct-1915 8-Jan-1978 EL Double stone: Maxine F. Brom
BROMAN John E. 0-0-1871 0-0-1930 OM
BROMAN Josephine S. 0-0-1866 0-0-1956 OM
BROMAN Oscar W 1-Nov-1883 MG
BROMAN Selma 23-Feb-1893 9-Sep-1977 MG
BROMAN Harrison L. 0-0-1889 0-0-1949 EL Buried Aug 1949
BROMAN Johannah EL Buried 10 May 1938
BROMLEY Alta EL Buried 13 Aug 1910
BRONSON Charles Henry 0-0-1860 0-0-1948 OM
BRONSON Kenneth Glover 0-0-1909 0-0-1923 OM
BRONSON Rhoda 0-0-1862 0-0-1965 OM
BROOK Charles D. 0-0-1878 0-0-1950 ME
BROOKE Charles G. 0-0-1907 0-0-1978 ME
BROOKE David 0-0-1844 0-0-1938 ME Vet - Co. D, 4 mo S.M. Calvary
BROOKE George W. 0-0-1870 0-0-1932 ME
BROOKE Sallie S. 0-0-1839 0-0-1916 ME
BROOKINGS Roberts Ellen 16-Jan-1926 10-Dec-1957 OM
BROOKINS Raymond O. 0-0-1913 0-0-1967 OM
BROOKS Anna E 20-Nov-1884 MG
BROOKS Arthur G 1-Dec-1885 MG
BROOKS Fannie L. Smith 20 Nov 1865 26-Oct-1919 OM Born: Blistol, WI - Married: 15 Oct 1902 in Grand Junction, CO - 
BROOKS Gregory Edward 0-Oct 1947 0-Jan 1973 OM
BROOKS Harry  18-jan-1897 24-Jun-1975 MG
BROOKS Martha 6-Apr-1908 21-Jun-1975 MG
BROOKS Melbern C. 16-Nov-1928 25-Jan-1954 CA
BROOKS Mona   0-0-1893 0-0-1955 PA
BROOKS Nellie 0-0-1862 0-0-1909 OM
BROOKS O. C. 0-0-1896 0-0-1959 OM
BROOKS Paul Arthur 28-Jun-1914 MG
BROOKS Thomas H 0-0-1851 0-0-1901 M
BROOKS J Frank 8-Apr-1896 M Age 33 years
BROOKS Strange M Vet - Chaplin 9 Kansas Cav
BROOKS David Dunham 0-0-1862 0-0-1943 EL Buried 18 Aug 1943
BROOKS Ethel Viola EL Buried 8 Jan 1980
BROOKS John Henry 0-0-1891 0-0-1967 EL Buried 11 May 1967 - Starks Funeral Home
BROPHY Gertrude R 7-Nov-1903 30-Dec-1978 MG
BROPHY James E 13-Dec-1900 MG
BROSIUS Gladys V 30-Apr-1930 2-Mar-1978 MG
BROTHERS Blanche Lapp 1 Aug 1887 9-Apr-1976 OM Same stone as Russel Fred Brothers
BROTHERS John Daniel 30 Jen 1919 24-Jan-1998 CP
BROTHERS Russell Fred 26 Jun 1885 19-Jul-1970 OM Same stone as Blanche Lapp Brothers
BROTT Ida M 0-0-1890 0-0-1961 MG Double Stone: Vernon D BROTT
BROTT Vernon D 21-Jun-1889 16-Jul-1973 MG Double Stone: Ida M BROTT
BROUGHTON Charles W. OM Vet - Co. E 30 Ind Inf.
BROUGHTON George P. 8 Jun 1869 21-Apr-1962 OM Same stone as Netta Belle Broughton
BROUGHTON Merle M 11-Aug-1923 17-Jun-1974 MG age - 50
BROUGHTON Netta Belle 11 Mar 1898 5-Jul-1966 OM Same stone as George P. Broughton - Married 21 Jan 1920
BROUGHTON Sarah Frances 0-0-1853 0-0-1932 OM
BROUSE Edith M. 3 Nov 1888 19-Nov-1973 OM
BROUSE Ellwood L. 23 Dec 1884 22-Feb-1969 OM
BROUSE Marvin 0-0-1880 0-0-1946 OM
BROUSE Minnie 0-0-1870 0-0-1951 OM
BROWER Mattie Fern 29-Apr-1890 MG
BROWER Susan 0-0-1845 0-0-1928 OM
BROWME Hattie M 29-Jun-1890 MG
BROWN Albert Allen 22 Dec 1894 18-Feb-1964 OM
BROWN Amy R. 4-Jun-1862 9-Jan-1949 ME "Mother" Same stone as Thomas H. Brown
BROWN Arthur R. 0-0-1870 0-0-1953 OM Same stone as Sarah M. Brown
BROWN Berton Samuel 20 May 1890 1-Apr-1972 OM Vet - Iowa Pfc US Army WW I
BROWN Beulah M. 0-0-1910 0-0-1972 CA Double stone: Durrel L. Brown
BROWN Burnice James 23-Jul-1901 4-Dec-1974 MG age - 73
BROWN C Ray 6-Aug-1903 29-Jun-1976 MG age - 76
BROWN C. L. (D.J. ?) CP Vet; Co. A. 7 MO Cav. Lot 35, Plot 4
BROWN C. O. 0-0-1886 0-0-1964 OM Same stone as May B. Brown
BROWN Charles H. 0-0-1895 0-0-1975 ME "Husband" Married 27 Nov 1927 - Same stone as Ruth V. Brown
BROWN Charles W 7-Aug-1918 19-Jan-1980 PA Double Stone: Rosalie C BROWN
BROWN Clara 0-0-1869 0-0-1903 OM Husband: R. S. Brown
BROWN Clara Hall 2-Mar-1900 19-Mar-1970 VO
BROWN Cortez 28-May-1913 15-Apr-1974 VO  Vet - CCS US Navy Ret. WW II & Korea
BROWN Dana E. 0-0-1905 0-0-1959 OM
BROWN Dewey Mae 21-Jan-1898 24-Jun-1970 ME "Mother"
BROWN Durrel L. 0-0-1906 CA Double stone: Beulah M. Brown
BROWN Edith Diana 15-Dec-1891 MG
BROWN Ellis E. 10-Nov-1905 9-Apr-1968 OM Same stone as Mary K. Brown
BROWN Elmer E. 14 Nov 1886 7-Mar-1970 OM
BROWN Elnore 0-0-1868 0-0-1917 ME "Mother"
BROWN Esther 0-0-1905 11-May-1905 ME
BROWN Eugene 0-0-1929 0-0-1979 VO Vet - Cpl. US Army - Korea
BROWN Eula M 17-Dec-1892 12-Nov-1976 MG
BROWN Everett Bea 19-Jul-1896 21-Jan-1974 MG age - 78
BROWN Frank Franz 30-Nov-1886 0-0-1965 MG
BROWN Frank S 31-Mar-1917 MG
BROWN Glen 15-Jul-???? MG
BROWN Glen Albert 2-Jun-1911 15-Jan-1976 VO Vet - Pfc USMC WW II
BROWN Harney C 0-0-1929 28-May-1982 MG
BROWN Harry D 18-Jul-1912 18-Apr-1977 MG
BROWN Harry Lewis 31-Dec-1877 2-Apr-1956 MG
BROWN Hugh Marshall 7 May 1895 6-Oct-1954 VO Vet - South Dakota Pvt. 19 TN HQ & MP 1`9 Div. WW I
BROWN Ida May 22 Mar 1893 21-Jun-1963 VO
BROWN Irene 14-Oct-1903 PA Double Stone: Melvin BROWN
BROWN Isabelle Cathreyn Hill 24-May-1915 30-Mar-1946 VO Callahan Mortuary
BROWN Jettie 5-Oct-1881 27-Dec-1972 MG
BROWN John Edward 0-0-1926 0-0-1960 OM
BROWN John Park 0-0-1846 0-0-1938 ME Vet - Col. L12 Ind Calv, WW I "Dad" Same stone as Elnore Brown 
BROWN John S. 6 Apr 1875 3-Jul-1950 OM Same stone as Margaret J. Brown - Married 13 Dec 1913
BROWN John Samuel 0-0-1876 0-0-1959 MG
BROWN John W. 25 Oct 1853 31-Jan-1911 OM
BROWN Joseph N. 24-Mar-1926 OM Vet - Pvt 355 Inf. 89 Div
BROWN Kimberly A MG
BROWN Lawrence 0/0/1925 2002 Apr CP
BROWN Letta V 4-May-1892 8-Jun-1977 MG
BROWN Linnie P 0-0-1889 19-Jun-1982 MG
BROWN Lloyd E. 23-Nov-1901 ME Died age 1 yr, 10 mos, 6 days. "Brother" Same stone as Mark Brown
BROWN Lorraine Justine 2-Feb-1910 MG
BROWN Margaret J. 7 Nov 1885 25-Sep-1974 OM Same stone as John S. Brown - Married 13 Dec 1913
BROWN Margareta 8 Mar 1858 1-Jul-1919 OM
BROWN Mark 25-Dec-1898 ME "Brother: Same stone as Lloyd E. Brown
BROWN Mary K. 9-Feb-1913 OM Same stone as Ellis E. Brown
BROWN Mattie M. 1 Aug 1860 18-May-1926 OM
BROWN Mattilou 29-Mar-1908 MG
BROWN May B. 0-0-1889 0-0-1976 OM
BROWN Melvin 16-Feb-1903 23-Apr-1973 PA Double Stone: Irene BROWN
BROWN Michael B 14-Jul-1907 11-Nov-1977 MG
BROWN Nellie E 0-0-1890 10-Jan-1981 MG
BROWN Olin Merrill 0-0-1904 0-0-1966 OM
BROWN Orin M. 0-0-1883 0-0-1967 OM
BROWN Orley G Sr 0-0-1885 0-0-1964 PA Double Stone: Pearl C BROWN
BROWN Pamela Jane 26-Sep-1958 8-Dec-1964 ME
BROWN Patricia Ann 0-0-1975 0-0-1975 PA
BROWN Pauline 0-0-1906 0-0-1936 OC
BROWN Pearl C 0-0-1886 0-0-1942 PA Double Stone: Orley G BROWN Sr
BROWN Penelope Chase 25-Oct-1886 19-Sep-1974 MG age - 88
BROWN Ralph Logan 7-Sep-1930 12-May-1969 ME Vet - Colo PFC, U.S. Army
BROWN Robert OM Vet - Lt. Co F. 8th Ill Inf.
BROWN Robert Russell 13 Jul 1885 19-Nov-1971 OM
BROWN Robert S. Jr. 0-0-1902 0-0-1935 OM
BROWN Rosalie C PA Double Stone: Charles W BROWN
BROWN Ruth V. 0-0-1906 ME "Wife" of Charles H. Brown - Married 27 Nov 1927
BROWN Sadie 0-0-1882 0-0-1902 CC & baby
BROWN Sarah M. 0-0-1874 0-0-1942 OM Same stone as Arthur R. Brown
BROWN Sheryl Lynn 12-Apr-1961 8-Dec-1964 ME
BROWN Shirley L 0-0-1920 13-Mar-1980 MG
BROWN Thomas B. 0-0-1917 0-0-1981 VO Vet - Cpl. US Army WW II
BROWN Thomas H. 1-Apr-1852 6-Nov-1911 ME "Father" Same stone as Amy R. Brown
BROWN Thomas Henry 23-Aug-1933 8-Dec-1964 ME Vet - Colo St. Sgt 462 C. Bt Spt USAF
BROWN Walter G., Jr. 0-0-1922 0-0-1977 VO Vet - MM1 US Navy WW II
BROWN Warren H. 0-0-1901 0-0-1926 OM
BROWN Willard C 14-Mar-1887 MG
BROWN William A 11-Nov-1919 MG
BROWN William Albert 25 Jul 1853 14-Apr-1939 OM
BROWN William Lewis 0-0-1887 0-0-1956 MG
BROWN William M 10-Sep-1890 25-May-1971 PA Vet - Mo PHM US Navy WWI
BROWN William W. 0-0-1877 0-0-1938 CA In Stoltz plot
BROWN Zollie Kile 5-Aug-1924 23-Aug-1977 MG
BROWN Clara A 11-Jun-1862 15-Aug-1950 I
BROWN Dorothy S 0-0-1898 0-0-1912 I Double Stone:William T BROWN, Father
BROWN William T 0-0-1860 0-0-1921 I Double Stone: Dorothy S BROWN, Daughter
BROWN Edith Del 0-0-1871 0-0-1969 M
BROWN J Mason 0-0-1866 0-0-1944 M
BROWN Thomas C 0-0-1850 0-0-1907 M
BROWN Verlera 0-0-1884 0-0-1977 M
BROWN Anna EL Buried 20 Jun 1931
BROWN Baby (Stillborn) 0-0-1970 0-0-1970 EL Starks Funeral Home
BROWN Bessie Catherine EL Buried 6 Dec 1963
BROWN Charlotte V. EL Buried 23 Sep 1957
BROWN Elmer (Baby) EL Buried 9 Aug 1942
BROWN Elmer George "Buddy" 0-0-1932 0-0-1949 EL Buried 10 Feb 1949
BROWN Elmer Theodore 0-0-1897 0-0-1945 EL Buried 21 Nov 1945
BROWN Fawn 0-0-1927 0-0-1968 EL Buried 11 May 1968
BROWN Fred (baby) EL
BROWN Fred EL Buried 20 Oct 1910
BROWN Gaylen Edward EL Buried 22 Oct 1936 - Howard's baby
BROWN George L. 27 Dec 1864 15-Jul-1953 EL
BROWN Guy Wood 0-0-1879 0-0-1969 EL Buried:  22 Jan 1969
BROWN Harry EL Buried:  13 May 1976
BROWN Homer A. 29-Jul-1899 12-Mar-1963 EL
BROWN Hugh A. EL Buried:  22 Oct 1922
BROWN James M. C. 22-Apr-1876 7-Mar-1914 EL 3-single stones, 1-lg stone in center of plots -- Brown engraved
BROWN John Miner 0-0-1841 0-0-1921 EL Buried:  22 Jul 1921
BROWN Lafayette L. 8-Jan-1878 23-Feb-1895 EL "In Memory of"
BROWN Martha Jane EL Buried:  24 Dec 1934
BROWN Rachel EL Buried:  7 May 1931
BROWN Richard 11-Nov-1908 17-Apr-1964 EL Vet - U. S. Army WW II
BROWN Roscoe Omer, Sr. 0-0-1881 0-0-1948 EL Buried:11 Aug 1948
BROWN Maude Irene 0-0-1881 0-0-1977 EL Buried:  6 Jun 1977
BROWN Otto William 3-Dec-1937 EL Vet - Colorado, Private 58th Inf, 4th Div, Cross on Stone
BROWN Roscoe Omer, Jr. 22-May-1920 24-Oct-1959 EL Buried:  13 Nov 1959
BROWN Ruth Kemper 0-0-1882 0-0-1944 EL Buried:  9 Oct 1944
BROWN Tom (Thomas Adison) 0-0-1867 0-0-1939 EL Buried:  21 Sep 1939
BROWN Truman C. (Trueman) 18-Sep-1875 2-Dec-1895 EL "In Memory of"
BROWN Vivian 27-Aug-1897 29-Mar-1980 EL
BROWN Vivian Leona 0-0-1903 0-0-1940 EL Buried:  24 Jun 1940
BROWN William H. EL Buried:  14 Feb 1931
BROWN William L., Mrs. EL Buried:  11 Jul 1902
BROWN William L. 0-0-1832 0-0-1914 EL
BROWNE Charles D 28-Apr-1889 MG
BROWNE Frederick W. 0-0-1866 0-0-1924 OM Same stone as Nelly E. Brown
BROWNE Nelly E. 0-0-1879 0-0-1964 OM Same stone as Frederick W. Browne
BROWNELL Albert Henry 0-0-1885 0-0-1956 MG
BROWNELL Eliza Edith 0-0-1892 MG
BROWNFIELD Oakley 0-0-1881 0-0-1917 I
BROWNLEE Bertha Eulalia 0-0-1899 OM Same stone as William Curtis Brownlee
BROWNLEE Eva E. 0-0-1899 OM Same stone as Harry E. Brownlee
BROWNLEE Harry E. 0-0-1885 0-0-1958 OM Same stone as Eva E. Brownlee
BROWNLEE William Curtis 0-0-1894 0-0-1968 OM Same stone as Bertha Eulalia Brownlee 
BROYLES Larry David 20-Mar-1956 12-Jun-1973 MG age - 17
BRUBAKER Harry K. 19 Feb 1877 22-Nov-1945 OM Same stone as Sadie E. Brubaker
BRUBAKER Sadie E. 13 Jan 1885 21-Apr-1972 OM Same stone as Harry K. Brubaker
BRUBAKER Dora Williams 0-0-1868 0-0-1954 M
BRUBAKER John A 0-0-1839 0-0-1934 M
BRUBAKER Enoch E. 0-0-1890 0-0-1960 EL Buried:  24 Jun 1960
BRUBAKER Hattie E. 0-0-1891 0-0-1977 EL
BRUCE Cheryl Jean 11-Jun-1958 12-Mar-1978 OM
BRUCE Jeremy Paul 6-Jul-1977 I
BRUCKNER Anna Marie 0-0-1939 0-0-1965 PA
BRUDER Donald William 24-Jan-1929 2-Jul-1968 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt Corps of Engrs - Korea
BRUDER George J. 0-0-1902 0-0-1973 OM Married: 16 Jul 1927
BRUECKNER Martha Frances 9-Sep-1882 MG
BRUMBAUGH Babies EL No dates - three unnamed babies
BRUMBAUGH David M. 0-0-1874 0-0-1945 EL Buried:  24 Oct 1945
BRUMBAUGH Edna M. 0-0-1878 0-0-1952 EL Buried:  16 Jan 1952
BRUMBAUGH Elizabeth 0-0-1879 0-0-1972 EL Buried:  9 Apr 1972
BRUMBAUGH Ester E. 0-0-1912 0-0-1971 EL Buried:  26 Jun 1971
BRUMBAUGH Henry D. 0-0-1842 0-0-1912 EL Buried:  9 Sep 1912
BRUMBAUGH Ralph C. 24-Oct-1907 EL 4-yrs, 1-mo, 15-days - son of W.T. and Edna M. Brumbaugh
BRUMBAUGH Sarah G. 0-0-1842 0-0-1930 EL Buried:  18 Sep
BRUMBAUGH William T. 0-0-1876 0-0-1950 EL Buried:  5 July
BRUNDAGE Lee L 0-0-1881 0-0-1938 M
BRUNER Amos A. 0-0-1906 OM Same stone as Anna Bell Bruner - Married: 22 Mar 1926
BRUNER Anna Bell 0-0-1909 0-0-1964 OM Same stone as Amos A. Bruner - Married 22 Mar 1926
BRUNER Charles J. 0-0-1879 0-0-1964 OM Double stone: Ida E. Bruner - Married 4 Nov 1899
BRUNER Elmer E. 2 Jan 1862 24-Jan-1946 OM Double stone: Emma Bruner
BRUNER Emma 27 Aug 1875 16-Sep-1928 OM Double stone: Elmer E. Bruner
BRUNER Ida E. 0-0-1881 0-0-1966 OM Same stone as Charles J. Bruner - Married 4 Nov 1899
BRUNER Isacc E. 10 Apr 1895 6-Apr-1917 OM Isaac?
BRUNER Alberta 12-Nov-1877 6-Aug-1901 EL Wife of F. W. Bruner
BRUNER Ella A. EL Buried:  17 Nov 1953
BRUNER Ella A. 0-0-1855 0-0-1953 EL Buried:  17 Aug 1951
BRUNER Fredrick 26-Mar-1847 12-Jan-1911 EL
BRUNER George 0-0-1884 0-0-1927 EL Buried:  17 Nov 1927
BRUNER Myra 18-Nov-1855 22-Mar-1900 EL wife of F. S. Bruner
BRUNETTI Eileen P 19-Jul-1908 3-Mar-1976 MG
BRUNK Atha Allen 21-Jun-1901 17-Dec-1978 OM
BRUNK Charles A. 0-0-1876 0-0-1915 OM
BRUNK Wayne 0-0-1914 0-0-1924 OM
BRUNKOW Roland O 0-0-1908 4-Oct-1980 MG
BRUNNER Alex 0-0-1916 0-0-1968 PA
BRUNNER Elizabeth A 0-0-1868 0-0-1961 MG
BRUNNER Herbert  17-Mar-1908 MG
BRUNNER Larry Scott 19-Feb-1947 15-May-1947 OM
BRUNNICK Marguerete D. 29 Nov 1851 8 Oct 1898 OM Same stone as Roger Brunnick
BRUNNICK Rodger 10 May 1850 5-Oct-1913 OM Same stone as Marguerete D. Brunnick
BRUSSE Walter J. 0-0-1913 0-0-1957 OM
BRUSSE George W 0-0-1883 0-0-1945 M
BRUSSE Mary D 0-0-1887 0-0-1972 M
BRYAN Bertha Mae 12-May-1902 MG
BRYAN Corey Andrew 0-0-1973 0-0-1973 OM
BRYAN George 1 Jan 1880 14-Apr-1961 OM
BRYAN Harry Jr. 10-Apr-1922 22-Mar-1952 VO Vet - Colo. STM 2 USNR WW II
BRYAN Margaret A. 0-0-1836 0-0-1920 DB
BRYANT Charles Francis 0-0-1876 0-0-1964 MG
BRYANT Emma R. 9-Sep-1889 23-Oct-1970 CC Same stone as William T. Bryant
BRYANT Gerald Edward 9-May-1937 21-Oct-1956 MG
BRYANT Harold E. 10 Mar 1894 19-Jan-1950 VO Vet - Colo. MUS 1CL 341 FA 89 Div. WW I
BRYANT Homer Virgil CL Callahan-Edfast Mortuary
BRYANT James W. 25 May 1887 5-Dec-1952 VO Vet - New Mexico Pfc. 34 Co. Dep. Brig. WW I
BRYANT Leon Henry 2-Jul-1916 16-Oct-1931 CC
BRYANT Minnie Louise 0-0-1909 CC age 1 mo.
BRYANT Ruth R. 0-0-1895 0-0-1973 VO Vet - N.Y. USNR WW I
BRYANT Sasie 0-0-1878 0-0-1957 MG
BRYANT William T. 14-Apr-1880 29-Jun-1972 CC Double stone: Emma R. Bryant
BRYANT Neva Reynolds 0-0-1883 0-0-1958 M Eastern Star
BRYANT Norman William 0-0-1883 0-0-1943 M
BRYSON Carrie H 11-Nov-1872 9-Nov-1924 M
BUCHNER Donna Mae 0-0-1941 0-0-1941 PA
BUCHNER John A 0-0-1884 0-0-1965 PA Double Stone: Sarah Jane BUCHNER
BUCHNER Sarah Jane 0-0-1881 0-0-1964 PA Double Stone: Joh A BUCHNER
BUCK Anna Mae 0-0-1866 0-0-1943 OM Same stone as Joseph D. Buck
BUCK Joseph D. 0-0-1853 0-0-1942 OM Same stone as Anna Mae Buck
BUCK Joseph Luther 7 Apr 1896 1-Dec-1975 OM Same stone as Ollie D. Buck
BUCK Ollie D. 12 Dec 1899 OM Same stone as Joseph Luther Buck
BUCK Ralph Mark 5-Apr-1903 28-Nov-1977 OM Vet - US Army WW II - Same stone as Tresa Buck - Married: 1 Jan 1942
BUCK Tresa 25-May-1901 OM Same stone as Ralph Mark Buck - Married: 1 Jan 1942
BUCKLEY Charles S. 0-0-1896 0-0-1945 OM
BUCKLEY Dale Richard 12-Sep-1923 26-May-1949 OM Vet - Colo F 1 USNR WW II
BUCKLEY Elmer Kieth 28-Apr-1922 28-Dec-1947 OM Vet - Colo A S USNR WW II
BUCKLEY Elsie 0-0-1892 0-0-1964 CP
BUCKLEY Vera 0-0-1897 0-0-1980 CA
BUCKLIN Harvey C 24-Oct-1858 21-Apr-1927 I Double Stone: Maggie L BUCKLIN
BUCKLIN Maggie L 18-Jan-1865 2-Dec-1931 I Double Stone: Harvey C BUCKLIN
BUCKLIN Elja B 14-Mar-1901 4-Apr-1963 M
BUCKLIN James W 13-Nov-1856 14-Jul-1919 M
BUCKLIN Louis L 24-Mar-1902 9-Jun-1955 M
BUCKLIN Mary L 31-Oct-1929 M
BUCKMELTER Arron Quinn 26-May-1976 23-Feb-1977 OM
BUDIN  Rudolph I 17-Nov-1893 20-Jun-1947 M
BUDIN Velma Borschell 5-Nov-1902 M Eastern Star - DAR
BUEHRING Harry Frank 25-Oct-1891 11-Feb-1964 M Vet - WW I Sgt. 10 Sanitary Train New Jersey
BUEHRING Ruby Currie 13-Jul-1891 11-Dec-1976 M
BUESCHER Bernard Anthony 3-Oct-1915 14-May-1965 CA
BUESCHER Bernard Louis "Rusty" 12-Mar-1902 3-Nov-1968 CA
BUESCHER Virginia Lee 12-Feb-1920 21-Jul-1975 CA
BUFFHAM Leslie H. 30-Jun-1907 22-Dec-1964 OM Same stone as Lillian B. Buffham
BUFFHAM Lillian B. 28-May-1904 OM Same stone as Leslie H. Buffham
BUFFINGTON Allen E, Sr 8-Sep-1903 13-Nov-1975 MG age- 72
BUFFINGTON Gerald Robert 21-Feb-1948 24-Dec-1974 MG age - 25
BUFFINGTON Nellie S 30-Jul-1883 MG Double Stone: Samuel A BUFFINGTON
BUFFINGTON Samuel A 0-0-1882 0-0-1963 MG Double Stone: Nellie S BUFFINGTON
BUFORD Fern E. 24 Sep 1897 OM Double stone: John M. Buford
BUFORD John M. 18 Dec 1893 29-Sep-1947 OM Double stone: Fern E. Buford
BUGAJSKY Baby EL Buried:  13 Apr 1959
BUHLER Henry H. 0-0-1963 EL Buried:  27 Apr 1963
BUHMAN Anna Heely 5-Jan-1901 ME Died age 33 yrs, 7 mos
BUHMAN John Frank 1-Jan-1889 12-Sep-1957 ME Vet - Utah Pvt 16 Ammunition Train. WW I "Husband"
BUHMAN Walter W. 0-0-1898 0-0-1963 ME
BUHRMESTER Fred W. 0-0-1875 0-0-1959 OM
BULJUNG Jose F. 0-0-1910 0-0-1980 CA
BULKELEY Archie W. 22-Nov-1888 9-Aug-1918 EL Buried:  9 Aug 1913
BULKELEY James C. 21-Jul-1840 8-Jun-1918 EL
BULKELEY Sarah C. 25-Oct-1848 19-Jan-1931 EL
BULKEY Edmund J 31-Oct-1887 MG
BULKLEY Maude C 1-Feb-1888 1-Jun-1960 MG
BULL Herman Rowlee 26-Oct-1862 21-Jun-1934 M
BULL Leland Rowlee 5-Dec-1895 15-Jul-1907 M
BULL Marjorie Jeanne 26-Oct-1920 27-Jul-1921 M
BULL Maud Winifred 9-Oct-1870 28-May-1915 M
BULL Ruth Burdette 30-Apr-1880 2-Jan-1940 M
BULLA Charles 6-Mar-1918 0-0-1968 MG
BULLA Frank, Sr 0-0-1879 0-0-1957 MG Double Stone: Dora BULLA
BULLA  Dora Monny 0-0-1888 0-0-1962 MG Double Stone: Frank BULLA, Sr
BULLARD Frank 18-Oct-1888 26-Jun-1933 EC
BULLARD Lilly 1-Mar-1888 MG
BULLARD Sherry Lou 5-May-1952 13-Jun-1965 MG
BULLER Jackie 8-Jan-1961 4-Apr-1966 PA
BULLER Paul L 0-0-1908 0-0-1983 PA
BULLER Ruth 8-Sep-1941 8-Aug-1971 PA Double Stone: Jackie BULLER
BULLINGTON Jacob L 0-0-1882 30-Aug-1980 MG
BULLOCK Chauncey A. 0-0-1885 0-0-1951 OM
BULLOCK Florence M. 0-0-1886 0-0-1951 OM
BULLOCK Louisa M. & baby 8 Aug 1888 11-Nov-1918 OM
BULLOCK Mattie Z. 3 Oct 1881 9-Mar-1966 OM Same stone as Silas R. Bullock - Married 11 Nov 1900
BULLOCK Mildred Veon 9-Jun-1920 OM Same stone as Richard Ray Bullock
BULLOCK Richard Ray 12-Jun-1911 OM Same stone as Mildred Veon Bullock
BULLOCK Silas R. 6 Dec 1880 23-Feb-1963 OM Same stone as Mattie Z. Bullock - Married: 11 Nov 1900
BULLOCK Theodore C. 11 May 1858 18-Jan-1930 OM
BUMGUARDNER Tammy Jean 25-Jul-1965 24-Mar-1979 PA
BUNCE Mamie 0-0-1869 0-0-1948 EL Buried:  19 Aug 1948
BUNCE William F. 0-0-1861 0-0-1939 EL Buried:  16 May 1939
BUNCH Dale E. 21-Jun-1950 0-0-1950 CL "Our BelovedSon"
BUNCHARD Sarah M. Hogsett 0-0-1861 0-0-1947 OM
BUNIGER Betty I. 25-Apr-1933 13-Apr-1976 CC One record gives death as 1966
BUNIGER Darnell OM Same stone as Catherine A. Edwards
BUNIGER Gayland 2-Oct-1929 28-Nov-1980 CC Born: Fruita CO - Died Grand Junction, CO - 1st wife: Betty Fraim -
2nd Wife: Phylis Van Dyke married 14 Feb 1977
BUNIGER Ida E. 0-0-1888 0-0-1948 OM
BUNIGER Baby 0-0-1943 0-0-1943 EL Buried:  17 Oct 1943
BUNIGER Baby Gary Groves EL Buried:  6 Mar 1951
BUNIGER Baby Leland EL Buried:  17 Oct 1943
BUNIGER Charles Eugene 0-0-1952 0-0-1952 EL Buried:  11 Sep 1952
BUNIGER Frank EL Buried:  12 Dec 1931
BUNIGER Harold Wayne EL Buried:  2 Oct 1977
BUNIGER Jacob 0-0-1856 0-0-1947 EL Buried:  12 Apr 1947 - Metal marker in cement, Starks Funeral Home
BUNIGER Janice Katherine 20-Dec-1944 27-Dec-1944 EL Metal plate set in cement
BUNIGER Pearl Du-Vall 0-0-1892 0-0-1981 EL Buried:  23 Jan 1981 - Cremation
BUNIGER Brown Sylvia 13-Jun-1902 18-Feb-1971 EL
BUNIGER William H. 26-May-1894 22-Nov-1971 EL Vet - R M M2 U S Navy WW I
BUNKER Inez C 26-Mar-1910 9-May-1917 PA
BUNNELL Freda M 0-0-1899 3-Jun-1981 MG
BUNNELL Steven L 0-0-1893 0-0-1961 MG
BUNTE Carrie V 17-Oct-1978 0-0-1971 MG
BUNTE Fae Ogden 0-0-1910 0-0-1976 PA Double Stone: George H BUNTE
BUNTE Fred E 0-0-1880 0-0-1963 MG Double Stone: Carrie V BUNTE
BUNTE George H 0-0-1911 PA Double Stone: Fae Odgen BUNTE
BUONASERA Jim 0-0-1901 0-0-1953 CA Double stone: Tom Bonello
BUONASERA Katie M. 0-0-1881 0-0-1958 OM
BURBANK Sarah S. 26 Feb 1838 23-Feb-1918 OM
BURBRIDGE Paul E. 4-May-1918 17-Feb-1975 EL Double Stone:  with S. June Burbridge
BURBRIDGE S. June 25-Jun-1916 EL Double Stone:  with Paul E. Burbridge
BURCH Isaac 6-Mar-1875 0-0-1967 MG
BURCH Letha 28-Aug-1894 1-Aug-1976 PA
BURCH Myrtle 0-0-1887 0-0-1958 MG
BURCH Elmer A 0-0-1887 0-0-1966 M
BURCH Mary E 0-0-1886 0-0-1954 M
BURCH Virginia M 0-0-1888 0-0-1964 M Eastern Star
BURCHETT Lois Earlene 19-Oct-1938 15-Jan-1955 MG
BURCKHALTER B Donald 9-Nov-1935 22-Sep-1974 MG age - 38
BURCKHALTER Gennette & Genevieve MG
BURCKHALTER J William 0-0-1946 0-0-1911 PA Double Stone: Sabinah R BURCKHALTER
BURCKHALTER James H 22-Jan-1879 MG
BURCKHALTER Maybelle Joy 4-Mar-1883 MG
BURCKHALTER Sabinah R 0-0-1854 0-0-1940 PA Double Stone: J William BURCKHALTER
BURDICK Harold T 0-0-1911 1-Jan-1983 MG
BURDICK Hugh W 26-May-1894 MG
BURDICK Joyce-Lynn Marie 15-Nov-1952 16-Aug-1978 MG
BURDICK Lyle Hugh 18-Oct-1935 MG
BURDICK Scott D 18-Jul-1958 1-Mar-1981 MG
BURFORD Baby girl 28-Oct-1964 OM
BURFORD Darwin D 0-0-1898 16-Oct-1983 MG
BURFORD Neva Kathryn 25-Apr-1903 MG
BURFORD Cleone 0-0-1901 0-0-1961 EL Buried:  27-Mar-1961
BURFORD Ellery Eugene 0-0-1896 0-0-1976 EL Buried:  16 Mar 1976
BURGAR Earnest C 0-0-1870 0-0-1940 I
BURGAR Ella C 0-0-1870 0-0-1954 I
BURGAR James H 0-0-1842 0-0-1932 I
BURGAR Mary 0-0-1856 0-0-1934 I
BURGE Dorothy E. 27-Sep-1914 5-May-1982 EL Double Stone:  with Earl D. Burge
BURGE Earl D. (Delbert) 30-Aug-1908 31-Mar-1972 EL Double Stone:  with Dorothy E. Burge - Cremation
BURGENE Grace  0-0-1895 0-0-1910 OM
BURGER Evelyn A 0-0-1903 4-Apr-1982 MG
BURGER Otto H 0-0-1903 24-Apr-1981 MG
BURGER William 0-0-1827 0-0-1892 OM
BURGER Delmer A 0-0-1908 0-0-1922 M
BURGER Fred A 0-0-1879 0-0-1915 M
BURGESS Charles A. 22 Jul 1887 20-Mar-1954 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt. 12 Casual Co. WW I
BURGESS Jennie 0-0-1860 0-0-1931 OM Same stone as Worden & Lee Burgess
BURGESS Lee 0-0-1884 0-0-1935 OM Same stone as Worden & Jennie Burgess
BURGESS Margaret E. 6-Jan-1909 30-Dec-1950 OM
BURGESS Worden 0-0-1860 0-0-1921 OM Same stone as Jennie & Lee Burgess
BURGESS H. Benton 0-0-1849 0-0-1937 EL Buried:  22 Jul 1937
BURGESS Frank EL No dates given
BURGET Martin L. 23 Jan 1895 1-Sep-1962 OM
BURGHAM Frederick C 2-Jul-1886 16-Sep-1920 I
BURGHAM Pearl L 19-Oct-1889 1-Oct-1918 I
BURGIN Debra Lea 26-Jun-1960 28-Jun-1960 EL Daughter of Dick and Sue Burgin
BURGIN Samuel Steele 12-Jul-1895 25-Apr-1965 EL Vet - White military stone (low), Kansas, Pvt 323 Aero Sq, WW I
BURK George W 22-Feb-1914 4-Apr-1979 MG
BURK Mary Ann 29-Dec-1899 21-Aug-1983 MG
BURK Philip P. 19-Nov-1941 VO Vet - Idaho Wagoner 32 Engrs.
BURK Ruth Prudence 0-0-1881 0-0-1957 MG
BURKE Blossom Ozelle 17-Apr-1915 OM Same stone as Granville Thomas Burke - Married 20 Mar 1935
BURKE Ernest 0-0-1882 0-0-1951 OM Same stone as Naomi Burke
BURKE Granville Thomas 17-Sep-1913 16-Sep-1978 OM Same stone as Blossom Ozelle Burke - Married: 20 Mar 1935
BURKE Joseph William 0-0-1945 0-0-1945 OM
BURKE Naomi 0-0-1904 0-0-1912 OM Same stone as Ernest Burke
BURKET Wesley EL Buried:  26 Jun 1926
BURKETT James David 0-0-1897 0-0-1980 VO
BURKHALTER Anna May 0-0-1881 0-0-1969 OM Same stone as S. Robert Burkhalter - Married 2 Apr 1901
BURKHALTER S. Robert 0-0-1876 0-0-1953 OM Same stone as Anna May Burkhalter - Married 2 Apr 1901
BURKHALTER Samuel F. 0-0-1900 0-0-1966 OM
BURKHARDT Elmer R. 0-0-1896 0-0-1958 OM
BURKHARDT Rosana 0-0-1861 0-0-1900 OM Same stone as William Henry Burkhardt
BURKHARDT William Henry 0-0-1858 0-0-1949 OM Same stone as Rosana Burkhardt
BURKHART Drucila EL Buried:  22 Sep 1909
BURKHOLDER Charles A. 0-0-1893 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as Lela R. Burkholder
BURKHOLDER Lela R. 0-0-1885 0-0-1974 OM Same stone as Charles A. Burkholder
BURKITT Lorienzo 0-0-1875 0-0-1899 CL
BURKITT Alice M. 0-0-1875 0-0-1920 EL Buried:  29 Jan 1920
BURKITT Nina Gavin 0-0-1893 0-0-1970 EL Buried:  19 Nov 1970 - 3 links of chain
BURKITT Richard 0-0-1871 0-0-1939 EL Buried:  13 Nov 1939
BURKITT William H. 0-0-1843 0-0-1913 EL
BURLESON John W. 0-0-1897 0-0-1953 OM
BURLESON Lela S 23-Nov-1891 9-Jul-1973 MG
BURMEISTER Otto 0-Apr 1887 30-Jan-1916 OM
BURNELL Sam James Jr. 31-Aug-1941 10-Jan-1966 VO Vet - Colo. S/Sgt Co C. 16 Inf Div - Vietnam
BURNETT Grace Pearl 0-0-1896 0-0-1914 OM
BURNETT Mary Louise 0-0-1900 0-0-1980 VO Callahan-Edfast Mortuary
BURNETT Oscar Clemens 15 Apr 1893 20-Jun-1971 VO Vet - Missouri Pvt. US Army WW I
BURNETT Robert H. 0-0-1857 0-0-1924 OM
BURNETT Pearl Masten EL Buried:  20 Dec 1918
BURNETTE Robert Bruce 0-0-1917 0-0-1956 MG
BURNHAM Arthur Parley 20 Jan 1889 23-Jun-1954 OM
BURNHAM Al 0-0-1883 0-0-1928 EL Buried:  4 Jun 1928
BURNHART George K 20-Aug-1980 MG
BURNS Cynthia C. 0-0-1855 0-0-1942 OM
BURNS Jane Miracle 0-0-1850 0-0-1935 OM
BURNS Leander  OM
BURNS Margaret A. 12 Oct 1891 17-Jun-1967 CA
BURNS Mary Catherine 0-0-1879 0-0-1939 CA
BURNS Peggy 2-Sep-1961 16-Jul-1965 CA
BURNS Timothy J. 0-0-1888 0-0-1955 CA
BURNS Blanche M 0-0-1884 0-0-1961 I
BURNS Frank M 0-0-1873 0-0-1950 I
BURNS Fred A 0-0-1882 0-0-1933 I
BURNS Margaret 0-0-1873 0-0-1952 I
BURNS W Oscar 0-0-1857 0-0-1930 I
BURNS James D. 0-0-1838 0-0-1919 EL Buried:  12 Jun 1919
BURNS James Olaf 8-Mar-1872 9-Jan-1952 EL Buried:  31 Jan 1952
BURNS Nancy M. 0-0-1851 0-0-1941 EL Buried:  1 Feb 1941
BURNS Robert Leroy 8-Jan-1878 26-Dec-1921 EL
BURNSIDE James A. 16 Sep 1876 21-Oct-1955 OM
BURNSIDE Jeanne 23-Jul-1934 3-Aug-1952 OM
BURRILL Emma OM same stone as Silas Burrill
BURRILL Silas  OM Same stone as Emma Burrill
BURRIS Johnny A 15-Feb-1927 11-Oct-1947 PA Vet - Ark PFC 16 Inf WWII
BURRIS Maragaret E 0-0-1872 0-0-1947 PA
BURROWS Dene 0-0-1931 OM Same stone as Gene Burrows - Son of Jess & Elma Burrows
BURROWS Gene 0-0-1931 OM Same stone as Dene Burrows - Son of Jess & Elma Burrows
BURROWS Harry D 0-0-1914 GP
BURROWS Roy S. 0-0-1920 0-0-1979 VO Vet - Pfc. US Army WW II
BURROWS Anna L. 0-0-1878 0-0-1945 EL Buried:  11 Dec 1945
BURROWS Vaiden Leslie 0-0-1884 0-0-1978 EL Buried:  3 May 1978
BURROWS William Joseph 0-0-1883 0-0-1963 EL Buried:  18 Sep 1963
BURSON Baby Girl EL Buried:  2 Dec 1911
BURSON Richard Gell 0-0-1886 0-0-1915 EL Buried:  9 May 1915
BURT Eurie Elzy 0-0-1905 0-0-1959 MG
BURWELL Billie 0-0-1902 0-0-1963 OM Same stone as Madeline Burwell
BURWELL Madeline 0-0-1908 OM Same stone as Bill Burwell
BUSBY Ida May 0-0-1889 0-0-1931 PA Double Stone: Jacob E BUSBY
BUSBY Jacob E 0-0-1876 0-0-1931 PA Double Stone: Ida May BUSBY
BUSH James H 21-Feb-1890 26-Jan-1966 M Eastern Star - Mason
BUSHEY Calvin O 0-0-1894 0-0-1961 MG Double Stone: Thrissie V BUSHEY
BUSHNELL Pauline OM Died: age 17 days - Daughter of C.H. & L. Bushnell
BUSHONG Teresa Blanche EL Buried:  6 Feb 1910
BUTARD Anna E. 0-0-1887 0-0-1971 OM Same stone as John H. Butard - Married 17 Apr 1910
BUTARD John H. 2-Mar-1905 0-0-1960 OM Same stone as Anna E. Butard - Married 17 Apr 1910
BUTLER Adeline F. 0-0-1897 0-0-1959 VO
BUTLER Agnes C. 0-0-1889 CA Double stone: Ira Roy Butler
BUTLER Brenda Kay 0-0-1958 0-0-1958 PA
BUTLER Clyde H 0-0-1905 18-Jan-1981 MG
BUTLER Fred 20 Jan 1892 16-Nov-1979 CO Vet - Mech US Army WW I
BUTLER Gary Alan 9-May-1955 24-Dec-1968 OM Son of Don & Marilyn Butler
BUTLER Ira Roy 0-0-1878 0-0-1959 CA Double stone: Agnes C. Butler
BUTLER Ivan Glenn 0-0-1912 0-0-1958 MG
BUTLER Kenneth Dean 0-0-1889 0-0-1978 VO Vet - Pfc. US Army WW I
BUTLER Lewis 0-0-1857 0-0-1936 OM Double stone: Lucinda Butler
BUTLER Linda Marie 0-0-1963 0-0-1963 PA
BUTLER Lucina 0-0-1863 0-0-1937 OM Double stone: Lewis Butler
BUTLER Maude B. 0-0-1893 0-0-1972 OM
BUTLER Rachelle Matleen 0-0-1974 0-0-1976 OM
BUTLER Lee S 0-0-1893 0-0-1959 M
BUTNER Charles C. 15-Aug-1937 24-Mar-1944 OM
BUTSCHLE Francis 0-0-1883 0-0-1963 CA Double stone: Mary Butschle
BUTSCHLE Mary 0-0-1900 0-0-1978 CA Double stone: Francis Butschle
BUTTERBAUGH Chifford E. 21-Dec-1933 23-Feb-1970 VO Vet - Colo. SP 3 US Army - Korea
BUTTERFIELD Elizabeth J 0-0-1863 0-0-1957 MG
BUTTLER Charles H 0-0-1869 0-0-1949 PA
BUTTLER Ethel 0-0-1900 0-0-1932 PA
BUTTLER Louise 0-0-1922 0-0-1930 PA
BUTTOLPH Charles Harold 0-0-1894 5-Aug-1918 M
BUTTOLPH Helen Axford 0-0-1894 0-0-1977 M Married 5-Aug-1918
BUTTON Edwin E 0-0-1858 0-0-1919 M
BUTTON Mary H 0-0-1861 0-0-1939 M
BUTTRICK Homer 0-0-1861 0-0-1954 CC IOOF
BUTTRICK Maud Frances 0-0-1866 0-0-1954 CC
BYARS Irene 0-0-1904 0-0-1967 OM
BYARS Thomas W. 0-0-1900 0-0-1972 OM
BYE Annie J 28-Jul-1872 25-May-1952 PA Double Stone: Charles F BYE
BYE Charles F 5-Dec-1875 23-Dec-1962 PA Double Stone: Annie J BYE
BYERS Max R 0-0-1918 0-0-1958 MG
BYERS Amelia A. 0-0-1846 0-0-1936 EL Buried:  1 Jan 1937
BYERS Anna Mae 0-0-1916 EL Double Stone:  with William A. Byers - married 4 Jun 1944
BYERS Bertha Pell 24-Dec-1908 15-Dec-1963 EL
BYERS Fred Albert 0-0-1886 0-0-1941 EL Buried:  31 Dec 1941 - IOOF Emblem
BYERS George John 16-Aug-1889 15-Jan-1935 EL "Father"
BYERS George M. 0-0-1852 0-0-1924 EL Buried:  24 Feb 1924
BYERS Hellen 13-Nov-1900 6-Feb-1901 EL
BYERS Julius F. 0-0-1884 0-0-1905 EL
BYERS Margaret A. Dean 24-May-1922 26-May-1983 EL
BYERS Minta E. 0-0-1897 0-0-1981 EL Double Stone:  with Fred A. Byers
BYERS Nina Fay 0-0-1915 0-0-1925 EL Buried:  6 Jul 1925
BYERS Sadie E. McKinney 23-Mar-1896 1-Jul-1981 EL
BYERS William A. 0-0-1916 0-0-1970 EL Double Stone:  with Anna Mae Byers
BYLER Ina EL Buried:  27 May 1968
BYLER Merl EL Buried:  13 Jul 1931
BYNUM Lonnie R. 0-0-1907 0-0-1975 OM Same stone as Pauline Bynum
BYNUM Pauline 0-0-1915 OM Same stone as Lonnie R. Bynum
BYRANT Dave M 0-0-1876 0-0-1934 PA
BYRANT Ida Bell 0-0-1878 0-0-1932 PA
BYRD Clyde L 18-Nov-1918 4-Aug-1977 MG Vet - Age - 58
BYRD Forest M 18-Jul-1883 6-Jun-1978 MG
BYRD Minnie O 15-Nov-1884 0-0-1966 MG
BYRNE A. Isabelle 0-0-1895 0-0-1976 OM Same stone as C. Leslie Byrne
BYRNE C. Leslie 0-0-1885 0-0-1969 OM Same stone as A. Isabelle Byrne
BYRNE Charlotte Ann 27-Apr-1941 OM Daughter of Howard & Lois Byrne
BYRUM G. W. "Jerry" 17-Jan-1942 22-Feb-1976 OM
BYWATER Daniel W. 0-0-1889 0-0-1962 OM
BYWATER Eva M. 0-0-1871 0-0-1957 OM
BYWATER Fred J. 0-0-1863 0-0-1950 OM
BYWATER Julia M. 0-0-1922 0-0-1951 OM
BYWATER Norman Owen 22-Feb-1920 16-Oct-1969 OM Vet - Colo TM2 USNR WW II
CABLE Kurtis Wayne 21-Aug-1972 11-Jan-1973 PA
CADEZ Anna 10 Apr 1889 CA Double stone: John Cadez - Married 16 Apr 1926
CADEZ John 27 Mar 1888 18-Oct-1974 CA Double stone: Anna Cadez - Married 16 Apr 1926
CADMAN Pearl Thompson 0-0-1892 0-0-1964 PA
CADMAN Seth C. 9 Mar 1894 27-Jan-1964 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt US Marine Corps WW I
CADWELL Buelah May EL Buried 14 Apr 1920 - age 9
CADWELL Willis 0-0-1868 0-0-1936 EL Buried 21 Dec 1936 - Double stone: Lettie Daniels
CADY Edna Mae 0-0-1899 0-0-1958 OM
CADY Anna Emelia 0-0-1889 0-0-1948 EL Buried 7 Sep 1948
CADY Kathleen 27-Oct-1921 14-Aug-1976 EL
CADY Ralph Frank 0-0-1891 0-0-1957 EL Buried 19 Mar 1957
CAGLE Donald M Jr 19-May-1972 MG Buried: 23-May-1972
CAGLE Frances 20-May-1907 MG Buried: 14-May-1969
CAGLE LaDonna Lynn 9-Apr-1971 MG Buried: 12-Apr-1971
CAGLE Oliver L. 9-Feb-1914 15-Dec-1962 OM
CAGLE Ida Claire 0-0-1906 0-0-1950 M
CAGLEY Leonard M. 0-0-1872 0-0-1930 EL Buried 1 May 1930
CAIN Roland Walter 0-0-1961 0-0-1961 OM
CAIN Carrie Skeels EL Died age 19 years
CAIN Charles W. 0-0-1855 0-0-1920 EL Buried 28 Nov 1920
CAIN Eva B. EL Buried 8 Jul 1945
CAIN Winnie Elizabeth EL Buried 24 Mar 1976
CALABRESE Clara Perry 0-0-1898 0-0-1968 OM
CALDWELL Ira H 0-0-1902 0-0-1983 PA
CALDWELL Maria R. 0-0-1862 0-0-1904 OM
CALDWELL Otto 12 Jul 1894 8-Aug-1967 OM
CALDWELL Robert O 17-Nov-1920 2-Jan-1978 MG
CALDWELL Vera Egan 0-0-1892 0-0-1963 OM
CALHOUN Douglas William 14-Sep-1920 18-Sep-1920 OM
CALHOUN Fern E 2-Nov-1918 MG Buried: 14-Sep-1971
CALHOUN Joseph William 12 Nov 1893 12-Feb-1952 OM
CALKINS Cecil J. 14-Oct-1913 15-May-1915 OM
CALKINS Evelyn E MG Buried: 10-Mar-1962
CALKINS Fred L. 23-Jun-1880 2-Jun-1961 ME "Husband" IOOF - Married 4 Sep 1900
CALKINS Kate A. 28-Aug-1886 25-May-1968 ME "Wife" Rebekah - Married 4 Sep 1900
CALL Ellen Louise 2-Feb-1892 MG Buried: 25-Oct-1972
CALLAHAN M. J. 0-0-1878 0-0-1911 CA Double stone: Roselie Callahan
CALLAHAN Minnie Peyton 17 Oct 1898 20-Dec-1982 VO Married 27 Dec 1921 - Wife of Clarence Callahan
CALLAHAN Roselie 0-0-1898 0-0-1916 CA Double stone: M. J. Callahan
CALLAHER Charles 1 Jun 1894 OM Died: age 21 yrs, 6 mos, 6 days
CALLAN John H. 0-0-1900 0-0-1912 CA
CALLAN Mary J. 0-0-1863 0-0-1922 CA
CALLAN Thomas 0-0-1859 0-0-1938 CA
CALLISON Glen Clark 0-0-1912 0-0-1929 OM
CALLISON Glen Tate 0-0-1873 0-0-1952 OM
CALLOW John Robert 0-0-1871 0-0-1942 M
CALLOW Myra E 0-0-1873 0-0-1949 M
CALLOWAY Arnett B. 14 Oct 1896 21-Sep-1963 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt Co C 14 Infantry WW I
CALVIN Frances Hill 0-0-1906 0-0-1977 OM
CAMERON Harri 0-0-1897 0-0-1953 OM Born: Keith, Scotland
CAMERON James M. 13 Nov 1843 15-Jul-1911 OM Same stone as Stella M. Cameron
CAMERON Perry N 0-0-1876 0-0-1972 DB
CAMERON Stella M. 0-0-1864 0-0-1938 OM Same stone as James M. Cameron
CAMERON Vanite M 0-0-1876 0-0-1950 DB
CAMPBELL Alexander B. 0-0-1866 0-0-1945 OM Same stone as Gertrude M. Campbell
CAMPBELL Bayard W 30-Mar-1896 12-May-1976 MG
CAMPBELL Bellie Elizabeth 0-0-1870 0-0-1954 OM
CAMPBELL Charles L. 0-0-1872 0-0-1970 CC
CAMPBELL Clifford Allen MG Age - 3 Buried: 3-Oct-1954
CAMPBELL Cora A. 0-0-1873 0-0-1956 OM Same stone as John W. Campbell
CAMPBELL Donnie Margaret 4-Spe-1883 20-Oct-1972 PA Double Stone: George W CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL Dora Ellen 0-0-1911 0-0-1960 MG Buried: 2-Mar-1960
CAMPBELL Edgar P 25-Feb-1898 14-Feb-1978 MG
CAMPBELL Elbert 11-Nov-1907 CC Died 32 Yrs, 9 Mos, 13 days
CAMPBELL Eliza 0-0-1865 0-0-1958 PA Double Stone: Thomas J CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL Eugene 16-Nov-1911 2-Jul-1918 PA
CAMPBELL Evelyn I 0-0-1907 0-0-1971 PA
CAMPBELL Flora E. 0-0-1871 0-0-1936 OM
CAMPBELL Forest Franklin MG Buried: 20-Feb-1955
CAMPBELL Geneva C 0-0-1910 23-May-1981 MG
CAMPBELL George W 23-Dec-1869 4-Oct-1954 PA Double Stone: Donnie Margaret CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL Gertrude M. 0-0-1870 0-0-1946 OM Same stone as Alexander B. Campbell
CAMPBELL Glen R, Jr 8-Dec-1929 MG Vet - Buried: 18-May-1971
CAMPBELL Hazel 0-0-1904 0-0-1917 OM Same stone as Philip Campbell
CAMPBELL J. Theron 0-0-1895 0-0-1906 OM
CAMPBELL James G. 0-0-1862 0-0-1942 ME
CAMPBELL Jesse E 19-Oct-1980 MG
CAMPBELL John W. 0-0-1872 0-0-1948 OM Same stone as Cora A. Campbell
CAMPBELL Katherine E. 0-0-1856 0-0-1941 OM Same stone as William Campbell
CAMPBELL Laura A. 0-0-1865 0-0-1941 CC
CAMPBELL Leroy 28-Jul-1887 3-Jun-1908 CL
CAMPBELL Lloyd 0-0-1904 0-0-1905 PA
CAMPBELL Lon A. 22 Mar 1896 19-Jul-1970 VO Vet - Pvt. Colo. 96 Spruce Sq WW I
CAMPBELL Luella 0-0-1905 0-0-1969 OM
CAMPBELL Mack 21-Oct-1900 8-Aug-1913 PA
CAMPBELL Martin L 21-Apr-1899 MG Buried: 8-Oct-1969
CAMPBELL Merle W 4-Aug-1912 24-Oct-1979 MG
CAMPBELL Micheal Scott 31-Oct-1962 25-May-1981 PA
CAMPBELL Nellie A 0-0-1900 26-Apr-1983 MG Buried: 30-Apr-1983
CAMPBELL Philip 0-0-1895 0-0-1918 OM Same stone as Hazel Campbell
CAMPBELL Phyllis Louise 0-0-1931 0-0-1947 OM
CAMPBELL Richard A 0-0-1938 0-0-1960 MG
CAMPBELL Robin Renae 15-Sep-1965 17-Oct-1980 PA
CAMPBELL Rolly E. 0-0-1900 OM
CAMPBELL Ruth E MG Buried: 11-Feb-1980
CAMPBELL Thelma Ann 0-0-1905 0-0-1943 PA
CAMPBELL Thomas J 0-0-1865 0-0-1943 PA Double Stone: Eliza CAMPBELL
CAMPBELL William 0-0-1852 0-0-1918 OM Same stone as Katherine E. Campbell
CAMPBELL William S. 11 Mar 1892 30-Oct-1951 VO Vet - Colo. Pvt QMC WW I
CAMPBELL Marjorie 0-0-1912 0-0-0 I Double stone: William B Campbell
CAMPBELL William B 0-0-1906 0-0-0 I Double stone: Marjorie Campbell
CAMPBELL Maud R 0-0-1875 0-0-1952 M
CAMPBELL Will W 0-0-1875 0-0-1948 M
CAMPBELL Anna Matilda 0-0-1899 0-0-1959 EL Buried 21 Aug 1959 - Starks Funeral Home
CAMPBELL Ernest E. 0-0-1867 0-0-1937 EL Buried 24 Mar 1937
CAMPBELL Francis George 23 May 1895 25-Feb-1965 EL Double stone: Myra M. Campbell
CAMPBELL Martha J. EL Buried 7 May 1954
CAMPBELL Myra M (Dunekley 11 Mar 1896 25-Dec-1970 EL Double stone: Francis G. Campbell
CAMPRIGHT Lorretta 20 Jul 1811 8-Sep-1904 OM
CANADAY Gertrude E. 0-0-1902 OM Same stone as Harold E. Canaday
CANADAY Harold E. 0-0-1898 0-0-1959 OM Same stone as Gertrude E. Canaday
CANADY Barbara 6-Oct-1983 MG
CANADY Cecil D 16-Sep-1902 10-Oct-1977 MG
CANADY Floy M 20-Sep-1900 9-Feb-1983 MG
CANADY Ray 29-Jun-1925 25-Jan-1983 MG
CANADY Vlyde E 4-Oct-1899 29-Nov-1977 MG
CANCELL Fay Ella 24-Jun-1982 1-Jun-1983 MG
CANDELARIA Jess M. 17-Mar-1940 22-Nov-1971 CA Married 18 Apr 1970
CANDELARIA Leonard C. 24-Apr-1904 2-Sep-1974 CA
CANDELARIA Mary L. 0-0-1938 0-0-1965 CA
CANDELARIA Philmon 0-0-1932 0-0-1946 CA
CANFIELD Dorothy Grace 0-0-1906 0-0-1927 PA 3 names on stone: Mary Louise & George DeRoy CANFIELD
CANFIELD George De Roy 0-0-1875 0-0-1940 PA 3 names on stone: Mary Louise & Dorothy Grace CANFIELD
CANFIELD Mary Louise 0-0-1877 0-0-1956 PA 3 names on stone: Dorothy Grace, & George De Roy CANFIELD
CANFIELD Andrew J 0-0-1878 0-0-1951 I
CANNAM Clara A Plank 0-0-1878 0-0-1915 PA
CANNAM Georgia M 0-0-1884 0-0-1954 M
CANNAM Ralph W 0-0-1882 0-0-1954 M
CANNELL Bertha H 12-Sep-1922 13-Oct-1982 PA Double Stone: Merlin R CANNELL
CANNELL Cecil D 25-Dec-1906 2-Nov-1978 MG
CANNELL James A. 0-0-1869 0-0-1955 OM same stone as Lina Cannell
CANNELL Lina 0-0-1871 0-0-1941 OM Same stone as James A. Cannell
CANNELL Merlin R 27-Aug-1920 PA Double Stone: Bertha H CANNELL
CANNON Harry E. 0-0-1865 0-0-1928 OM Same stone as Katie Cannon
CANNON Katie   0-0-1867 0-0-1954 OM Same stone as Harry M. Cannon
CANNON Christie F 0-0-1865 0-0-1941  M
CANNON Frank P 0-0-1855 0-0-1932 M
CANTLEY Fred E. 0-0-1891 0-0-1971 CP Starks Funeral Home
CANTLEY Mother Avis CP Same grave as Fred C. Cantley (Martins Mortuary)
CANTRELL Howard Ova 26 Mar 1896 1-Sep-1979 EL "Father"
CANTRIL James E. 0-0-1904 0-0-1976 EL Buried 11 Mar 1976
CANTRIL Lance Henry 18 Nov 1890 10-Mar-1965 EL Vet - Colo. Pvt 115 Engr Train 40 Div WW I
CANTRIL Nellie Pearl 0-0-1879 0-0-1963 EL Buried 8 Feb 1963 - Starks Funeral Home
CAPANSKY William B. 0-0-1887 0-0-1951 OM
CAPES Jeannie Bullard 16-Sep-1920 18-Apr-1950 M